Adam Gase Resume

As we have all heard, Adam Gase will be interviewing Thursday for the Dolphins opening. Here is a closer look at this candidate:

Adam Gase is 37 years old. His career on the side lines started at LSU, where he was a graduate assistant and recruiting assistant from 2000-2002. He took an NFL job with the Lions as a scouting assistant in 2003. Gase would make his way into coaching in 2005 becoming an offensive assistant. He took Quarterbacks position in 2007 before moving back into the role of offensive assistant in 2008 with San Francisco. Gase moved on to the Broncos in 2009 as Wide Recievers coach. He moved back to QB coach in 2011-2012 where he helped Tim Tebow become infamous. He took over offensive coordinator in 2013 with the Broncos through the 2014 season. John Fox brought him along to Chicago where he currently resides.

Gase numbers as offensive coordinator were inflated due to Peyton Manning, but let's take a look at this years numbers with Chicago:

Total Offense: 344.6 yards/game (21st)
Passing Rank: 228.9 yards/game (23rd)
Rushing Rank: 115.4 yards/game (11th)
YPG: 344.6 yards/game (21st)
PPG: 20.6 (23rd)

While not impressive from team stats, the Bears offense was significantly injured most of the year, with losing Jeffrey for a few games and not having Kevin White at all. The big stats actually come from Jay Cutler's resurgence. Cutler tossed 21 touchdowns while having a rating of 92.3.  First time in Cutler's career he has over a 90 rating. Gase has been a hot commodity the last few years. While he may not be what we all want, he is someone who could help Ryan Tannehill perform at a higher level.

Odds of winning the job (20-1)

Next up: Teryl Austin


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