Thursday, June 30, 2016

Stolen 1972 Aurographed Helmet Finally Returned To Rightful Owners

A helmet valued between $500 and $1500 was stolen during a burglary back in 2013. It's an old helmet brandishing the classic leaping Dolphin logo with aqua and orange stripes going down the middle, but what makes it so valuable are the multiple big name signatures on it. These include signatures from Mercury Morris, Jim Kiick, Garo Yepremian, plus Hall of Famers Larry Little, Jim Langer, Larry Csonka, and not to mention Don Shula himself. But as many of us can understand, the sentimental value a family member puts into something can make it priceless.

The helmet belonged to the late John Sparrel. It was a gift from John's family, who all pitched in to buy it for him in 2012. It broke John's heart when it was stolen a year later, he then died only two months after. John's son, Mike Sparrel, said he even remembered "going down to those Dolphins games and actually seeing the 1972 winning team." when interviewed. Later at the Boynton Beach Police office he went on to say "We never thought we'd see this helmet back.".

Once the helmet was recovered, Boyton Beach Police made it their duty to return it to it's rightful owners, with Officer and evidence custodian Eric Reynolds being quoted saying "When I saw that we had this helmet that we didn't have an owner for, I knew somebody was missing it.". Officer Reynolds was right. The story stirred up enough attention that Larry Little himself showed up to hand the helmet back to Mike. When Sparrel got the helmet back he told Reynolds “Oh, he’s up above going, ‘Hey, you got it back, Thank you for what you did.'. He’s thanking you right now from up above. You didn’t have to do that, and I’m glad you did. I appreciate everything you did to make this happen.”

This was just more than just sports memorabilia, it was an heirloom. Something that brought back fond memories of a boy and his father enjoying the most epic time of Dolphins' history. Something that others can put a monetary price tag on, but you wouldn't give up for the world. Let's hope it stays in their family's hands for years to come.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Miami's Getting A Color Rush Jersey for 2016

For a handful of the NFL's Thursday night games, Nike provided some quite obnoxious alternate jerseys back in 2015. While some like this idea, saying that the different jerseys fit their team nicely, others had to skip work on the following Friday due to the migraines they got from the quite visually loud uniforms. But Dolphins fans didn't get to enjoy (or detest) this idea because Miami sat it out and wore their regular jerseys on Thursday night last year.

It doesn't look like we have a choice this year, though. From what has been leaked, all 32 teams this year will have a color rush jersey to wear. The image leaked points towards the Phins sporting an orange jersey during their game against the Cincinnati Bengals, who will be wearing a solid black outfit.

We have to remember that this is just a leak, a rumor, and more news will develop as the season draws closer. Alternate jerseys dont sound like too bad of an idea when you take a step back. Miami does have one of the largest fan bases and sales of this bright orange jersey will bring in a nice chunk of change for the Phins. Also, dont forget we have throwback jerseys lined up for this year.

What do you think about the color rush? Are you for it? Or are you ready to turn down the brightness on your TV, in hopes of saving your vision?


Saturday, June 18, 2016 Podcast w/Special Guest Todd Wade

A very special Father's Day edition of the Podcast with former Dolphins offensive linemen Todd Wade! Todd was a 2nd round pick of the Dolphins in 2000 out of Ole Miss. In this episode of the Podcast Todd gives his thoughts on another fellow Ole Miss offensive linemen in Miami; Laremy Tunsil. Todd talks about the challenges of moving from offensive tackle to guard and he gives a little background on Laremy Tunsil the person and the situation with the football program at Ole Miss.

Todd also talks about his early days in Miami, tells some Ricky Williams stories, and tells us about what he is doing now and how he has entered the world of politics.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

10 takeaways from the Dolphins 2016 minicamp

The Miami Dolphins closed their mandatory minicamp this week and there was plenty of nuggets to digest but I've narrowed it down to just ten.

10. Dolphins had solid practices all three days when most teams gave their players the third day off and multiple players reported their approval of the fresh, loose, fun, and youthful culture new HC Adam Gase brings.

