Saturday, April 30, 2016

This Dolphins Draft get's an A+ Grade

The 2016 NFL Draft is in the books and for the first time in many many years as a Miami Dolphins fan I am pleased with how it turned out. I hear many people say you must wait 3 years to grade a draft and to that I say hogwash. Live in the moment and grade the draft in real time. I take the; ok we are on the clock now and with the information we have in front of us what should we do. You can grade that! And I have and the Dolphins get an A+ for this draft.

I know I am often referred to as "Mr. Negative" and I lose around 50 to 100 twitter followers after each Dolphins game because I give honest analysis and people don't like hearing the truth sometimes. With that said,  I am very positive on the 2016 Dolphins draft. While I know many fans are upset that the Dolphins traded away two draft picks in the 2017 draft, just remember if those compensatory picks come for Lamar Miller, Olivier Vernon, and Rishard Matthews as expected, the Dolphins will still have a full slate of draft picks and a pick in each round next season. To me, no harm-no foul and I am not going to get stressed out over that.

Back to the draft and why this was a glowing success for the Dolphins these past 3 days. To understand you must first go back to January 9th, 2016 when the Dolphins named Adam Gase their new head coach. Adam Gase got this job for one reason; to fix the offense and make Ryan Tannehill a better player. Period, end of story, no debate over it...that's it! So, when you hire Adam Gase as the head coach and he is hired essentially for his offensive mind and play-calling, his first plan of action is going to be to address the offense. So the fact the Dolphins used all but two picks on offensive players is no surprise. To be honest I would be worried if he went in the opposite direction and drafted a bunch of defensive players this year.

First, he goes and gets Laremy Tunsil. We know, we know....he once smoked pot and there is a short video of it. And he was paid money in college. Everyone get off their high horse and get over it. 253 players were selected over the last 3 days and over 60% have smoke pot in their lifetime (study's have been done that 60% of NFL players smoke pot regularly, so safe to bet every incoming group is around that number) and probably close to 40%  of those kids drafted broke some NCAA rule while in college. Either getting paid by a booster or getting a free meal or something along those lines. You would have thought Thursday night watching ESPN and the NFL Network that Tunsil killed someone on video and was still walking around the bloody knife. I mean the kid smoke a little pot and has never failed a drug test in his life, get over it. He was the best player in this draft and had the highest grade until that video came out. And Miami got the best player in the draft at pick #13. GAME OVER! This draft is a win off that alone if the Dolphins decided to forfeit every pick from round 1 on. Tunsil made a huge weakness which was the Dolphins offensive line and turned it into a strength overnight. They now have 4, yes 4, first round draft picks on that offensive line. And the 5th starter on that line is either going to be Billy Turner (a 3rd round pick) or Jermon Bushrod (a former Pro Bowl player.) Depth, the Dolphins now have depth on the offensive line. Sam Young, Bushrod or Turner, Jamil Douglas, and Dallas Thomas as back-ups. And hopefully none of them see the field ever but if they are forced too we at least know they have some experience in the NFL.

In Round 2 the Dolphins took Xavien Howard and I get it. Miami is now drafting players that fit their scheme and Howard fits exactly what Miami wants to do. A tall, long armed, fast corner with experience in zone coverage and press coverage. The Dolphins had a need at CB and Howard fits that need. How can you not like this pick?

Round 3 is where it gets really good for Dolphins fans. First they draft Kenyan Drake who is blazing fast and will help as a back-up running back who you can also line up as a WR in the passing game as well in situations. Not to mention he can help in the return game. Oh by the way some "experts" are comparing him to Reggie Bush and Curtis Martin. Yes, that Curtis Martin who is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The next Dolphins pick in Round 3 I am even more excited about. Leonte Carroo the WR out of Rutgers reminds me a lot of Jarvis Landry. Total playmaker who is aggressive and not afraid to go get the ball in traffic. If not for some off the field issues he had at Rutgers Carroo would have been picked much higher. Let's take a step back and realize that right now the Miami Dolphins Top 4 WR's on the depth chart are still on their rookie contracts. Parker/Landry/Stills/Carroo are making very little money and that unit could be very very good in 2016.

The Dolphins didn't have another pick until Round 6 and in the last two rounds they loaded up with more speed and weapons. Jakeem Grant is only 5'6 but has been clocked running a 4.2/40. Again he is another guy who will help in the punt and kickoff return game as well be a weapon for Tannehill to use on offense. Grant is a "gadget play" waiting to happen. Don't be shocked if Gase and the Dolphins have one off the wall gadget play a week involving Grant. Thomas Duarte the TE out of UCLA reminds me of Charles Clay. In fact he is almost a clone of Charles Clay. An H-Back who is an ok blocker but better known for making plays in the passing game and can be a match-up nightmare for opponents. I can see Duarte being the 3rd tight end on Miami this season and having a growing role on this team in the years to come.  The Dolphins also took a developmental QB who they can groom to replace Matt Moore in a year or two and they took a CB/Safety late.

