Monday, March 28, 2016

Dolphins to Meet with Arian Foster on Tuesday

Multiple reports are out the Dolphins will be meeting with RB Arian Foster on Tuesday in Miami. Jason Cole is reporting the Dolphins will not be signing Foster any time soon though as they just want to see where he is medically at this time and meet with him about a possible deal down the road.

To me this makes zero sense for the Dolphins. Foster was once a very good player but he can't be trusted to stay healthy and is not the type of RB that will do anything to help this rebuilding Miami Dolphins franchise. Signing Foster doesn't stop the Dolphins from drafting a running back early in this upcoming draft. In fact signing him would just take away valuable reps in practice and in games this next season from someone who has a bright and hopefully long future in Miami. I know Miami wants to add a veteran RB but to me this is the wrong guy. We will see how this plays out over the next few weeks and months.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Former Dolphins Cheerleader hired by WWE

Former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Andrea DiMarco was recently hired by the WWE as their new ring announcer in their minor league promotion NXT. We would like to wish Andrea the best on her new career.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fins Bringing in Veteran Guard for Visit; Expect to Sign him Today

The Dolphins quest to revamp their offensive line continues. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting the Dolphins will have guard Kraig Urbik in for a visit today and they expect to sign him if all of his medicals are good. Urbik has spent the last 6 years with the Buffalo Bills and after starting 16 games in 2013 he only started 9 in 2014 and 4 last year.

Urbik is by no means a great player but he will provide the Dolphins solid depth at the guard position something they haven't had in many years and he will have a chance to compete for a starters position. His signing might also signal Dallas Thomas's time in Miami is over as well.

Sunday, March 20, 2016 Mock Draft 1.0

We have arrived to that time of the year.  The 2016 NFL draft is upon us.  With the Dolphins swapping picks with the Eagles, 8th to 13th, it adds a new dynamic to this years draft, at least in round 1.  Here is a look at the first NFL Mock Draft, Miami Dolphins edition:

With the 13th pick, the Miami Dolphins select:

Darron Lee, OLB (Ohio State)

The Dolphins would be getting their run stuffing LB.  Lee is a big bodied OLB, whose instincts and who can get to a ball carrier quickly.  The Dolphins struggled mightily against the run last season, Lee would be an immediate upgrade over Jelani Jenkins, who would move back into a reserve role and provide much needed LB depth with his versatility.  Lee ran a 4.52 40, shows a knack for making big plays, shows good coverage while covering RB's out of the backfield and his change of direction can allow him to drop into coverage against TE, albeit he must improve in some areas in coverage. He is a raw pass rusher but with time and coaching can make an impact on passing downs as a blitzer.

(Eli Apple would also be a fit here, and could be taken, but the need of a LB who can tackle is huge in my opinion)

With the 42nd pick, the Miami Dolphins select:

Artie Burns, CB (Miami, FL)

Burns would fill the number 2 CB spot.  He is a well rounded corner.  Has good instincts and quick eyes to identify a route in zone coverage.  He will fit well in the system Vance Joseph will run.  He is susceptible against the run and needs better technique when approached by a running back.  Being a three year starter, 6 INT in 2015 and a home grown talent, the Dolphins could hit a home run in round 2.

With the 73rd pick, the Miami Dolphins select:

Vadal Alexander, G (LSU)

Alexander was not great last season when Les Miles shifted him to right tackle.  Alexander is more suited to play guard which is his natural position.  He is a big body (6'5 325lbs), massive fram and long arms make it difficult for guys to get past him.  He seems to struggle at times in pass protection but hopefully develops.  He isn't a great athlete and will need to get quicker feet, but can potentially challenge to start at one of the guard positions come this summer.

With the 108th pick, the Miami Dolphins select:

Harlan Miller, CB (Southeastern Louisiana)

Miller is another zone corner the Dolphins may look at here.  he has good instincts and is fluid as a corner.  He has good speed and pretty good recognition.  He had a good career with 29 pass break ups and 11 INT.  He can cover taller corners with good range and ball skills, can win jump balls if needed to.  He is a willing tackler and can set the edge but his pursuit and angles need work against the run.

With the 148th pick, the Miami Dolphins select:

KJ Dillon, S (West Virginia)

The secondary and defensive overhaul continues by adding Safety depth with Dillon.  After the Dolphins lost Delmas in preseason, there was a giant hole next to Reshad Jones who was more of a free flowing Safety last year.  Dillon is 6' 210 lbs and is fast (4.55 40).  He can line up in multiple positions in the secondary and is a monster against the run.  He is reliable against the run and is great as the last line of defense.  Good instincts and ball skills with 21 pass breakups and 5 INT.  He can also blitz if required.  This is more a depth play then a guy who will come in and start right away, but could be given the chance to. 

With 187th pick, the Miami Dolphins select:

Joe Dahl, OG/OT (Washington State) 

Dahl provides depth on the OL as he can play all FIVE positions.  He is very good at picking up blitzes and stunts and is a mauler against the run.  He blocks at the point of attack and can adjust on the fly.  The man provides depth in a weak area, but needs to improve in pass protection if he plays Tackle.  He did deal with injuries in 2015, but played through it.