9. DE's Mario William and Jason Jones were excused from minicamp for personal reasons.

8. Multiple cameo appearances from  Dan Marino, Nat Moore, Wes Welker, and Reggie Wayne working with the receivers.

7. Dallas Thomas got 1st team reps at OG (Yes this scares me to death too).

6. Dolphins sign Drake (the running back not the rapper) and cut QB Logan Thomas & DT Charles Tuaau.

5. Tannehill looked sharp and aggressive with more freedom at the line of scrimmage.

4. Su introduced Cameron Wake as Wakezilla before Wake's press conference.

3. 1st Round pick Laremy Tunsil looked great getting downfield as a pulling guard.

2. Back to Wake, he's back looking and moving great. He also gave his approval of new DC Vance Joseph attacking style defense.

1. Reshad Jones is back! He ended his nerve wrecking, longstanding one day hold out on Wednesday.

By Dan Adams
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

UPDATE: Reshad Jones back in the action after protest.

Reports say that Jones showed up today for day 2 of mandatory minicamp. After skipping all voluntary events held by the Dolphins and not showing up to day 1 of mandatory minicamp yesterday in hopes of renegotiating his contract, safety Reshad Jones decided to take part in today's minicamp.

We can only hope he continues to show up, but apparently the team wouldn't be too worried if the six-year veteran skips out again. Coach Adam Gase is confident Jones knows what he is doing on the field and will be able to learn the new playbook easy, and teammates like linebacker Kao Misi have their attention set on who does decide to come to practice.

The Dolphins can still fine Jones just over $25,000 for not participating in yesterday's minicamp. Let's hope Reshad continues to take part in team activities to better prepare our defensive line for the upcoming season.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Reshad Jones skips first day of minicamp... as predicted.

So far lead safety Reshad Jones has skipped every voluntary event held by the Dolphins and just didn't show up to the first of three mandatory preseason minicamps. If he continues with this and skips the next two, he will be fined a total of $76,000, roughly $25,000 a day. If he decides to continue this absence he could be fined up to $40,000 per training camp and around $400,000 per game he sits out. Not to mention he could lose part of his multi-million dollar signing bonus.

Jones signed a 4 year contract extension for $28,012,000 back in 2013, making him have the 9th most valuable contract out of all safeties and be the 2nd highest paid strong safety. Yet after becoming the first safety to hit 135 tackles in a season, being selected for 2015's pro bowl, and being named the #3 strong safety in the league by Bleacher Report, he is demanding to be paid more because he feels he isn't being paid like the integral part of the team that he is.

Reshad Jones is set to make a base salary of $7,225,000 this year, which most would agree is a fairly competitive salary. News of Minnesota Vikings signing safety Harrison Smith for a 5 year contract with an initial guarantee of $15,278,000 has stirred things up a bit. Smith is set to make a base salary of $5,150,000 in 2017, which will grow to a base salary of a staggering $9,650,000 in 2021. There are people out there considering this a bargain for what Harrison Smith brings to the table in the safety position. Reshad Jones is definitely an integral part of Miami's defense, but until this is all sorted out Micheal Thomas will be taking his place at minicamp and through Jones' return.

We still have a long time to go until the first preseason game against the Giants (59 days as of the writing of this post). Only time will tell if Reshad Jones will continue to lose money due to fines or if he can come to an agreement with the Dolphins before his wallet dries up.

Monday, June 13, 2016 Podcast for June 13th, 2016

We have a brand new edition of the Podcast. This week Randy and Tom talk about the Reshad Jones contract dispute, early reviews of Kiko Alonso and Laremy Tunsil, and how the Dolphins are handling Devante Parker so far. Many more topics are discussed as well so be sure to check it out and give it a listen.

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

FACE OFF: Should the Dolphins Renegotiate the Contract of Reshad Jones before the 2016 Season?

Should the Dolphins Renegotiate the Contract of Reshad Jones before the 2016 Season?

