Monday Morning Update

The Dolphins free agency plans are on-hold at the moment until the Fins get word on what Denver will do with CJ Anderson. The Broncos have until 2pm Tuesday to either match the offer sheet CJ signed with Miami or refuse to match it which will make Anderson a member of the Dolphins. Once that domino falls expect the Dolphins to move forward on deals to guys like Sean Spence, Jason Jones, Brandon Weeden, Nolan Carroll...etc. Who or how many of those guys Miami signs depends on if Anderson is a member of the team.

Denver could make a call on Anderson at any point but they may be trying to create more cap space or playing a game of chicken in which they force Miami to possibly part with a pick not to match the offer.

There is no word on if Miami has any visits lined up this week with any other free agents. The Dolphins still need to address DE, LB, CB, and Guard in the worst way. And if the CJ Anderson deal falls through RB is also a major need.