With the 228th pick, the Miami Dolphins select:

Jeff Driskel, QB (Louisiana Tech)

If the Dolphins are going to get a young QB in this draft, they will not take one until late in my opinion.  In comes Jeff Driskel.  He started 21 games at Florida before he transferred to La Tech.  he threw 27 TDs and over 4,000 yards this season.  He seems to telegraph throws and misses on big passes.  He has good mechanics and stands in and takes a hit (sound familiar Dolfans?)  He is a project and if he can perform well, could be on the practice squad once the 2016 season hits.

With the 232nd pick, the Miami Dolphins select:

Kenyan Drake, RB (Alabama)

Drake was a back up to Heisman winner Derrick Henry but is a raw back.  he is very quick and has good size (6'0, 210)  His biggest plusses come in the passing game.  He is dangerous in the open field but can drop passes as he looks up field before catching the ball.  He also needs to be better in pass protection but comes cheap and can pay dividends with proper coaching

This is the first of many weekly mocks leading up to the draft.  Free agency (lack their of) will determine how this mock pans out.  feel free to leave any opinions on my twitter account


Saturday, March 19, 2016

VIDEO: Isa-Abdul Quddus

Get to know a little about the Dolphins newest safety Isa Abdul-Quddus from some old appearances he made on the now defunct Artie Lange Radio Show

Thursday, March 17, 2016

This Shouldn't Be that Tough

Do something will ya?!
I understand the Dolphins this offseason aren't spending big bucks and are taking a totally different approach this free agency period. I have no problem with that either and I think it's a smart approach, but with that said the Dolphins are making fixing the issues they have way to difficult and there are some easy fixes that I don't understand why they aren't taking at this point in time.

The Dolphins have 5 glaring holes on this team. In no special order they are, Guard, Running Back, Cornerback, Linebacker, and Defensive End. You can argue with the signing of Andre Branch that defensive end is no longer a need but in this league you need all of the pass rushers you can get and I know I am in the minority but I don't trust Cam Wake. I think Wake at his age (34) and coming off this injury is done, washed up, and on the downside of his career. He won't be the same player ever again and if you get 15-20 snaps out of him in a game consider the Fins lucky. I don't even think he will give us that much next year.

Now, you can't fix every one of these needs in one offseason. The Dolphins are rebuilding, I get it. They don't want to use the term "rebuilding" but that's what they are doing. And they should, again no issues with that. But, the Dolphins are going to need some Band-Aids to patch-work some of these holes to get them through the 2016 season and be a respectable team. So, what are the 2 easiest holes out of the 5 I listed above to fix; well its simple, running back and guard. If I am running the Dolphins I want to go into this draft not wanting to worry about having to take a running back or a guard at all unless something falls out of the sky and into their lap. These are 2 positions the Fins can fill via free agency relatively cheap by getting a vet on a one year deal to just hold them over for this upcoming season and push off as a "must need" to next offseason.

James Starks
At running back letting Lamar Miller walk I agree with. The CJ Anderson deal was a good one and Miami did there best with that and honestly few if anyone thought Denver would match, but they did so we move on. So where do we go from here? The flirtation with Chris Johnson was baffling to me. A 30 year old RB coming off a broken leg, uh, why? I know I want a guy who is a Band-Aid on a 1 year deal but he wouldn't have been atop my list. With guys out there like James Starks and Ronnie Hillman I think Miami should be targeting one of those. They better fit Miami's vision in my opinion and have proven to play big in big spots and in big games, and on a one year deal they will play motivated to have a big year so when they hit the market the following year they will get a big contract. Those are the types of guys Miami should be targeting. Now, maybe they will in the coming days after being spurned by Chris Johnson today, but the question we have to ask is...why didn't they target these guys first and why were they flirting with old injured running backs like Chris Johnson? You also have to ask yourself, we are now on Plan "D" at the running back spot, why hasn't Miami brought in like 3 or 4 guys for visits already and now they should be sending out offers instead of dragging this out? Are we asleep at the wheel here? (UPDATE: After this story was published the Miami Herald is reporting the Dolphins have reached out and shown interest in RB James Starks and are talking with him.)
Jermon Bushrod

Next, the guard position. Look, as Dolphins fans we have seen this song and dance before where the front office totally ignores the position and puts way too much faith in bad players like Billy Turner, Dallas Thomas, and Jamil Douglas. Those three guys can't play in this league. I don't need to see any more of them to know that. If the Fins are banking on any one of them to do anything then this franchise is hopeless. I can understand again the Fins didn't want to break the bank for a guy like Alex Boone, I get it. He got a deal nobody saw coming and Fins didn't want to pay that much for a guard. But the Fins have to do something and signing an old broken down tackle coming off a major injury who has never played guard before and expecting him to solve this issue is beyond stupid. I mean its really really stupid. Like 2 + 2 =9 stupid! Jermon Bushrod is an old back-up tackle at best these days if he is even healthy.  Again, the Fins cant' fix every hole on their roster. Go sign a vet guard on a 1 year deal (there are still a lot of capable guys out there)  and take the need to draft a guard off the table entering the draft completely.