Opening Shot (Mike): As many of you know Dolphins safety Reshad Jones is holding out of camp and has even threatened to hold out the entire year if the Dolphins organization doesn't renegotiate his contract and pay him more money. A silly threat if you asked me since the Dolphins just a couple years ago did renegotiate the contract of Jones and gave him everything he wanted. Now a couple years later Jones is unhappy again and wants a do-over? Doesn't work that way in life. I know my good friend Tom here lives life in fear and every time a player throws out a demand he wants to run and cave in to it to keep the harmony. That isn't a successful way to run a sports team or any business in life.

Jones is a great player there is no doubt about that and one of the best safety's in the NFL at this time. But Jones got to renegotiate his contract a few years ago, now he wants to do it again. IF Miami caves now to renegotiates his deal a second time and then in 2016 Reshad has another great year will Jones demand to renegotiate his contract a third time after this upcoming season? When does it end? This will be a never ending cycle. Miami can't cave, they shouldn't cave, they won't cave! If Jones holds out, fine, he can enjoy paying that daily fine the NFL has mandated for all hold-outs per the last CBA.

Counter Argument (Tom): It must be a full moon because I agree with you to some extent.  Where you are wrong, as usual, is the Dolphins WILL negotiate an extension for Reshad.  Here is why, and put your glasses on and read closely.  THEY WILL USE THE OLIVIER VERNON SITUATION AS A REASON TO LOCK IN JONES.  What I agree with, it will not be this season.  Jones will be asked to show up in good faith from the front office to this years camp, to look into his contract and negotiate an extension after the 2016 season.  Reshad Jones is on a complete value deal the way he is playing.  7 mil this season and a shade over 6 mil in 2017.  Why shouldn't he get paid top dollar for his play?  He is a complete package.  Great in coverage, physical against the run.  He reminds me of Troy Polamalu with the way he is all over the field.   Yes, Jones was suspended for PED's.  Your sky is falling mentality of humanity is clouding your judgment of a staple of this defense.  Jones NEEDS to be in camp.  He NEEDS to show up and help the young guys in the secondary.  The way that happens, is Tannenbaum needs to open the lines of communication with Reshad and his agent.  Nobody wants this to drag out, particularly the fan base. 

Rebuttal (Mike): Here is your there is a giant flaw in your argument Tommy Boy. The Dolphins did offer OV a chance at a new deal and to renegotiate. OV turned them down and wanted to test the market. So your analogy is flawed from the get-go. Plus, OV was in a contract year, Jones is locked up till 2018 as we sit today.  And you ask why shouldn't Jones get paid top dollar this year, by that dumb logic why should any player in the NFL have a contract? Every contract should be a 1 year deal and nobody is locked in long term for anything. So if Jones has a crappy year this year, next year he can struggle to get a good deal. Works both ways! Shouldn't the Dolphins be given credit for locking Jones up long-term at a good price? According to you no! They shouldn't be rewarded they should be punished to just have to rip up that good deal and bend over and take it now. Just cave and give Jones anything he wants? NO WAY JOSE!! The Dolphins for once in the past 15 miserable years did something right, they got a good player locked in at a good deal that is "team friendly." Not to mention that drug test failure, that is kind of a big friggin deal that you can't just overlook. Jones the last time he was given a big contract went out did drugs, failed a test and missed 4 games. The next time he fails a drug test he is suspended for one full season! That's a big black cloud hanging over his head and the organization's head as well. Should the franchise reward players like this? Me-First players who hurt the team and put themselves first by cheating and doing drugs? I say no!

