Why I think Doug Marrone or Hue Jackson will be the Next Fins Head Coach

Doug Marrone
Mike Tannenbaum is moving fast on the Dolphins offseason front office and coaching staff shake-up. Joe Philbin was let go in September, Dennis Hickey was let go/quit/fired the night before the final game of the season and per reports his replacement Chris Grier is already in place to take over the GM Duties. Now that is a very telling sign right there as Grier like Tannenbaum learned at the foot of Bill Parcells and the first major hire Tannenbaum makes will be bringing in a Parcells guy. To me that shed's a lot of light on who the Dolphins will hire as their next Head Coach.

Clearly Tannenbaum wants to bring in guys that he is comfortable with and knows or have come from the Bill Parcells coaching tree. So to me that narrows the coaching search down to two people; Hue Jackson and Doug Marrone.

Yes I know, I know, the Fins want to talk with Adam Gase and that has been leaked. And it makes sense, you should talk to as many people as possible to pick their brains and learn about them. Gase is young and a hot riser among the NFL coaching circle. But when push comes to shove will Miami want to hire him or better yet will Tannenbaum want to hire him? My guess is NO!

First, let's look at Hue Jackson. First and foremost Mike Tannenbaum was Hue Jackson's agent before Tannenbaum left that world and took the Dolphins job in February. So clearly there is a connection there and strong ties. While Jackson will have his pick of any NFL job he wants this offseason with Miami Jackson will know his boss better than with any other franchise.  The connection between Tannenbaum and Jackson is very strong and that is something that cannot be overlooked.While

On to Doug Marrone; Doug is a Parcells guy. Marrone has ties to Parcells and Tannenbaum from his days as the Jets offensive line coach. Marrone is also an ex Dolphins player as he spent a very short amount of time with the Dolphins in 1987. Tannenbaum has proven that he goes with what he knows and what he knows is the Bill Parcells coaching tree which Doug is a part of.

While other names will be floated for the Dolphins Head Coaching position like Gase, maybe Chip Kelly, Kyle Shannhan and others when push comes to shove Tannenbaum will go with who he is comfortable with. And that is clearly either Hue Jackson or Doug Marrone. 


  1. More failure if we have either of them as our next Head Coach.


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