Miami can't fix 5 positions in this upcoming draft but they sure as hell can fix 3 of them! Get a Band-Aid at running back, get a band aid at guard. Go into the draft and double down on CB's, LB's, and pass rushers. You hope you correct those positions this offseason and then next year, you aren't tied to any RB or high priced guard and you re-evaluate where you stand at those positions and move forward.  It's so simple but Miami is letting the market of any quality guys dry up and they are sabotaging their season in March and its painful to watch. No rational Dolphins fan is expecting the Fins to make a playoff push this year, but I don't want to see a 2 or 3 win team either and that is the path they are headed down. That's not being overly negative that is being realistic.

I know there will be a Dolphins fan or two out there right now saying...."have patience, its only March." Look in the NFL the window to add talent is very small. You have about 2 weeks in March then 3 days in April at the draft. With free agency the real "talent" dry's up in about a week and after that you have old broken down players trying to hold onto their NFL career or just filler/role players at best who can't be banked on to make an impact on a team. Right now the RB market is drying up quick and the guard market isn't far behind. If Miami leaves all of these holes and goes into a draft with 5 glaring weaknesses and having to hit on every pick just to put a competitive team on the field next year, wow that is a gutsy approach. Back to "having patience"....any "fan" who tells you to have patience is someone who doesn't get it. As Dolphins fans we have sat through over 15 years of horrible football, we have patience. We have put up with a ton. We have been patient too long and its time to stand up and be vocal to hold the people in power accountable. Nobody is asking the Fins to go out and overpay for crap players but for the love of god the Fins have over $20 million in cap space and are ignoring capable players. I understand the Fins are now in the business of "compiling compensatory picks" but again, you can't not add guys hoping in a year from now we get a few compensatory picks. Chris Grier has been in Miami when the Dolphins have wasted 2nd and 3rd round picks on guys like Pat White, Dallas Thomas, Michael Egnew, and Patrick Turner. Yet now we are going to grab comp picks so the guy who had a huge say in those draft picks can have an extra 3rd or 4th round selection? Give me a break. Sure, I would love to have a few compensatory picks but not at the risk of letting proven capable, not overly expensive free agents. So a 3rd round comp pick gets pushed back to a 5th because we signed someone, who cares? In the big picture that's nothing!

As I said, I like the new approach of not overpaying for guys the Dolphins have taken. Kudos to Grier, Tannenbaum and the rest of the front office. But you can't be scared stiff where you don't want to pay fair market value for guys either. It's time for the front office to get off their asses and do something!

Solution to OL

With Russell Okung signing with the Broncos (5 yr/ 60M, reported by multiple sources), this should make Ryan Clady expendable to Denver.  Assuming Okung replaces Clady, he will be available for trade.  Clady and Denver were at an impasse on terms of a restructure.   If the Dolphins want to be smart (they haven't all off season) offer a mid round pick, maybe up to a 3rd to Denver for Ryan Clady.  This will allow Miami to shift Albert to G and put Bushrod at RG.  OL issues solved!!!!  This is a big development to follow, but lets see how much interest Miami actually gives to this.  They have been CHEAP this offseason, its time to fix their biggest issue.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dolphins sign DE Andre Branch to 1 year deal

The Dolphins made a move to land a 3rd dependable DE today when they signed 26 year old Andre Branch. Branch was drafted in 2012 by Jacksonville and has been a bit of a disappointment in his 4 years in the league. He has been often injured and didn't ever produce at the level he was expected too being a high second round pick. In his 4 years in the NFL Branch has 14 total sacks. Branch signed with Miami for 1 year $3 million fully guaranteed.

With Cam Wake coming off a major injury and most likely starting the year on PUP (missing the first 6 games) Branch will be asked to step in and play a significant role for the Dolphins. Being he signed a 1 year deal Branch will also be playing for his NFL future as a good season will most likely land him a multi-year deal on the open market next year as a free agent. And a sub-part season might be his ticket out of the NFL. For the Dolphins it's a low-risk move being its only a 1 year deal. I would have much rather seen the Fins sign Jason Jones out of Detroit as he is a better player overall but the signing of Branch is fine. I still think if the right DE falls in Rd 1 Miami may draft a pass rusher in the first round and if another free agent DE is available at the right price the Dolphins may look to add another as Branch isn't someone you are building around and is just a role player at best. Branch is a nice replacement for Derrick Shelby and nothing more than that.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dolphins Re-Sign QB Matt Moore

The Dolphins re-signed QB Matt Moore today. Moore signed a 2 year deal worth $3.5 million. The Dolphins brought in Brandon Weeden over the weekend and both QB's are equally bad so its a matter of pick your poison. Matt Moore can wear a baseball cap and carry a clipboard with the best of them.

No CJ Anderson and what it means now?

As most of you know, CJ Anderson's offer sheet was matched by the Denver Broncos.  This after almost a full 5 days of waiting.  During the waiting period, the Miami Dolphins didn't attempt to contact another FA back.  This is another set back to a very disappointing off season so far for the Dolphins.  With Anderson's 6 million back on the books.  It is time for the Dolphins to start addressing more needs.

Miami has plenty of visitors come and go without contracts.  Some of these guys could be used for depth.  Sean Spence is a name that will come at a low cost, high reward.  He will fill another need at LB, since the Dolphins have decided to move on from Kelvin Sheppard. 