The bulk of this draft though was investing in and around Ryan Tannehill and letting Adam Gase build his offense with his players going forward. If you are going to give Tannehill a big contract and a lot of money then you need to invest around him. Tannehill has been beaten like a drum and taken too many sacks. Those days are over!! Tunsil solves that problem. People talk about the Cowboys having the best offensive line in football, well if the Dolphins offensive line is healthy they are not far behind and are in the conversation of one of the best 5 offensive lines in the NFL. The Dolphins are 5 deep at WR, 2 deep at RB (and will probably add a Veteran RB at some point), and the Tight End position is as deep as its been in years.

Is this Dolphins team going to win 10 or 11 games this year....HELL NO! That wasn't the goal of this draft. This team is more than 1 year away and more than 1 player away. But the Dolphins solidified their offense for years to come. They fixed the offensive line (FINALLY) and now have a bunch of young, talented, and very fast weapons around Tannehill. The defense will be patch-worked this year. It will have Band-Aid type guys at defensive end and cornerback. Guys who you hope can produce for a year and hold the fort down. This team was a disaster after last season and the few talented players they had left in free agency. It's more than a one year fix. With that said, after this draft I can say with confidence that the offensive side of the football is as strong as its been in many years. The 2 deep depth chart on offense at every position is solid.

As of the time this is being published here is the list of the Undrafted Free Agents Miami has signed.

Lafayette Pitts, cb, Pitt
Marshall Koehn, K, Iowa
Tyler Gray, LB, Boise State
AJ Hendy, DB, Maryland
Ruben Carter, OL, Toledo
Brandon Shippen WR Temple
Akil Blount ILB Florida AM
Ryan DiSalvo LS, San Jose State
Farrington Huguenin, DE Kentucky
James Burgess, LB, Louisville
Rashawn Scott, Wr, UM
Gabe Hughes,TE, Florida Tech

VIDEO: NFL Network Recaps the Dolphins Draft Picks After First Two Days

Friday, April 29, 2016

In the 3rd round with Pick #86 The Dolphins select Leonte Carroo WR/Rutgers

The Dolphins make a bold move and a trade with Minnesota to trade back up into Round 3 and select WR Leonte Carroo. Leonte is a strong route runner and put up some big numbers at Rutgers. He doesn't have great speed but has good hands and is a very smart player. Reminds me a bit of Jarvis Landry in that his combine numbers don't jump off the page but he is a smart player who makes plays. Was a true leader on Rutgers and a vocal leader. He will excel in the slot for Miami and is a WR that will have a chance to win the 4th WR job for the Dolphins and get on the field on special teams. Carroo does have character issues so I hope Miami did their due diligence and a solid background check here.

I do like this pick though as Adam Gase is an offensive minded coach and the more weapons the better. The Dolphin invested in Ryan Tannehill and you must invest around him. You fixed the o-line with the Tunsil pick in Rd 1. You bring in a speed demon with Drake as the back-up RB, and now another weapon at WR who will excel in the slot and maybe become a starter in years to come down the road.  The Dolphins got faster on offense tonight and more explosive with Drake and Carroo.

Reports as I type this are the Dolphins gave up a 3rd round pick in 2017 and a conditional 4th round pick in 2017 and a 6th round pick this year. So those compensatory picks the Dolphins are hoping to get for Lamar Miller and Olivier Vernon leaving, just were essentially traded away.

In the 3rd round with Pick #73 the Miami Dolphins Select Kenyan Drake RB Alabama

The Dolphins got their RB and they took Kenyan Drake out of Alabama in Round 3. He is a blazer who runs 4.3 40 yard dash and will be a returner on special teams. Jarvis Landry's days of returning kicks is over with this pick. Landry is too valuable to risk on special teams anymore. Drake is not nor ever will be an every down RB. So, Jay Ajai is going to get first crack to be the Dolphins starting RB.  Drake is an outstanding pass catcher so he will be on the field on 3rd downs. He is small, undersized but super fast. Gase will have to be creative and find ways to get the ball in his hands.

I would have taken Kenneth Dixon here but I get the Drake pick and trust Gase to use him correctly. He is the opposite of Jay Aji and will complement Ajai well. Plus he will be a full time return guy who will get on the field early as a special teams contributor.

