Teryl Austin Resume

The Miami Dolphins will interview Teryl Austin this week.  Here is a look at Austin and what he will bring to the table:

Teryl played college football at the University of Pittsburgh as a defensive back from 1984-1987, he was a 3 year starter.  His coaching career began with Penn State in 1991 as a graduate assistant.  In 1993, he moved on to Wake Forest where he coached defensive backs.  From 1996-2002, he worked for Syracuse and Michigan as a defensive assistant.  He landed his first pro job with the Seattle Seahawks as defensive back coach from 2003-2006.  He moved on to the Arizona Cardinals with the same title from 2007-2009.  His first exposure to defensive coordinator was in 2010 with the Florida Gators.  After one season, he moved back to the NFL to work with the Ravens as defensive back coach from 2011-2013.  He has been defensive coordinator with the Lions for the past two seasons.  Here is a closer look at his numbers:


PPG: 17.6 (3rd)
Pass YPG: 231.6 (13th)
Rush YPG: 69.3 (1st)
Defensive rank: 2nd


PPG: 25.0 (23rd)
Pass YPG: 236.8 (15th)
Rush YPG: 112.8 (19th)
Defensive Rank: 349.6 (18th)

While you see a significant dip in production, one key factor left that team.  Suh.  His ties with Suh will give him a good shot to win this job.  The only question, who will run the offense?  This may be the reason he doesn't land it.

Odds of getting job (15-1)