Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mike's Thoughts

Good Morning Humans!! After an extended vacation I am back and have a lot of thoughts on some things taking place in the Dolphins Universe that I feel the need to comment (rant) about. So, let's get right to it.

Ryan Tannehil-Adam Gase Love Affair is in Full Swing--Per the Armando Salguero report Adam Gase is now a Tannehil believer.  Gase and the rest of the assistant coaches he have hired have now reviewed tape of last season and they don't get the Tannehill hate that is in South Florida. And I for one tend to agree with them. Now I am not going to sit here and tell you Tannehill is the next superstar QB or a Top 10 QB currently, but he is also a guy who shouldn't be ran out of town and shouldn't have this ..."well its a make or break year for him" tag hanging over his head.  You have to remember, Gase didn't draft Tannehill, he wasn't here when Tannehill got a contract extension, he has no ties to Ryan Tannehill. If Gase believes Tannehill stinks, he can run him out of town and he can do it without hurting the Fins cap as the Tannehill extension is as team friendly a contract as you will ever see in the NFL where the cap hit is not crippling. As the report states, the coaching staff see's the making of a good QB and they also saw what every one of us saw as well....THE OFFENSIVE LINE STUNK! He has no time to pas the ball and has taken 184 sacks since being in the league. No QB would have success behind that line. It's the first thing they noticed. Is Tannehill a finished product, heck no and he needs to tweak his game for sure in some areas. But he isn't the problem on this team right now. In fact QB is the least of the Dolphins issues!

Ricky Williams on Celebrity Apprentice---If there was ever a total clown who needed a reality show its Ricky Williams. I know the vast majority of Dolphins fans have forgave and forgot what Ricky Williams did in his time in Miami. Mainly quitting on the team on the eve of training camp to go smoke dope in the jungle. Well, I haven't! I am not a big fan of Ricky. I think he is a phony and a fake. I think he is the same selfish guy who has 4 of 5 kids from 4 or 5 different girls who needed to be dragged to court to pay child support. Ricky Williams is not a good person. The Celebrity Apprentice (minus Trump) will probably be a train wreck of a show and not very good (that's not me being a Trump supporter, that's just me being an honest TV reviewer.)  Love him or hate him, the show was all Trump (minus when Gary Busey was on, that shit was TV GOLD.)  I don't think Ricky will last very long on this show and if his "real personality" comes out he could be exposed to the world as a fraud which people like me firmly believe he is.

Dolphins asking NFL for Scheduling Request--- In a sign this franchise has upgraded its coaching talent and moving on from the Campbell/Philbin/Sparano/Cameron disaster that has been running this team for the last decade or so. The Dolphins are asking the NFL for "special consideration" in making the schedule. Per Armando Salguero the Dolphins with 3 west coast trips next year want the NFL to make 2 of those games be back-to back- west coast road games so they can stay on the west coast the entire week and not fly back to Miami.  The Dolphins play Seattle, San Diego, and Los Angeles next year on the road. Kudos to the Fins for making this request and not making a silly request like having all home games in September and October be 4pm starts (which I know is a Stephen Ross request but still.) This is a request that makes sense for ON the field reasons.  It's the first sign that maybe this GM and Head Coach have a clue as to what they are doing.

SUPER BOWL PREDICTION--- Even though its not Dolphins related I guess I should make a Super Bowl prediction since everyone in Twitter-world is asking for my opinion and take on it.  In my 2015 predictions back before the season started I did have Denver in the Super Bowl losing to Seattle. So Kudos to me for getting 1 of the Super Bowl teams right. And while I didn't have Carolina in the playoffs I clearly stated that any of the 4 teams in the NFC South could win the division and I was just essentially throwing darts making those picks as that division is a joke on every level. While few if anyone saw Carolina going 15-1, they did step up and grab that division this year and play very well.  Everything on paper says Carolina should win the game easily. Reminds me alot of the Ravens-Giants Super Bowl 35. The Ravens were clearly the dominate team but for weeks everyone looked for and created reasons for the Giants to win.  To me Carolina is the dominate team and should win easily (and probably will) BUT there is one thing working against them. This Denver team, pretty much the entire team, was in the Super Bowl 2 years ago and was embarrassed on the national stage and Denver won't let the moment swallow them up this time. If this game is within 10 pts in the 4th quarter I could see Cam Newton and the Panthers getting swallowed up by the moment. In their only loss vs Atlanta they didn't lose because Atlanta is some great team. Oh no, they lost because they were unbeaten at the time and they were in a tight game late away from home and "the moment" swallowed them up. Cam played poorly on that final drive and the defense came up small. Now that moment is nothing compared to the microscope they will be under in the 4th quarter of a Super Bowl if its a tight game.  My Prediction: Carolina 27  Denver 13 (with Denver scoring a late garbage TD to make the game appear closer than the score indicates.) But if that point spread gets to 6 pts or more, I might throw a few boxes of ziti (reference for you fans of The Sopranos) on the Broncos because it wouldn't shock me if Denver pulls out a nail biter and if Cam Newton and the Panthers choke away a lead late in the 4th quarter and collapse under "the moment."