In the 2nd round with the 38th pick the Miami Dolphins select Xavien Howard CB/Baylor

The Miami Dolphins traded their 4th round pick in this years draft to move up 4 spots to select Xavien Howard. Howard is a tall CB which new defensive coordinator Vance Joseph loves. He is a very raw and needs to work on his technique. A boom or bust CB to say the least. I am not sure he is a day 1 starter for the Dolphins this year. I honestly don't see him starting as he is very raw. The kid has the size and speed that you love. He will play a lot this year and get an opportunity to shine. The kid has a bright NFL future, just not sure if he will make a big impact in 2016.

The real story is though giving up a 4th round pick to move up only 4 spots when Howard possibly could have been there at 42. I don't like trading up 4 spots to get him. He wasn't my favorite CB on the board but aside from that giving up a 4th rounder to move up 4 spots makes little sense. In round 3 Miami will look for a Running Back most likely and I believe Jason Jones will now be signed shortly after the draft at DE as the Dolphins most likely won't be looking to get a defensive end in round 3.

VIDEO: Friday Afternoon Update on Laremy Tunsil and where he stands with the NFL and It's Substance Abuse Program

Thursday, April 28, 2016

With the 13th pick Miami selects Laremy Tunsil

It's a great pick and I don't care about the video. Tunsil didn't fail one drug test in college and he didn't fail the drug test at the combine and he fixes Miami's offensive line issues. Tunsil is an elite athlete, he was the #1 player in this draft up until 6pm tonight, and he is a premier player who's ceiling is very high. The Dolphins invested in Ryan Tannehill and its time to protect Ryan Tannehill to get the most out of your investment. The Dolphins offensive line went from a weakness to a strength tonight.  I don't care who the running back is now, any running back will have success behind this offensive line.

I Love this Pick! It's about getting top end athletes who are game changers and the Dolphins got that tonight. And in comparing Myles Jack to Laremy Tunsil, just remember someone can get off pot and not be an idiot and turn around their life. With Myles Jack his knee and how long that lasts is only in god's hands. Not to mention it's a very safe bet that Dallas Thomas has played his last game as a member of the Dolphins and that should make us all very happy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Final Mock Draft

I personally have done multiple mock drafts on this site the last few years.  This year is the toughest mock I have ever done.  The hardest part, is not knowing if the Dolphins will make a move up the draft board or down when things commence tomorrow night.  This final mock will be IF the Miami Dolphins do not move.  Here it is!

With the 13th pick, the Miami Dolphins select:

Ezekiel Elliot- RB Ohio State:

This will be a dream scenario for Miami.  Teams like the Cowboys, Giants and Bears are talking up Zeke.  The Dolphins may take the bait and trade back up to get him, but I truly feel the Cowboys need to go DE in a big way with the 4th pick, or potentially Jalen Ramsey.  Taking a RB without a pass rusher in a division with Eli and Cousins is blasphemy.  The same goes for the Giants, who will look to establish a pass rush (Lawson?).  The Bears really are the stepping stone to Elliot, who if the Dolphins can nab at 13 without moving up the board, will be huge for day 2 with trying to move around.  Miami can also go with a CB (Apple/Hargreaves) but I think getting a back being compared to by some to Adrian Peterson, is someone you can't pass on.  He addresses the need of taking significant pressure off Ryan Tannehill, and can help give the defense a break. 

With the 42nd pick, the Miami Dolphins select:

Kendall Fuller- CB Virginia Tech

The draft board fell perfectly in round 2 nabbing Kendall Fuller.  Kendall is an all technique, ball hawking CB that should fit nicely in Vance Joseph's system.  His brother Kyle (Bears) is already a pretty damn good corner, so the Dolphins find another hole that gets filled.  Fuller needs work in the in zone coverage but he is great at tackling and can help in run support.  He is roughly 6ft and needs to put on some bulk, but having a very good corner available at this point, you can't pass on it

With the 73rd pick, the Miami Dolphins select:

Su'a Cravens- OLB/S USC

I made this pick because this guy intrigues me.  Plays very good in coverage and also tackles very well.  He is like a Shaq Thompson from last years draft.  I would like to see him more as an OLB.  He is phenomenal against the run and he can be physical with TE's in pass coverage.  And with a division with Gronk, Bennett and Clay, you need someone who can handle the load.  This guy can do it and in my opinion, a steal in round 3.