Cross Examination (Tom): A flaw?  Wasn't OV under the transition tag, which the Dolphins removed?  Remember Charles Clay?  The removal of the transition tag allowed OV to hit FA with not a chance in hell to try and re-sign him.  But they valued Charles Clay more? C'mon man.  Under the transition tag, the Dolphins are allowed to match the deal.  Letting him walk for nothing, replace him with a 31 year old player who was heavily criticized for taking plays off is not a good way of doing business.  And if you slow down and read, I said renegotiate AFTER the 2016 season.  Not now.  Why not lock a great player up after he proves again he is a top 5 safety in this league.  You would prefer to let another player walk after the 2017 season?  I am all for getting new talent at positions, but Jones has plenty left.  He has a lot to prove in 2016 but at the same time, risking him hitting the UFA market is just plain stupid.  The Dolphins will not be in the same cap hell in future seasons (Tannehill if he pans out this season, Suh, Albert who may be gone if Tunsil performs and Wake) are the big ticket players.  The market RIGHT NOW is rising, lock him down while the market isn't changing.  I am also a glass half full kind of guy, he messed up, cost himself 4 games.  Redemption stories are fantastic.  Jones is becoming more and more like a guy who will reap the benefits of his mistake.  Lock him in while its a cheaper market.  The cap only goes up Mike.

The Last Word (Mike): The Dolphins tried to renegotiate with OV a year ago, before he was ever tagged or a free agent. OV refused to sign any extension, that's the point. Nobody cares about the transition tag, that's a joke. That tag was only going to buy Miami a week to see if they could re-sign him after a team like the Giants came in with a huge offer. This isn't this situation. Hell the Fins even knew it was a joke and removed the tag cause they understood there was no chance of re-signing him once OV refused to sign an extension last year this time. The real OV talks happened in 2015 NOT this offseason when hew as tagged. I remember Charles Clay as well, a marginal player who was grossly overpaid by a dumb Bills organization. Charles Clay and his 500 yards and 3 TD's in 2015 yet is getting paid more money than Gronk...yeah Miami really made a mistake by letting him walk. Jesus Christ Tom, wake up!! You can't shit your pants every time a player throws out a threat and holds out. You can't shit your pants every time a guy leaves and think Miami made some huge mistake. Miami hasn't won anything in decades, these guys leaving hasn't hurt this franchise.

And your Jones argument is still flawed. You are saying renegotiate with Jones after this season, well he is holding out NOW!!! Before this season and in this training camp. If Jones wants to renegotiate after this year then this wouldn't be a news story daily in the South Florida papers and we surly wouldn't be talking about this issue, and NEWSFLASH: He wouldn't be holding out now. Jones isn't holding out for a new deal AFTER this year, he is holding out for a new deal RIGHT NOW! Wake up Tom, get out of "fantasy land" and join us on planet earth! And redemption stories? Redemption stores are fantastic if its a guy coming back from an injury and overcoming the odds and the long road back from rehab. They aren't great when it's a guy who is a cheater and failed a drug test that hurt his team. If you are going to invest big money and make a guy the highest paid safety in the NFL, I'm sorry you can't forget the drug failure. You can't forget about that as he is one strike away from a year suspension and him destroying your salary cap.

And where does it end? If Miami caves and gives Jones what he wants then what? When every guy who has a good few games or one good season they know they can hold out and demand more money cause Miami is the idiot organization that always caves and gives into player demands. You can't run a team that way!

Here is the bottom line....
1) Reshad Jones is under contract till 2018
2) Reshad Jones if he holds out will pay a huge daily fine that will add up over time.
3) Reshad Jones lost all good-will he had with this organization when he failed a drug test and got suspended for 4 games.

You don't give in to demands from players like that who haven't shown the maturity to be a leader in this league. The Dolphins came in last place last year with Reshad Jones having his "best year ever." I'm positive the Dolphins can come in last place again with or without Reshad Jones. Which pretty much kills any negotiating leverage Reshad Jones has.

Sunday, June 5, 2016 Podcast June 4th, 2016

The boys are back with the latest edition of the Podcast. This week the guys break down the Dolphins moving their first preseason game to Orlando, an update on the stadium renovations, Dion Jordan, and Branden Albert laying claim to the left tackle position. They also go around the league to talk about all of the NFL Hot Topics.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Interested in Buying Mario Williams old House in the Buffalo Area?

Current Dolphins DE Mario Williams has his house for sale in the Buffalo area (on the same street Jim Kelly lives.) It's the most expensive house on the market in all of Erie County. After checking out some of the pictures of it you will see why.

CLICK HERE to see all 32 pictures of Mario's House that is on the market in Upstate New York.