CJ Anderson Signs Offer Sheet with Dolphins

The Dolphins signed Denver RB CJ Anderson to an offer sheet today and now the Broncos have five days to match the offer. Per ProFootballTalk the offer sheet Miami signed CJ to is very "vanilla" and nothing special. No tricks to try and scam Denver in any way, they didn't play any games like many other teams played. They just made a fair offer in which CJ is making $6 million in Year 1 and an overall average of $4.5 million. Just straight money and what they feel CJ's value is worth.

What will Denver do, who knows and I bet this does go till the deadline on Tuesday. Denver is searching for a QB at the moment and they also have to think long and hard of giving Von Miller a new deal now (who will get more than $52 mill guaranteed that Olivier Vernon got) because if they wait, god knows how much he will demand or get a year from now. So, Denver has to take care of those two issues first before they get to CJ. Which means this is probably going to Tuesday.

My thoughts are I am fine with this. I like CJ Anderson alot and at what they are paying him it's a fair deal. Not crazy money by any means. If Denver matches, Miami can then look at Ronnie Hillman and maybe sign him (if he is still on the market by Tuesday) and they don't have to worry about Denver matching any offer in regards to Hillman.