With the 107th pick, the Miami Dolphins select:

Willie Henry- DT Michigan

What was one of the biggest flaws last year with this team?  Everyone, say it out loud with me:  STOPPING THE RUN!  Willie Henry fell to round 4 of this draft and he is a big man.  Miami drafted Jordan Phillips last year and obviously has Suh, Henry could replace cap casuality Earl Mitchell if he performs well in camp.  Henry is explosive off the ball and can eat up double teams.  He has a knack of getting after the ball carrier and plugging holes.  He can provide depth at DT.  He does need work in pass rush skills, but he can be used in stopping the run primarily.

With the 147th pick, the Miami Dolphins select:

Deion Jones- LB LSU

I think everyone is catching on  here.  Yes, another LB.  Why?  This unit needs a shot in the arm and is not very deep.  Deion Jones fell in this mock.  He will not be here but I am just playing off the board.  Jones is FAST and ATHLETIC.  He provides depth and again, provides opportunity to cover LB and rush the passer.  He needs to develop better due to lack of experience, but he can contribute on special teams and can play if there are injuries.  Again, pipe dream if he's there at 147, but I have to play to the mock board.

With the 186th pick the Miami Dolphins select:

Joe Dahl- G Washington State

An OL late?  Yes.  I didn't see much value since this team had too many holes to fill earlier in the draft.  I would love to see a Guard in round 2 or 3, but value just wasn't there for me.  Don't forget round 2 of free agency after the draft as well as post June 1st cuts.  Don't doubt that Tannenbaum may trade for a guard before camp.  Dahl has played all 5 positions on the offensive line during his time in college.  He is just a football player.  He needs to improve in pass and run blocking, but the guy provides depth.  At minimum, practice squad guy.

With the 227th pick, the Miami Dolphins select:

Avery Young- T Auburn

Long shot to make team, gives depth at tackle since I doubt we will see much of Branden Albert in the pre season. 

With the 231st pick, the Miami Dolphins select:

Jalin Marshall- WR Ohio State

Another camp body.  These picks sometimes just never pan out, and I don't think he can make this squad with the current 5.  But again, camp bodies. 

I will take on all opinions, good or bad.  Let me know what you think!  Let's all hope for the best player that the Dolphins take tomorrow will provide some instant help, and hope we see some moving back up into round 1 or 2 to take another very good prospect.


Thoughts on Reshad Jones

When the news broke yesterday that Reshad Jones was not going to show up for the Dolphins offseason work outs as he wants a new contract the first thing that ran through my mind was; ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Everything I am about to say doesn't take away from the fact that Jones is a great safety in the NFL. Maybe the best safety in the NFL today. With that said, if Miami caves and gives him what he wants they have lost their minds! Jones in 2013 signed a $29.285 million contract extension. All he did the next year was fail a drug test and miss the first four games of the season. The Dolphins rewarded Jones and Jones spit in their face. Now, less than 3 years later Jones has his hand out again and wants more. If the Dolphins are dumb enough to fall for this a second time, then shame on them.

Yes, Jones is a great player. Yes, you want to keep great players around. Yet, when Jones failed that drug test and missed 4 games he lost all goodwill he had with this organization. Jones needs to play out his contract and then worry about a new deal. And then by all means, if he keeps his nose clean, he can ask for the moon and the sky and maybe Miami should give it to him then. But cave and give it to him now; No Way Jose!

Let's also remember there is a little risk v reward situation here as well. Jones is just one failed drug test away from getting a full year suspension. Miami is taking on all the risk by breaking the bank for Jones and then hoping he stays clean. Lord knows last time Miami wrote Jones a huge check he didn't stay clean.

Reshad Jones is a great player but at the end of the day....SCREW YOU! This team came in last place with ya. They sure as heck can come in last place without ya! How much value does he think he really has?  The problem with the Dolphins isn't just a lack of talent on the roster it's also a lack of leadership and character. Jones is the poster boy of a great player who is a "me-player" who is part of the problem in Miami's locker-room. For the Fins to get better they might need to take a long hard look at some of the "superstars" on their roster and clean house. When you are a bad team you sometimes have to open the window and let the stink out. And with a new head coach and GM there is no better time than now to open that window and rid this franchise of the stink.

With the action Jones took yesterday, he proved to the world he is part of stink. Not with his on the field play but with his character.

