What have we learned?

The search for the Head Coach position is over Phinatics and believe it or not, the "Process" shed some light on a few hot topics. Here's what we've learned from it all.

WET BEHIND THE EARS: Let's get this one out the way first since it is so apparent to us as fans. Adam Gase is 37 and has never played a down of football on a college or professional level. He's never been a head coach before either. Now, let's move on.

PLAY CALLING IS "FUN": Our new Head coach will not give up the reigns of what he does best. It's almost refreshing to hear Adam Gase referring to the challenges of play calling as fun. Gase is a problem solver for sure. He's the type that will allow himself to be engulfed by flames until he finds a way out. This would be a great attribute to have as an assistant, but I worry that a few responsibilities of his new proclaimed title will feel very neglected. 

WHO'S IN?: Although Chris Grier is still head of player acquisition, the word on the streets is that Adam Gase will play a big role on who's in and out as far as the roster is concerned. Didn't think anyone saw this coming. This particular job description plays an intricate role in the future success of the Miami Dolphins. Here's why.   
  1. Dolphins have had some issues with keeping quality depth throughout a full season with the Offensive line suffering the most.
  2. Chris Grier the new GM publicly explained to everyone willing to listen that this organization believe it's important to have competition at EVERY position.(Even QB)
  3. The success of putting together a "No Excuse" roster may influence everybody's job security AGAIN (Including Tannenbaum)
THE PROCESS: Fans, expect this word to be thrown around a lot. No, I mean A LOT. When a word is used this much, it's relevance becomes watered down,  and fans see it as a safety word that higher ups use to dance around a question. I'm here to tell you it's imperative for the Dolphins to not only have a process that everyone agrees on, but to actually stick with it throughout the offseason. For anyone that watches "The Profit," Marcus Lemonis shows that failing business usually have a crappy process. The process is the bread crumbs that will help us find our way back to winning football. Trust me!

POKER FACE: A good game of Texas Hold'em will enlighten all to one fact. The ability to read a defense is the best offense. Tannehill may have hit the power ball. I know many of you were led to believe that Adam Gase will be Tannehills knight with shining armor because of his play selections. Maybe, but the biggest lesson Tannehill can get from Gase is "The Eye". The eye that can see a defense coming before any hard count or motion. The eye that can move defenders like telekinesis.
The eye that will finally be able to manage an audible package. That's what Adam Gase will bring to the table.

As a realist, I see where this hire can self-destruct with millions of fans as victims to another failed season. I also can see where this hire can be the main topic at Miami Dolphins 100th Anniversary. To all the disappointed fans, Keep those Phins up High!