Ding Dong the Bitch is Gone

There are a flurry of news and rumors surrounding the Dolphins today. So, let's dig into it all and let me tell you why some of these moves are good and why some are bad.

Bye-Bye Miko Grimes (oh yeah and Brent too)-- Going into this offseason it was no surprise that the Dolphins couldn't have a 2016 season where Miko Grimes made more headlines than her husband. Brent Grimes was either going to have to be cut or get a divorce. I guess divorce wasn't on the table so the Dolphins sent him packing. Per reports the Dolphins asked Grimes to take a pay cut (how much we will never know) and he refused. So, the Dolphins are cutting him and now trading for his replacement (more on that in a bit.)

Let's make one thing perfectly clear; Brent Grimes wasn't cut due to his play on the field or his contract. He was cut because his wife is a loud mouth piece of trash. Period. End of story. When she was arrested for assaulting the police (allegedly) earlier this year it was the straw that broke the camels back. Then when she went public trashing Ryan Tannehill and other Dolphins players in the media it was just a matter of time. This is the NFL, unless your last name is Brady, Rodgers, or Brees no team is going to tolerate a bat-shit crazy wife of a player causing locker-room turmoil. So, Brent had to pay the price. He will now go elsewhere and make far less money than he would have this year in Miami under his current deal or even if he took a pay cut to stay in Miami. And anyone who didn't see this coming doesn't know NFL football. The day after Miko got arrested Brent Grimes mother (yes his mother) came after me on Twitter attacking me for pointing out how Miko is going to get her husband run out of Miami. Brent's mom (Deborah) in her childish vocabulary (must have picked that up from Miko) went on a Twitter-Tirade against me for just talking about the story. Well Deborah, I'm not one to say I told you so...but I TOLD YOU SO! The Grimes family can't get out of Miami soon enough. Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

The Dolphins Trading for Kiko Alonso and Bryan Maxwell- This trade is pending both players passing physicals and we don't know the compensation the Dolphins are sending back at the time I am writing this. Many reporters believe its going to be a mid-round pick as the Dolphins are taking on a bad contract in Maxwell's. So, for the sake of this article lets assume the Fins give up a 4th or 5th round pick in this trade which one would guess is what it is. I like the trade. I know I am in the minority but I like the trade. Let's break this down.

First Alonso as its easier to justify trading for him. He is in the final year of his rookie deal, so if he gets hurt again or doesn't produce, he's gone next year and there is nothing lost. No big cap hit or anything. Also, he was roommates in college with Dion Jordan. Not sure the Dolphins have plans for Dion Jordan or even will want to keep him, but if they do they now have a big brother in place, a familiar face who can maybe help get Dion's head screwed on straight to keep him in line and in the league. Another point, the Dolphins linebackers are god awful. Misi is always hurt and an average at best linebacker. Jenkins isn't even average most of the time. The Dolphins have nothing at this position and they are going to need to add bodies; quality bodies to improve this position. Taking a one year flyer on Alonso is worth it. Again if he stinks, you let him go. If he is healthy and plays like he did as a rookie in Buffalo you now have a guy on your roster who you can give a contract too and keep long-term.

Let's get to Maxwell as this is the guy who got Dolphins fans really really mad today. And I don't understand why. Look I will trash and bash many of Miami's offseason moves and draft picks. If you read this site you know that first hand. But I have never seen so many experts on Byron Maxwell as I did today. Let's deal in facts. Maxwell gave up 3 TD's all of last year. And two came Week 1. Those two came vs Julio Jones maybe the best WR in all of the NFL. I'm not going to kill him for that. His weeks 2 and 3 were not great and then he got injured and missed Week 4. Let's look at his stats from Week 4 on in terms of receptions against him and yards against him vs guys he covered. (Rec/Yards) 2/39, 4/38, 3/18, 1/12, 3/68, 3/51, 4/44, 2/18, 3/90, 5/92. Maxwell missed the final 2 games of the year injured. But looking at those numbers, I don't see numbers of a guy who was so bad you can say he was awful. And I know some of you will throw the PFF numbers around and his ranking there. But remember, there was a time two years ago where PFF had Ryan Tannehill has a Top 5 NFL QB. Nobody bought those numbers then. So you either buy into PFF for everything or you don't. You can't cherry pick what PFF stats you like and want to use to defend your stance.

By the way, Maxwell as part of this trade is going to re-work his contact so it won't be as bad a contract. Second, he is much bigger and more physical than Brent Grimes. Third, he is younger than Brent Grimes. Fourth, Brent Grimes was bad last year. Not awful, not great, but bad most weeks. Last but not least (and this is the most important folks) in Seattle where Maxwell was outstanding he played in "zone coverage." In Philly he played man-to-man and that's why he struggled early on last year before he got comfortable. Guess what he will be playing in Miami in 2016....zone coverage. And as Dolphins great CB Sam Madison said earlier today; "Scheme Matters" when talking about cornerbacks.

So, I'm not sitting here telling you Maxwell is the next Deion Sanders or an All-Pro. I'm just saying he isn't as bad as many are making him out to be and if they re-do his deal it's a good trade (as long as its only a mid-round pick) and Dolphins fans need to chill out and step off the ledge.

Vernon and Miller- Looks like the Dolphins are on the verge of lifting the transition tag from Olivier Vernon (per Jason Cole of Bleacher Report) and I couldn't be happier. The Dolphins cannot pay that man over $12 mill a year. Let him go. In regards to Miller the Dolphins couldn't reach a deal with him by noon and Miller is in talks with other teams. I will be very sad to see him go. With that said, anything more than $5 mill a year (or in that ballpark give or take) is insane. Miami can replace him easily with guys like CJ Anderson, Bilal Powell and others for less money.

The news is coming fast and furious so stay tuned to DolphinsTalk.com for all the latest.


  1. I agree with the trade as well. Not sure why all the bitterness from Dolphins fans from this trade, especially if it's for mid-level rounds. Look, our LBs are awful like you said Mike and Kiko has a chance to improve that with not that big a hit from a cost standpoint

    The Maxwell deal is a no brainer. Grimes was due big money, and is older as well and definitely stuggled last year against bigger WRs Maxwell nos. are pretty good IMO and he's BIGGER at 6'2 I like this trade all day long


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