And some free advice to Newton; if he ever wants to be a mainstream star like Manning with a ton of endorsements and be a house hold name across America, he better cut the crap out with the 3 min Broadway choreographed post touchdown celebrations. Want to hand the ball to a kid in the stands, fine. The rest of the stuff needs to go. Makes him luck bush league and like a chump. And you can't compare it to Aaron Rodgers with is discount double check thing. When Rodgers does that it lasts all of 1.5 seconds. What Newton does actually stops the game and goes on for like 2 full minutes or so.  And if Newton doesn't cut that crap out he will always be known as the punk who was taking payouts with his father from Miss St/Auburn/Florida and every other SEC school that talked to him and his family. He can turn over a new leaf at the Super Bowl and change his reputation and image by just acting like a professional and not a professional jerk-off after they score a TD. For his sake I hope he does. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Senior Bowl: Top 3 Reasons to Watch

The Senior Bowl is where you go to answer a few lingering questions that you may have after watching a trillion hours of film. There is nothing you can possibly do to make your self 100% sure about a pick come draft day, but research is key in such an uncertain environment. Most of your film will show sub-par opponents where as the Senior Bowl will show elite competition. Since January 30th is around the corner and practices will be aired on ESPNU, Here is what Dolphin fans should pay close attention to in this years Reese's Senior Bowl.

1. REGGIE RAGLAND ILB - Reggie Ragland has the potential be a huge pick up for the Miami Dolphins. He has the decisiveness that we currently need at ILB. This guy has the streets talking and the word on the streets  is that you would be a fool not to pay close attention to his play on the field. The one knock against him is his ability to cover once he moves on to the NFL. During his press conference he explained that he will be playing Outside Linebacker to prove his versatility and ability to hold his own out in the flats.

W2W4 -  Look to see if the emphasis on coverage impairs his aggressive decision making. Watch his first steps as the ball snaps and his hips in transition. He has been working on bringing down his weight to improve his play speed, so lets also look to see if he's able to effectively get off his blocks.

2. CARSON WENTZ - If you still believe in Tannehill than it doesn't hurt to  watch this guy just for confirmation purposes, because the hype is at a all time high. If you don't  believe in Tannehil than Carson Wenetz is worth your attention. 6-6 235lbs and the ability to run out of the pocket is music to a scouts ears when referring to a QB. From a physical stand point, this is the QB you would want to run your offense. Although Wentz has the ability to be extremely elusive, I still question his pocket awareness. The NFL has the tendency to make QBs like Wentz prove he has what it takes to do his job in a tight closed-in cubical e.g., Colin Kaepernick, Johnny Manziel, Jamis Winston, Marcus Mariota.

W2W4 -  I've always said that great Quarterbacks do great in situational football.With that being said, pay close attention tot 3rd Downs, and his command of the huddle. This is harder said than done because it's the little reactions that tells the bigger story. Look to see if he displays composure when the opposing front seven plays discipline football by setting the edge. Go over his press conferences and decipher what was rehearsed and what was genuine. It's also key not to overreact to incompletions because chemistry will always play a role in these types of games.

3 - JOSHUA GARNETTE -  Most underrated skill set of this young Guard is his ability to read the opposing defense. He is always exactly where he needs to be at the second level and rarely whiffs a block. Garnett will have to show that he can hold a block pass the  initial move in pass protection.