The depth of this team has been questioned for years, and it has continued to be a question mark with the lack of free agency thus far.  While there are many opportunities, maybe Tannenbaum and co are being smart with their money.  Is there a chance they wait until June 1st cap cuts to purge players?  Are they solely focused on the draft?  Time will tell, but the urgency needs to begin.  Its only March and a week into the new season, but times are tough in South Beach.  Fans unrest only will continue, even with a new stadium.


Tuesday Morning Update

By 4pm today midnight tonight we will all know if CJ Anderson is the newest Miami Dolphins running back or not. News may break before 4pm so keep checking our twitter time-line all day for the very latest @DolphinsTalk

Once the Dolphins find out about CJ Anderson expect a flurry of moves over the next 24 hours. Nolan Carroll, Jason Jones, Brandon Weeden, Chris Clemons are all names who could officially sign with the Dolphins very soon.

If the Dolphins can get Anderson, then be able to sign Jason Jones and Nolan Carroll it would be a very productive free agency period for the Fins. It would give the Fins the 3 man rotation at DE they are looking for (well a proven 3 man rotation, obviously they will carry more than 3 DE's.) And with Carroll, Maxwell, Taylor as the top 3 CB's heading into the draft the secondary, especially the CB's, would have been upgraded over last years unit. Anderson, Jones, Carroll would also allow the Fins at pick #13 to take the best player available at (guard, CB, LB, or DE) and not be forced to pick a guy based on position. It would also keep the option open for the Fins to trade down and stockpile picks.

So the next 24-48 hours is going to be huge for the Miami Dolphins and should give us all a better idea of what they will look like in 2016.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Morning Update

The Dolphins free agency plans are on-hold at the moment until the Fins get word on what Denver will do with CJ Anderson. The Broncos have until 2pm Tuesday to either match the offer sheet CJ signed with Miami or refuse to match it which will make Anderson a member of the Dolphins. Once that domino falls expect the Dolphins to move forward on deals to guys like Sean Spence, Jason Jones, Brandon Weeden, Nolan Carroll...etc. Who or how many of those guys Miami signs depends on if Anderson is a member of the team.

Denver could make a call on Anderson at any point but they may be trying to create more cap space or playing a game of chicken in which they force Miami to possibly part with a pick not to match the offer.

There is no word on if Miami has any visits lined up this week with any other free agents. The Dolphins still need to address DE, LB, CB, and Guard in the worst way. And if the CJ Anderson deal falls through RB is also a major need.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday Morning Update: Nolan Carroll on his way back to Miami?

Here is the latest with what is going on with the Dolphins as we sit on this Saturday Morning.

-Brandon Weeden flew into town last night and will visit with the Dolphins brass Saturday, I would expect to see Weeden ink a deal to be the Dolphins back-up QB. Look, it's Brandon Weeden and you know what your getting. He's just the back-up and you can't flip out folks and be up in arms about it. Compared to Matt Moore I think Weeden is a slight upgrade, slight. Neither is really any good and let's be honest,  if any back-up QB is playing for Miami this team is going to be really bad in 2016.

-Former Dolphins CB Nolan Carroll was in Dallas yesterday meeting with the Cowboys but he left without signing a contract. There is a report out from Eagles beat reporter Tim McManus that Carroll is drawing interest from Miami and Philadelphia (his current team.) Carroll did improve during the time he spent in Miami and in Philadelphia he was a starter last and played well until he broke his ankle and missed the final 5 games. He isn't a lock-down #1 CB but he is a capable NFL Starter who would fit nicely opposite Byron Maxwell (who he started opposite of last year.) If Carroll returned to Miami the Dolphins secondary would be much improved at the CB position than it was last year. And if the Fins are able to land Apple, Hargraves, or Alexander then the Fins would have a nice tro of CB's in 2016. Carroll does have family in Florida and his mother is the former Lieutenant Governor of Florida as well so there things outside of money and football that could draw him back to the state.

-Still no word on if Denver will match CJ Anderson. The Patriots had Chris Hogan sign an offer sheet and the Bills immediately stated they wouldn't match it and the transaction went through. No such luck on Denver and it looks like Denver will take the full five days they are allotted. So, we should know by Tuesday.

-The Dolphins are still talking to Lions DE Jason Jones and he was in Miami on Friday, but now Pittsburgh has jumped into the mix and are talking to him. The Dolphins really need to address the DE position, with only Mario Williams, Terence Fede, and Cam Wake who may start the year on PUP the position is very thin and the market is drying up quick in free agency. If Jason Jones doesn't sign with the Fins and goes elsewhere, in Rd 1 the Dolphins will be forced to go DE and maybe pass on a better and higher ranked player at CB or LB who is on the board.

-Former University of Miami and Pittsburgh Steeler LB Sean Spence is also visiting with the Dolphins. In college Spence was one of the most sought after recruits in college the year he came out. He was drafted by Pittsburgh in round 3 and has had years of serious injuries. His first 2 seasons in the league were sabotaged by injuries. Last year he stayed healthy and was a productive back-up linebacker. Miami needs capable bodies at linebacker in the worst way and Spence would be a quality addition to specials teams and the defense. No word on when he plans on signing with a team.

-Per NFL Network the Dolphins are setting up a visit with DE Chris Clemons as well. As we stated with the Jason Jones talk, the Dolphins need DE help badly. Clemons has been in the league for 12 years and has seen it all. His best days are behind him for sure but he is a warm body and right now the Fins need warm bodies.

