Senior Bowl: Top 3 Reasons to Watch

The Senior Bowl is where you go to answer a few lingering questions that you may have after watching a trillion hours of film. There is nothing you can possibly do to make your self 100% sure about a pick come draft day, but research is key in such an uncertain environment. Most of your film will show sub-par opponents where as the Senior Bowl will show elite competition. Since January 30th is around the corner and practices will be aired on ESPNU, Here is what Dolphin fans should pay close attention to in this years Reese's Senior Bowl.

1. REGGIE RAGLAND ILB - Reggie Ragland has the potential be a huge pick up for the Miami Dolphins. He has the decisiveness that we currently need at ILB. This guy has the streets talking and the word on the streets  is that you would be a fool not to pay close attention to his play on the field. The one knock against him is his ability to cover once he moves on to the NFL. During his press conference he explained that he will be playing Outside Linebacker to prove his versatility and ability to hold his own out in the flats.

W2W4 -  Look to see if the emphasis on coverage impairs his aggressive decision making. Watch his first steps as the ball snaps and his hips in transition. He has been working on bringing down his weight to improve his play speed, so lets also look to see if he's able to effectively get off his blocks.

2. CARSON WENTZ - If you still believe in Tannehill than it doesn't hurt to  watch this guy just for confirmation purposes, because the hype is at a all time high. If you don't  believe in Tannehil than Carson Wenetz is worth your attention. 6-6 235lbs and the ability to run out of the pocket is music to a scouts ears when referring to a QB. From a physical stand point, this is the QB you would want to run your offense. Although Wentz has the ability to be extremely elusive, I still question his pocket awareness. The NFL has the tendency to make QBs like Wentz prove he has what it takes to do his job in a tight closed-in cubical e.g., Colin Kaepernick, Johnny Manziel, Jamis Winston, Marcus Mariota.

W2W4 -  I've always said that great Quarterbacks do great in situational football.With that being said, pay close attention tot 3rd Downs, and his command of the huddle. This is harder said than done because it's the little reactions that tells the bigger story. Look to see if he displays composure when the opposing front seven plays discipline football by setting the edge. Go over his press conferences and decipher what was rehearsed and what was genuine. It's also key not to overreact to incompletions because chemistry will always play a role in these types of games.

3 - JOSHUA GARNETTE -  Most underrated skill set of this young Guard is his ability to read the opposing defense. He is always exactly where he needs to be at the second level and rarely whiffs a block. Garnett will have to show that he can hold a block pass the  initial move in pass protection.

W2W4 - At the college level offensive lineman don't get exposed enough for bad technique and  leaning in to a block, but the NFL will make you look foolish every down for those same flaws. Look to see if Garnett is staying discipline by using his hands and feet to win each battle.