W2W4 - At the college level offensive lineman don't get exposed enough for bad technique and  leaning in to a block, but the NFL will make you look foolish every down for those same flaws. Look to see if Garnett is staying discipline by using his hands and feet to win each battle.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Underrated is an Understatement

Reshad Jones was one of the few bright spots in an under-achieving year for the Miami Dolphins. Many went out of the way to call it a Pro Bowl type of year for this young Strong Safety. He led his position group across the NFL in tackles(124), interceptions(5), pick 6’s(2), while throwing in 2 sacks just to make the resume look pretty. As a matter of fact, only 4 players ended the season with more tackles.

The only category Reshad Jones failed to be great in was popularity. See, what many people fail to realize is that playing for a team that does not shine under the national lights put you behind the eight ball before the season even starts. Not having a victory dance after every tackle doesn't make things any better when it comes down to Pro Bowl votes. Making the Pro bowl is more about building your brand than being an excellent talent. You have to be the one the media wants to interview, you have to be the one in the headlines (good or bad), you have to be the one in contention for a playoff bid, and you have to be the one that barks just as loud as you bite.

Reshad's first thought was not to attend the Pro Bowl if he was called on as an alternate and I was proud of his stance on this issue. I was not proud because I believed  that was what it took to change the culture of the NFL, but I believed that was what it took to get the attention he deserved. Due to injuries, Jones will be getting the recognition of being a Pro Bowler by default, but Dolphin fans know there was no one else more deserving of this great accomplishment. To Reshad Jones, Congratulations and keep your Phin Up High!

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Executive 1.0

"Best part about being a fan is the Should've Would've Could've" - Delson Jeanvilma

"The Executive" will be a series of articles that will make some key decisions from a GM standpoint for the Miami Dolphins. Each new post in this series will consist of updates as key events occur such as Free Agency, NFL Combine, Pro Days, Random Arrests and the Suspension that follows. I encourage you all to do the same. As the year pass, you will have a better understanding on what it takes to run the show and allow your criticism to be more infromed. This is just based on a few weeks of research but here is what I think we should do this offseason. Feel free to let me know what you guys think.

Identity: The Identity will be what we base all of our personnel decisions on. We have to target personalities and skill sets that fits the mold. Pay close attention to see if the individuals I target fit the mold in which I will describe below.

Offense - Unpredictable

Our Offense has the necessary pieces to keep opposing defenses guessing. Our goal is to complement dual threat players such as Tannehill, Landry, Parker and Ajayi with an exceptional variation of plays being called.

Defense - Savages

Its simple, we need some nasty individuals on this defense. Suh, Jones, and Philips already brings a viciousness that intimidates, but the rest of the defense needs to follow suit.

Special Teams - Dependable

Special Teams has been great at times but this phase of the game is what you depend on as a team when you have no where else to turn. Punting, FG, and Field position is a teams life line. It's an IV when your down and out. That is why It's imperative that we stack this phase of the game with dependability.

Our Own: We have 17 players this year that will hit the open market and unfortunately, I don't see a great need to resign any of them. There are a lot of cap concerns that would create a situation where the productivity and demand would not justify the payout. I know a lot of  fans want Koa gone but we can't create  more holes in a team that is filled with question marks. As much as I would like to keep Lamar Miller, the league has proven that the RB position is the most interchangeable part to an NFL team. OV has been great to us, but unfortunately, this years draft is stacked with the same skill set. We will be Releasing the following:

Brent Grimes - Need more Physicality at this position (2016 Cap Hit 7.9 M Dead Cap 3 M)
Jordan Cameron - Need more consistency at this position (2016 Cap Hit 7.5 Dead Cap 2 M)
Quinton Coples - Money doesn't justify play (2016 Cap Hit 7.7 M Dead Cap 0)
Dion Jordan - Need more Physicality at this position (2016 Cap Hit 3.5 M Dead Cap 2.9)
Greg Jennings -Not a major need to justify the cap hit  (2016 Cap Hit 3.9 M Dead Cap 1.5)

Team Needs Ranked by Relevance: (How we plan to address it)

1. CB (Free Agency) 2. ILB (Draft) 3. OG (Free Agency) 4. DE (Draft) 5. FS (Draft) 6. RB (Draft)  7. TE (Draft)

*Free Agency will also be use to create a great supporting cast and creating a competitive environment.