Keep checking the site all weekend for more news and rumors as we get it.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Fins to host Brandon Weeden

ESPN is reporting the Dolphins will be hosting QB Brandon Weeden on a visit Friday Night and Saturday. The Dolphins are in the market for a back-up QB as they want to move on from Matt Moore who skills has declined year after year. Moore by the way is visiting with Indianapolis where Joe Philbin now coaches incase you were interested.

The Dolphins were hoping to land Drew Stanton or Luke McCown but both signed with their teams shortly after free agency began. I would expect Weeden to ink a deal with Miami this weekend.

Dolphins Sign Jermon Bushrod; more on CJ Anderson Offer Sheet

Early morning 4am update for everyone. Late last night the Dolphins signed offensive tackle Jermon Bushrod. The former Saints and Bears player is coming off major shoulder surgery but should be ready for the start of training camp. Along with Sam Young who was signed two days ago the Dolphins now have 2 decent back-up offensive tackles, something they didn't have last year. Bushrod should be viewed only as a back-up offensive tackle.....but this is the Miami Dolphins and there is always more to the story.

The Miami Herald is reporting the Dolphins view Bushrod as competing for a starting guard spot as well. That's right, it appears the Dolphins have once again gone cheap on addressing the guard issue. And if you think you have seen the last of Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner think again. The newspaper is also reporting the coaches have put both players (and I use that term loosely) on a strict diet in hoping to get them into better shape. So, it looks like nothing has changed with the guard position again. It will be Thomas and Turner and now throw into the mix an older vet coming off major shoulder surgery who has never played guard before in his life. The Dolphins will also address guard in the draft per the report, but I have little hope there as the last 3 guys this team (and mind you they promoted the new GM from within and the scouting team is the same) has drafted at guard are Thomas, Turner, and Douglas who are all bad players. I don't know who Ryan Tannehill pissed off in a former life but I feel for the guy.

There is no word on if Denver will match the offer sheet given to CJ Anderson. Many people are totally buying into what John Elway and Denver said a week in regards to CJ Anderson and taking it as gospel. They said they would do everything in their power to match any offer sheet. Which I hate to break it to ya folks, that's what every team says about every player in this league. Something you say out of respect.Not to mention Denver right now has a ton of issues. Von Miller is going to break their bank and the team doesn't have a QB and is losing to the Browns in trade talks to get Colin Kaepernick. I'm not sure if CJ Anderson is a high priority for them or if they want to spend $4.5 mill a year for him and $6 mill in year 1. I would like to see CJ Anderson in Miami, but going back to the offensive line, if the Fins are going to go on the cheap again at the guard position and not even bring in capable guys who have experience at guard, it doesn't matter if CJ comes or not. The same issues Miami had last year will be there this year. So why pay any quality RB anything to just get stuffed at the line and struggle behind a garbage offensive line.

Also a quick note before I wrap this up, the Dolphins re-worked the contracts of Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso. The Fins are saving money with Maxwell and with Alonso they added a year and actually gave him a little raise. Not big money by any means but Alonso got a year added to his deal and a small bump in pay.

I expect more signings between today and Sunday but nothing big. Per multiple reports the Dolphins are out on Robert Ayers and the Dolphins do not want any of the 3 big name CB's left on the market. More Dumpster Diving for the Fins.

I don't want this article to be 100% negative or have a total negative tone to it, so I will say this and I feel strongly about it. The one good thing about this free agency period is the Dolphins have cleaned out a few "problem players" from their locker-room and brought in some good character guys. Brought in guys like Bushrod and possibly/hopefully CJ Anderson who have ties to Coach Gase.  Guys who won't cause issues in the locker-room and guys who know what coach Gase is about. I know Mario Williams had his issues in Buffalo but Mario has tied to Vance Joseph the Fins new defensive coordinator so I don't expect those issues to carry over to Miami. Brent/Miko Grimes were causing issues behind the scenes in Miami, Rishard Matthews ended 2 of the last 3 seasons in Miami "inactive/coaches decisions" because he broke numerous team rules during weeks of big games and he was a malcontent behind the scenes, Olivier Vernon had his issues behind the scenes from stories I was told.

Let's keep it real for a second; the Dolphins aren't going to be very good in 2016. Face reality folks, this team is lacking in many areas and is going to do a slow build through the draft. This is the beginning of a process and the Dolphins are letting guys go this coaching staff didn't draft or bring in. Throw that on top of the Fins not buying any big free agents and its a slow rebuild. They can spin it any other way they want but just look with your eyes. They are stock piling compensatory draft picks for next year. This is the "new Dolphins" people. The days of overpaying for free agents is clearly over! The Dolphins locker-room and culture around the team will be vastly different next year, and it will be for the better! I expect all of the drama to go away. The guys that are being brought in are high character guys who have worked with Coach Gase or other Dolphins coaches in the past. And that is a good thing.

