Underrated is an Understatement

Reshad Jones was one of the few bright spots in an under-achieving year for the Miami Dolphins. Many went out of the way to call it a Pro Bowl type of year for this young Strong Safety. He led his position group across the NFL in tackles(124), interceptions(5), pick 6’s(2), while throwing in 2 sacks just to make the resume look pretty. As a matter of fact, only 4 players ended the season with more tackles.

The only category Reshad Jones failed to be great in was popularity. See, what many people fail to realize is that playing for a team that does not shine under the national lights put you behind the eight ball before the season even starts. Not having a victory dance after every tackle doesn't make things any better when it comes down to Pro Bowl votes. Making the Pro bowl is more about building your brand than being an excellent talent. You have to be the one the media wants to interview, you have to be the one in the headlines (good or bad), you have to be the one in contention for a playoff bid, and you have to be the one that barks just as loud as you bite.

Reshad's first thought was not to attend the Pro Bowl if he was called on as an alternate and I was proud of his stance on this issue. I was not proud because I believed  that was what it took to change the culture of the NFL, but I believed that was what it took to get the attention he deserved. Due to injuries, Jones will be getting the recognition of being a Pro Bowler by default, but Dolphin fans know there was no one else more deserving of this great accomplishment. To Reshad Jones, Congratulations and keep your Phin Up High!