Free Agent Targets: Key here is getting the people that fit what we are trying to accomplish as explained previously in "Identity." Offensive guards and Corner backs would be priority in this free agency. I need physical mauling veterans at this position and quite frankly, I don't think the draft is where I can fill this void. If I cant hit on a CB here, the plan is to keep Grimes and draft Hargreaves round 1 if Jalen Ramsey is not avail, but that's Plan B at best. Notable targets are listed below.

Brandon Brooks      OG
Alex Boone               OG
Sean Smith               CB
Nolan Caroll            CB
Janoris Jenkins       CB
CJ Anderson           RB
Vincent Ray            ILB
Jerrell Freeman     ILB
Tavon Willson        FS
Rafael Bush            FS

Mock Draft 1.0 - The draft will be dependent on what holes are filled in Free Agency. As you know, the NFL combine can drastically change the value of these prospect. So the following picks are solely based on current valuations.
If we can sure up CBs in Free Agency then Draft would look like this.
Round 1 - Reggie Ragland ILB - Might move down to pick 12-15 and get another pick in the 5th or 6th to get this guy. Leader of Men, Senior, Savage, Smart and Decisive. A little poor in coverage but this is the guy  that needs to be behind Suh, Wake, and Phillips. We need a bunch of hungry vultures in this front seven and Ragland is a vulture!

Round 2 - Shilique Calhoun DE - Talk about getting value from your picks, this guy is an instant starter as a Round 2 pick (If Avail). Always looking to bring the boom on every hit. Very discipline in setting the edge, may rely a little too much on strength than technique, but Calhoun is a guy that will bring fear to the opposing offense as a rookie.

Round 3 - Joshua Garnett OG - I'm not a fan of picking a Guard this low in the draft but this is a very unique situation. Sometimes there are NFL prospects that get under valued and you can only hope that no one picks up on it. Garnett is not your underachieving tackle that made the switch to guard. This is a true guard that will develop into something very special. Some OGs make it to the second level by neglecting the first but this guy handles his business at the first level and depletes anything remaining at the second.

Round 4 - Bryce Williams TE - This might be the biggest gamble out of all my picks. I will either hit big or lose big with this one, but I think its worth it in Round 4. Just like Charles Clay, Williams can line up anywhere on the field which fits the unpredictability mantra we have for this offense. He would be a big target for Tannehill with great hands as well.  His blocking and ability to run clean route will be the very few limitations that could potentially hold him back from being great. In late rounds you want to draft scrappy players that will fight for a big role not just the 53 man roster

Round 5 - Aaron Green RB - Aaron Greens reminds me of Darren Sproles. Defensive players continue to underestimate his play speed which creates terrible tackling angles. Shifty is the one word that will describe this guy. He is a dual threat RB that will make you look foolish in the open field. This guy would not only compliment Ajayi but our offense as a whole.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dolphins hire Father and Son coaching duo

It took a year but the Dolphins finally have landed Jim Washburn. Last year the Dolphins requested permission to speak with Jim Washburn but the Lions denied it. This year the Dolphins not only were able to hire Jim Washburn but they also hired his son Jeremiah Washburn as well.

Jim Washburn is a long time defensive line coach who was with the Lions for Ndamukong Suh's best two seasons in Detroit. The Dolphins have a big investment in Suh and to get the most out of him bringing in one of his former coaches is a wise decision. In Miami Jim Washburn will be a senior defensive assistant coach assisting with the defensive line primarily. The Dolphins retained their defensive line coach from last year Terrell Williams. Jeremiah Washurn will be the assistant offensive line coach in Miami.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Relationship Goals: Miami Dolphins

Dolphin fans, it is clear that our relationship with this organization has suffered some blows and there are plenty of blame to go around. It's important that  during this time all parties involved gain a better  understating of what we can work on to make this a match made in heaven.

Communication: Mr. Ross, you have to stop with the promises of putting a ring on it every time this ride gets rocky. In the Adam Gase press conference, you went out the way to state that this hire was with intentions of making it to the alter (Super Bowl) and giving us the ring that we deserve. I've been a supporter of the Gase hiring, but it was way too early for that statement.

Trust: I know we've been burned a lot of times during this relationship but the fact still remain that we have to retain some level of trust that this organization has our happiness and pain in mind when moves are being made. I know there are a lot of New Yorkers running the show and that in itself has been a reason for concern, but this is the same guy that reached deep in his own pocket for the renovations we are seeing today. At least we know for a fact that we're not being cheated on (Sorry St. Louis).