Enjoy your Friday everyone.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

CJ Anderson Signs Offer Sheet with Dolphins

The Dolphins signed Denver RB CJ Anderson to an offer sheet today and now the Broncos have five days to match the offer. Per ProFootballTalk the offer sheet Miami signed CJ to is very "vanilla" and nothing special. No tricks to try and scam Denver in any way, they didn't play any games like many other teams played. They just made a fair offer in which CJ is making $6 million in Year 1 and an overall average of $4.5 million. Just straight money and what they feel CJ's value is worth.

What will Denver do, who knows and I bet this does go till the deadline on Tuesday. Denver is searching for a QB at the moment and they also have to think long and hard of giving Von Miller a new deal now (who will get more than $52 mill guaranteed that Olivier Vernon got) because if they wait, god knows how much he will demand or get a year from now. So, Denver has to take care of those two issues first before they get to CJ. Which means this is probably going to Tuesday.

My thoughts are I am fine with this. I like CJ Anderson alot and at what they are paying him it's a fair deal. Not crazy money by any means. If Denver matches, Miami can then look at Ronnie Hillman and maybe sign him (if he is still on the market by Tuesday) and they don't have to worry about Denver matching any offer in regards to Hillman.

Early Thursday Update

-Word came out that Olivier Vernon almost signed with the NY Jets yesterday and was in talks with them. The Jets backed out when the money got too rich for them. And when it was between the Giants and Jags OV had his heart set on playing in New York City. So, even if the Jags came close with the money (which they didn't) OV probably would have picked the Giants over them anyway.
Jermon Bushrod

-The Dolphins are one of two teams interested in Bears Left Tackle Jermon Bushrod. Bushrod has shoulder surgery last month and has a 4 month rehab in front of him. Obviously new Dolphins coach Adam Gase has ties to Bushrod. Jason LaCanfora is reporting Bushrod will be in Miami on a visit this week.

-I would expect you see the CJ Anderson market heat up today and Miami is in play for him.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dolphins sign OT Sam Young

The Dolphins tonight signed OT Sam Young. Young was with Jacksonville last year and in Miami will most likely complete to be the back-up swing tackle. Young can also contribute on special teams. He is a sub-par player with a very low ceiling. It is a 1 year contract worth $760,000 with $50,000 fully guaranteed. If he has a bad training camp he would be easy to let go prior to the season.

Day 1 Free Agency Update

Isa Abdul-Quddus
Free Agency is here and there is a lot of news around the Dolphins. Let's break it down.

-Olivier Vernon gets 5 years $85 million, $52 million guaranteed. Congrats to OV but the Dolphins were wise to not even attempt to match that or keep him.I am amazed at the amount of hype around OV. He is a nice player, an above average player but he isn't an elite player by any means and he has been paid elite money. OV makes more than JJ Watt, let that sink in for a bit. OV was the 3rd best defensive linemen on Miami last year when Wake was healthy. God Bless OV, but Miami didn't make a mistake letting him walk. Did they make a mistake not trying harder to lock him up long term last year for less money, probably. But, that ship has sailed now.

-The much talked about trade with Philadelphia went through
and it didn't end up being horrible for Miami. The Dolphins slide down from 8 to 13 and they pick up two starters on defense. Are they good starters, who knows but two starters nonetheless. The news on Maxwell's shoulder isn't good but let's also remember folks, the Dolphins first game isn't for 6 months. So, if this isn't a major injury (and one would if it were major the Fins wouldn't have made the deal) there is plenty of time for Maxwell to get healthy. In regards to Kiko; hey he is making less than $1 million next year its a roll of the dice. If it pans out Miami can work out a long-term deal with him and keep him. If it doesn't, no harm no foul. And dropping to 13, it isn't awful. Orlando Alzugaray of WQAM says Miami doesn't have LB Myles Jack on their board and are afraid of his knee, so to me he was the impact player at 8 I would have wanted. If Miami isn't going to consider him, then I am fine with Miami moving to 13. Eli Apple or Reggie Ragland are options for Miami at #13 in Round 1.

-Lamar Miller is off to Houston and for over $6 mill a year I am fine with that. I love Miller, I think he can be an elite back but RB's in the NFL are a dime a dozen and Miami can find a replacement much cheaper who can produce just as much. As I type this there is breaking news that Miami is one of 4 teams in the hunt for Broncos RB CJ Anderson.So, this is something we will follow in the coming days.

-The Dolphins signed Isa Abdul-Quddus at Safety. To be honest I don't know alot about him and I will be doing some research and making some calls to get more info on him. I have heard he is a solid special teams player and can play both FS and SS which is good. The contract wasn't crazy and is modest which is also good. I will have more on Abdul-Quddus in the coming days when I get more information.

-I can confirm this afternoon that Alex Boone's representation did contact the Dolphins first, but the starting price was too much and the Dolphins bowed out gracefully and Boone did sign with Minnesota.

See Ya Psycho!
-Brent Grimes was officially cut. Miko and Brent's Mom Deborah are on twitter blowing it up attacking people. Good luck Brent finding a new team.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Breaking News: Dolphins sign DE Mario Williams

ESPN and the Miami Herald are reporting the Miami Dolphins have signed DE Mario Williams. Terms of the deal have not been released but are thought to be 2 years for $8 million a year.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Ding Dong the Bitch is Gone

There are a flurry of news and rumors surrounding the Dolphins today. So, let's dig into it all and let me tell you why some of these moves are good and why some are bad.

