No CJ Anderson and what it means now?

As most of you know, CJ Anderson's offer sheet was matched by the Denver Broncos.  This after almost a full 5 days of waiting.  During the waiting period, the Miami Dolphins didn't attempt to contact another FA back.  This is another set back to a very disappointing off season so far for the Dolphins.  With Anderson's 6 million back on the books.  It is time for the Dolphins to start addressing more needs.

Miami has plenty of visitors come and go without contracts.  Some of these guys could be used for depth.  Sean Spence is a name that will come at a low cost, high reward.  He will fill another need at LB, since the Dolphins have decided to move on from Kelvin Sheppard. 

The depth of this team has been questioned for years, and it has continued to be a question mark with the lack of free agency thus far.  While there are many opportunities, maybe Tannenbaum and co are being smart with their money.  Is there a chance they wait until June 1st cap cuts to purge players?  Are they solely focused on the draft?  Time will tell, but the urgency needs to begin.  Its only March and a week into the new season, but times are tough in South Beach.  Fans unrest only will continue, even with a new stadium.