Accountability: There are a lot of people that we decided to fire with little change to the end result. If we fail again, who will the fingers point to. Rarely do we see someone stand up and say this one is on me. The best words to be heard in theses moments are "I was Wrong." You can't fix a flat tire without finding the leak. Mr. Ross explained that this is the first time he has gone with his gut when it comes to the Miami Dolphins, and it is his gut that has given him so much success in the past. I hope you are right Mr. Ross, because the years to come will fall on you weather we succeed or fail.

Commitment: The harsh reality of it all is that the Dolphins are not as pretty as they used to be. They don't make the romantic gestures that used to sweep us off of our feet in the past. They may have even gained a little bit of weight in places I cant even bring myself to mention, but we have to stick with them through the good and the bad. We have not been the best in this relationship either. Some fans decided to roll with a sexier team (Panthers) and realized that the grass was not as green as they thought it was. Being supportive does not mean to accept any form of abuse, but it does mean to understand when mistakes are made. It means to appreciate what we have, in a time where some cities have none. Lets say #PhinsUp with pride while no one else is giving us a chance.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

What have we learned?

The search for the Head Coach position is over Phinatics and believe it or not, the "Process" shed some light on a few hot topics. Here's what we've learned from it all.

WET BEHIND THE EARS: Let's get this one out the way first since it is so apparent to us as fans. Adam Gase is 37 and has never played a down of football on a college or professional level. He's never been a head coach before either. Now, let's move on.

PLAY CALLING IS "FUN": Our new Head coach will not give up the reigns of what he does best. It's almost refreshing to hear Adam Gase referring to the challenges of play calling as fun. Gase is a problem solver for sure. He's the type that will allow himself to be engulfed by flames until he finds a way out. This would be a great attribute to have as an assistant, but I worry that a few responsibilities of his new proclaimed title will feel very neglected. 

WHO'S IN?: Although Chris Grier is still head of player acquisition, the word on the streets is that Adam Gase will play a big role on who's in and out as far as the roster is concerned. Didn't think anyone saw this coming. This particular job description plays an intricate role in the future success of the Miami Dolphins. Here's why.   
  1. Dolphins have had some issues with keeping quality depth throughout a full season with the Offensive line suffering the most.
  2. Chris Grier the new GM publicly explained to everyone willing to listen that this organization believe it's important to have competition at EVERY position.(Even QB)
  3. The success of putting together a "No Excuse" roster may influence everybody's job security AGAIN (Including Tannenbaum)
THE PROCESS: Fans, expect this word to be thrown around a lot. No, I mean A LOT. When a word is used this much, it's relevance becomes watered down,  and fans see it as a safety word that higher ups use to dance around a question. I'm here to tell you it's imperative for the Dolphins to not only have a process that everyone agrees on, but to actually stick with it throughout the offseason. For anyone that watches "The Profit," Marcus Lemonis shows that failing business usually have a crappy process. The process is the bread crumbs that will help us find our way back to winning football. Trust me!

POKER FACE: A good game of Texas Hold'em will enlighten all to one fact. The ability to read a defense is the best offense. Tannehill may have hit the power ball. I know many of you were led to believe that Adam Gase will be Tannehills knight with shining armor because of his play selections. Maybe, but the biggest lesson Tannehill can get from Gase is "The Eye". The eye that can see a defense coming before any hard count or motion. The eye that can move defenders like telekinesis.
The eye that will finally be able to manage an audible package. That's what Adam Gase will bring to the table.

As a realist, I see where this hire can self-destruct with millions of fans as victims to another failed season. I also can see where this hire can be the main topic at Miami Dolphins 100th Anniversary. To all the disappointed fans, Keep those Phins up High!

VIDEO: Get to Know Adam Gase

The Miami Dolphins are hours away from naming Adam Gase as their next head coach. It's time to get to know Adam Gase Fin Fans and the best way to get to know him is to hear him speak. So here are a couple clips of Adam Gase.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Adam Gase Expected to be Named The Next Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins

Multiple reports are out tonight that Adam Gase has a 2nd interview with the Dolphins on Saturday. He is the only candidate to get called back for a second interview. There is another report that Hue Jackson to San Fran is most likely going to happen which has put pressure on Miami to lock up Gase and close the deal.