Bye-Bye Miko Grimes (oh yeah and Brent too)-- Going into this offseason it was no surprise that the Dolphins couldn't have a 2016 season where Miko Grimes made more headlines than her husband. Brent Grimes was either going to have to be cut or get a divorce. I guess divorce wasn't on the table so the Dolphins sent him packing. Per reports the Dolphins asked Grimes to take a pay cut (how much we will never know) and he refused. So, the Dolphins are cutting him and now trading for his replacement (more on that in a bit.)

Let's make one thing perfectly clear; Brent Grimes wasn't cut due to his play on the field or his contract. He was cut because his wife is a loud mouth piece of trash. Period. End of story. When she was arrested for assaulting the police (allegedly) earlier this year it was the straw that broke the camels back. Then when she went public trashing Ryan Tannehill and other Dolphins players in the media it was just a matter of time. This is the NFL, unless your last name is Brady, Rodgers, or Brees no team is going to tolerate a bat-shit crazy wife of a player causing locker-room turmoil. So, Brent had to pay the price. He will now go elsewhere and make far less money than he would have this year in Miami under his current deal or even if he took a pay cut to stay in Miami. And anyone who didn't see this coming doesn't know NFL football. The day after Miko got arrested Brent Grimes mother (yes his mother) came after me on Twitter attacking me for pointing out how Miko is going to get her husband run out of Miami. Brent's mom (Deborah) in her childish vocabulary (must have picked that up from Miko) went on a Twitter-Tirade against me for just talking about the story. Well Deborah, I'm not one to say I told you so...but I TOLD YOU SO! The Grimes family can't get out of Miami soon enough. Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

The Dolphins Trading for Kiko Alonso and Bryan Maxwell- This trade is pending both players passing physicals and we don't know the compensation the Dolphins are sending back at the time I am writing this. Many reporters believe its going to be a mid-round pick as the Dolphins are taking on a bad contract in Maxwell's. So, for the sake of this article lets assume the Fins give up a 4th or 5th round pick in this trade which one would guess is what it is. I like the trade. I know I am in the minority but I like the trade. Let's break this down.

First Alonso as its easier to justify trading for him. He is in the final year of his rookie deal, so if he gets hurt again or doesn't produce, he's gone next year and there is nothing lost. No big cap hit or anything. Also, he was roommates in college with Dion Jordan. Not sure the Dolphins have plans for Dion Jordan or even will want to keep him, but if they do they now have a big brother in place, a familiar face who can maybe help get Dion's head screwed on straight to keep him in line and in the league. Another point, the Dolphins linebackers are god awful. Misi is always hurt and an average at best linebacker. Jenkins isn't even average most of the time. The Dolphins have nothing at this position and they are going to need to add bodies; quality bodies to improve this position. Taking a one year flyer on Alonso is worth it. Again if he stinks, you let him go. If he is healthy and plays like he did as a rookie in Buffalo you now have a guy on your roster who you can give a contract too and keep long-term.

Let's get to Maxwell as this is the guy who got Dolphins fans really really mad today. And I don't understand why. Look I will trash and bash many of Miami's offseason moves and draft picks. If you read this site you know that first hand. But I have never seen so many experts on Byron Maxwell as I did today. Let's deal in facts. Maxwell gave up 3 TD's all of last year. And two came Week 1. Those two came vs Julio Jones maybe the best WR in all of the NFL. I'm not going to kill him for that. His weeks 2 and 3 were not great and then he got injured and missed Week 4. Let's look at his stats from Week 4 on in terms of receptions against him and yards against him vs guys he covered. (Rec/Yards) 2/39, 4/38, 3/18, 1/12, 3/68, 3/51, 4/44, 2/18, 3/90, 5/92. Maxwell missed the final 2 games of the year injured. But looking at those numbers, I don't see numbers of a guy who was so bad you can say he was awful. And I know some of you will throw the PFF numbers around and his ranking there. But remember, there was a time two years ago where PFF had Ryan Tannehill has a Top 5 NFL QB. Nobody bought those numbers then. So you either buy into PFF for everything or you don't. You can't cherry pick what PFF stats you like and want to use to defend your stance.

By the way, Maxwell as part of this trade is going to re-work his contact so it won't be as bad a contract. Second, he is much bigger and more physical than Brent Grimes. Third, he is younger than Brent Grimes. Fourth, Brent Grimes was bad last year. Not awful, not great, but bad most weeks. Last but not least (and this is the most important folks) in Seattle where Maxwell was outstanding he played in "zone coverage." In Philly he played man-to-man and that's why he struggled early on last year before he got comfortable. Guess what he will be playing in Miami in coverage. And as Dolphins great CB Sam Madison said earlier today; "Scheme Matters" when talking about cornerbacks.

So, I'm not sitting here telling you Maxwell is the next Deion Sanders or an All-Pro. I'm just saying he isn't as bad as many are making him out to be and if they re-do his deal it's a good trade (as long as its only a mid-round pick) and Dolphins fans need to chill out and step off the ledge.