An announcement could come as early as Saturday but will most likely come on Monday.


Ryan Tannehill has shown continuous growth for the first three years of his career. Unfortunately, the fourth year was met with great adversity. The young QB failed to improve in completion percentage, sacks, and in clutch situational football. With this in mind, my 3 Keys for  Tannehill this offseason is obvious.
  • Accuracy
  • Pocket Presence
  • Mental Fortitude

Ryan Tannehill went from 66.4% completion percentage in 2014 to 61.9% in 2015. Now I’m fully aware that Football is the ultimate team sport and there are many impactful variables that are out of his control, but the fact still remains that it is the quarterback’s primary responsibility to get the ball from point A to point B in the most effective manner possible. The Quarterback’s mechanics and his relationship with the  receivers are the main culprits to poor accuracy. The solution is simple, REPITITION! As a fan I would like to see what this organization is calling “The Future” (Ryan Tannehill, Davante Parker, and Jarvis Landry) to come together this offseason and master their craft as one.
C’MON MAN! You are a former Wide Receiver. ACT LIKE IT! Our Offensive Line is inconsistent, play calling is elementary at best, and audible packages are non-existent.  Whatever your reasons are for 45 sacks, the fact still remains that you have to possess an eject button in case you are taking fire. The offensive line and the QB's reaction time are the major concerns when you lead the league in sacks. The solution is AGILITY. As a trainer, I would like to see Tannehill get back to his wide out drills. 20 yard shuttle, 4 cone drill , and a lot of quick feet drills would go a long way to improving his escape plan. I would start all these drills from the same stance a QB is  in at the top of his drop back and shorten the distance to simulate a confined space. Having a partner swiping the broom would be the signal to start each one of these drills.
Some people say you either have it or you don’t. I’m here to say “B.S”. Here are the numbers that proves this was a problem in 2015.
In the Red Zone Completion %             –    2014 (62.9%) 2015 (48.5%)
Last 2 minutes of the Game %               –    2014 (66.7) 2015 (58.9)
4th Quarter Completion %                     –     2014 (59.8%) 2015 (56.6%)
Within 7 points in the 4th Quarter      –     2014 (64.3%) 2015 (52.4%)
Now watch the face of Cam Newton as he realize, its time to be clutch. 
If you have a mental toughness problem the solution is this  5 Powerful Exercises to Increase your Mental Fortitud – Forbes This article is in regards to life, but translates well to the field. You have to be able to embrace discomfort because clutch  football with millions watching is not comfortable. You have to evaluate your core beliefs because they dictate how you think and the decisions you make.
At the end of the day I will be the first to admit that I am part of the minority that still believes Ryan Tannehill can be great in the NFL, but his success will be on life support if he fail to comprehend his shortcomings! To Ryan Tannehill I say keep your Phins up High!

Did You Know...

For the 2015 season, Ryan Tannehill ended up ranked fairly high on his deep ball throws.

40+ yd pass plays: Ranked #4

20+ yd pass plays: Ranked #6

Monday, January 4, 2016

Teryl Austin Resume

The Miami Dolphins will interview Teryl Austin this week.  Here is a look at Austin and what he will bring to the table:

Teryl played college football at the University of Pittsburgh as a defensive back from 1984-1987, he was a 3 year starter.  His coaching career began with Penn State in 1991 as a graduate assistant.  In 1993, he moved on to Wake Forest where he coached defensive backs.  From 1996-2002, he worked for Syracuse and Michigan as a defensive assistant.  He landed his first pro job with the Seattle Seahawks as defensive back coach from 2003-2006.  He moved on to the Arizona Cardinals with the same title from 2007-2009.  His first exposure to defensive coordinator was in 2010 with the Florida Gators.  After one season, he moved back to the NFL to work with the Ravens as defensive back coach from 2011-2013.  He has been defensive coordinator with the Lions for the past two seasons.  Here is a closer look at his numbers:


PPG: 17.6 (3rd)
Pass YPG: 231.6 (13th)
Rush YPG: 69.3 (1st)
Defensive rank: 2nd


PPG: 25.0 (23rd)
Pass YPG: 236.8 (15th)
Rush YPG: 112.8 (19th)
Defensive Rank: 349.6 (18th)

While you see a significant dip in production, one key factor left that team.  Suh.  His ties with Suh will give him a good shot to win this job.  The only question, who will run the offense?  This may be the reason he doesn't land it.

Odds of getting job (15-1)

Adam Gase Resume

As we have all heard, Adam Gase will be interviewing Thursday for the Dolphins opening. Here is a closer look at this candidate:

Adam Gase is 37 years old. His career on the side lines started at LSU, where he was a graduate assistant and recruiting assistant from 2000-2002. He took an NFL job with the Lions as a scouting assistant in 2003. Gase would make his way into coaching in 2005 becoming an offensive assistant. He took Quarterbacks position in 2007 before moving back into the role of offensive assistant in 2008 with San Francisco. Gase moved on to the Broncos in 2009 as Wide Recievers coach. He moved back to QB coach in 2011-2012 where he helped Tim Tebow become infamous. He took over offensive coordinator in 2013 with the Broncos through the 2014 season. John Fox brought him along to Chicago where he currently resides.

Gase numbers as offensive coordinator were inflated due to Peyton Manning, but let's take a look at this years numbers with Chicago:

Total Offense: 344.6 yards/game (21st)
Passing Rank: 228.9 yards/game (23rd)
Rushing Rank: 115.4 yards/game (11th)
YPG: 344.6 yards/game (21st)
PPG: 20.6 (23rd)

While not impressive from team stats, the Bears offense was significantly injured most of the year, with losing Jeffrey for a few games and not having Kevin White at all. The big stats actually come from Jay Cutler's resurgence. Cutler tossed 21 touchdowns while having a rating of 92.3.  First time in Cutler's career he has over a 90 rating. Gase has been a hot commodity the last few years. While he may not be what we all want, he is someone who could help Ryan Tannehill perform at a higher level.

Odds of winning the job (20-1)

Next up: Teryl Austin

Fins have interviews lined up with Austin and Gase

The Dolphins already have interviews lined up for this week with at least two of the hot candidates in NFL Coaching Circles. Teryl Austin and Adam Gase will be meeting with Mr. Stephen Ross and Mike Tannenbaum this week. Gase has a meeting scheduled for Thursday. There hasn't been a confirmed day when Austin is meeting with the Dolphins brass.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Why I think Doug Marrone or Hue Jackson will be the Next Fins Head Coach

Doug Marrone
Mike Tannenbaum is moving fast on the Dolphins offseason front office and coaching staff shake-up. Joe Philbin was let go in September, Dennis Hickey was let go/quit/fired the night before the final game of the season and per reports his replacement Chris Grier is already in place to take over the GM Duties. Now that is a very telling sign right there as Grier like Tannenbaum learned at the foot of Bill Parcells and the first major hire Tannenbaum makes will be bringing in a Parcells guy. To me that shed's a lot of light on who the Dolphins will hire as their next Head Coach.

Clearly Tannenbaum wants to bring in guys that he is comfortable with and knows or have come from the Bill Parcells coaching tree. So to me that narrows the coaching search down to two people; Hue Jackson and Doug Marrone.

Yes I know, I know, the Fins want to talk with Adam Gase and that has been leaked. And it makes sense, you should talk to as many people as possible to pick their brains and learn about them. Gase is young and a hot riser among the NFL coaching circle. But when push comes to shove will Miami want to hire him or better yet will Tannenbaum want to hire him? My guess is NO!

First, let's look at Hue Jackson. First and foremost Mike Tannenbaum was Hue Jackson's agent before Tannenbaum left that world and took the Dolphins job in February. So clearly there is a connection there and strong ties. While Jackson will have his pick of any NFL job he wants this offseason with Miami Jackson will know his boss better than with any other franchise.  The connection between Tannenbaum and Jackson is very strong and that is something that cannot be overlooked.While

On to Doug Marrone; Doug is a Parcells guy. Marrone has ties to Parcells and Tannenbaum from his days as the Jets offensive line coach. Marrone is also an ex Dolphins player as he spent a very short amount of time with the Dolphins in 1987. Tannenbaum has proven that he goes with what he knows and what he knows is the Bill Parcells coaching tree which Doug is a part of.

While other names will be floated for the Dolphins Head Coaching position like Gase, maybe Chip Kelly, Kyle Shannhan and others when push comes to shove Tannenbaum will go with who he is comfortable with. And that is clearly either Hue Jackson or Doug Marrone.