Vernon and Miller- Looks like the Dolphins are on the verge of lifting the transition tag from Olivier Vernon (per Jason Cole of Bleacher Report) and I couldn't be happier. The Dolphins cannot pay that man over $12 mill a year. Let him go. In regards to Miller the Dolphins couldn't reach a deal with him by noon and Miller is in talks with other teams. I will be very sad to see him go. With that said, anything more than $5 mill a year (or in that ballpark give or take) is insane. Miami can replace him easily with guys like CJ Anderson, Bilal Powell and others for less money.

The news is coming fast and furious so stay tuned to for all the latest.

Dolphins interested in LB Brandon Marshall

Per Trey Wingo of ESPN, even though the Denver Broncos have placed a 2nd round tender on LB Brandon Marshall, many teams (including Miami per Wingo) will be interested.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dolphins restructure the contracts of Suh and Misi; Cut Greg Jennings

The Dolphins are making cap space by the minute this weekend. Opening up in the neighborhood of $18 mill in cap space Saturday night alone. They restructured the deals of Koa Misi and Ndamukong Suh. And they also released veteran WR Greg Jennings. The Dolphins currently have over $20 in cap space and can be players in Free Agency.

If Olivier Vernon were to be signed away by another team or the Dolphins take back the transition tag that would open up another $12 million in cap space.

Mario Williams flying to Miami to meet with Dolphins

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network is reporting recently released DE Mario Williams is flying to Miami to meet with the Dolphins. Remember, tomorrow (Sunday) is the 1 year anniversary of when the Dolphins "unofficially" signed Nadamukong Suh. Will lightening strike twice?!

Breaking News: Alex Boone & Miami

Sources close to are telling us when Free Agency Begins the first team Alex Boone will speak to is the Miami Dolphins

Friday, March 4, 2016

Mike's Free Agency Preview

We are less than a week away from Free Agency and there is a ton of news in Dolphins land. We have a lot to cover so let's get right to it and break down some of the Hot Topics surrounding the Miami Dolphins.

Olivier Vernon Gets the Transition Tag--For the life of me I will never understand why the Dolphins placed the transition tag on Vernon. He is an above average role player and not an elite DE and even at $12 mill a year you are paying him like an elite DE. I know you can find some PFF numbers that will say he is some superstar and you can take the paper those stats are written on and line your birdcage with them. I have seen every game Vernon has played like many of you reading this have and he just isn't that good. He's a nice player. He's a nice #2 DE for a team that already has a dominate pass rusher. But for a team like Miami that has two gaping holes on the offensive line, a possible void at RB, and holes all over the place on defense it makes zero sense to overpay for a slightly above average player who had some really dumb bone-headed penalties last year, had some dirty hits, and just isn't that good. Nice player, not great. Let's pray to god some team overpays for him and saves Miami from themselves of being tied into this guy at roughly $12 mill a year.

Cam Wake; Buh-Bye-- Ok Dolphins fans listen up you are about to learn something here. If you want Cam Wake back because you are in love of the Cam Wake of years past and are not looking through the lens of reality of 2016 then you my friend need to wake up. Cam Wake is 34 years old coming off a major (yes a very major) injury. There is a good chance he starts the 2016 season on PUP and misses the first 6 games. And if the season goes like many of the recent past Dolphins seasons go by Week 6 the season is over for all intents and purposes. Came Wake is DONE as a player. DONE. OVER. FINISHED! I know its hard to hear but its the truth. At 34 coming off that injury I wouldn't pay him anything more than the vet minimum. He isn't a 3 down player anymore, he is a situational pass rusher who you will be lucky to get 20 snaps a game out of and out of those 20 if you get 4 quality snaps you would be lucky.  The Miami Dolphins are a rebuilding team and you don't rebuild by paying big money (even if he takes a pay cut he will be getting big money) to old broken down part-time players who are on the downside of their career. It's a tough pill to swallow but the good teams get rid of a guy a year too early rather than a year to late. Cam Wake....hit the bricks! Hopefully Grier and Tannenbaum cut him and just move on.

Lamar Miller Needs to be Re-Signed prior to March 9th-- Short and sweet, pay this man! His career is on the up-tick. His best days are ahead of him. He is worth in the ballpark of $5 mill a year. PAY THIS MAN!!

Nick Foles Rumor--- There is a rumor out there that the Rams are trying to trade Nick Foles and the Cowboys, Dolphins and Redskins are looking into trading for him as a back-up to their current starters.  Depending on the price I would do this deal if I'm Miami. Any pick Rd 4 or later i would part for Foles. Matt Moore is gone and well, he sucks anyway. Miami needs a legit back-up (yes I said back-up and we will get into this in a second) QB. For one, Miami's offensive line sucks to high heaven and Tannehill has been beaten like a drum over the past 4 years. It's only a matter of time before he takes a hit and doesn't get up. Just a matter of time before that happens. Throw in the fact Miami threw big money at Tannehill last year and is all in on him, you better protect that investment.  Again, Tannenbaum paid Tannehill, he isn't going to replace him at this point. And if you think Adam Gase has that power you are nuts! A 4th round pick or later for a back-up QB, I do that deal. QB is the most important position in all of sports and Miami has a void at back-up QB. I would have no problem with Miami parting with a draft pick for Nick Foles. And if you think Nick Foles is being brought in to "compete" with Tannehill for the starting job you don't understand how the NFL works.

Next week is going to be a big week folks. It's going to move fast. Keep checking out for all of the latest!