The plus side for Miami is this all went down on Draft week. There might be a saving grace Miami can rid themselves of this drama and move Jones this weekend and get something of value in return for him and move on.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mike's Mock Draft 2.0

It's draft week and this will be my last Mock Draft before the "real" NFL Draft. And before we get into my predictions we have to address the Ezekiel Elliott "rumors" as they relate to the Miami Dolphins. Will Miami trade up for him is the hot rumor out there. I said last week I would be stunned if Miami traded up for him. And in reality I would be, but this week after all of the rumors out there I would be far less stunned. I have always lived by the saying, where there is enough smoke there is usually fire. But here is the big question, how high will Miami go to get him? Everyone says if Elliott falls past Dallas at 4 he will end up at 8 for sure. I'm not sure I buy that. Why wouldn't Jacksonville take him at #5? I mean the Jags are so scary good at the RB position? If Elliott is so talented why would they pass on him and help out Blake Bortles their QB? Same with the Ravens at #6. Not like they are loaded at the RB position. You can't have it both ways that Elliott is some all time great player at RB and a sure fire can't miss player, then on the other hand think teams who are just average at the RB position will all pass on him.

So will Miami trade up to get him, who the heck knows. And if you read any "fan site" journalist who says they have "inside info"....please. Don't buy it they are making it up to get hits on their website. Hell the real journalists who get paid to cover the NFL don't have inside info, yet some kid playing journalist in his house does? Common sense isn't common to everybody so be careful of what you read and believe this week.

Ok, so some small changes to my MOCK that I put out last week. I don't think Ifredi will last to Rd 2, he is a hot player and will probably go late round 1 to a team like Carolina or Denver. So a little shake up with this version of my 4 round Mock Draft.

1st Round, Pick #13--The Miami Dolphins select ELI APPLE  CB/OHIO ST 

 I'm sticking with Eli Apple here as I believe the Fins won't be able to trade up for Elliott (even if they want too) and because of the depth at DE and CB no team will be in a rush to trade up to 13 and the Fins will be stuck having to pick for need. Just like they were forced to pick for need two years ago and took Ja'wuan James because they had literally nobody on their roster who was competent to start at right tackle that year. This situation is similar, just with a better player with better upside. A redshirt sophomore who has all the talent in the world. Everyone talks about Jalen Ramsey and how great he is, well if Apple stayed in college for 1 more year, then a year from now he would be a Top 5 pick and being talked about as the "Jalen Ramsey of the 2017 draft." Apple has the size and speed Vance Joseph loves. He has the size and speed that you need to be an elite CB in the NFL in this era. Eli Apple has it all. The best part about Apple is that he is an ascending player and we haven't seen his best football yet. As I said above, if a team like Miami is in the mindset that this is a 2 year rebuild job (and from chatter I am hearing they understand that) then you take Apple at #13, he will take his lumps this year at times, but in a year you might have a young elite CB on your hands who is ready to dominate. Will he be a day 1 starter; yes...but he will struggle at times this year and you have to accept that and have patience. Reminds me a little of the Olivier Vernon pick in 2012. Vernon left college early and fell to Round 3. If Vernon stayed in school one more year he was a lock 1st round draft pick the next year and a top 15 pick according to many. Apple came out early and will fall to middle or late Round 1. If he stayed in school he was a Top 5 pick. Miami will think big picture here and understand the value they get with Apple even if it means he struggles in year 1 some. The kid has all of the measurables and Miami has a huge need at CB its an easy pick to make.

2nd Round, Pick #42--The Miami Dolphins select ROBERT NKEMDICHE DE/DT Ole Miss

 This kid has the talent to be a first round pick but the off the field issues around him will scare teams off and cause him to free fall. Dallas was burned last year by Randy Gregory who turned out to be what everyone thought he would be. A head case who is now suspended for the first 4 games of the 2016 season. Nkemdiche is cut from the same cloth in that he has off the field issues (and a brother who drags him down as he is always in trouble with the law) From a pure football stand point Nkemdiche can play both DE or DT. He has all the physical tools but is a bit lazy and hasn't reached his full potential. Sounds a lot like last years 2nd round pick Jordan Phillips for the Dolphins. Dolphins new defensive line coach Jim Washburn is no-nonsense and will probably get the most potential out of Nkemdiche out of any coach in the league. In round 1 Nkemdiche is a huge risk for many if not all teams. Yet, come round 2 if you feel the kid is serious about being an NFL player and can clean up his act, the risk is less and you get a first round talent in the early 2nd round. For a team that is void of talent like Miami it is a risk worth taking. He is a total boom or bust pick but if it is a boom it's a huge upside. And a risk I think is worth taking. He is also compared a lot in his build, strength, play and size to Ndamukong Suh. If he can get his head on straight he could be while not the second coming of Suh but a "mini-me" of Suh and a very similar player.

Pick in previous Mock Draft: German Ifedi, OT

3rd Round, Pick #73--The Miami Dolphins select Deion Jones, OLB/LSU
Speed, Speed, Speed. Jones is an athletic freak who was a 1 year wonder at LSU. The Dolphins defense is old and slow. They need to add speed and get much more athletic, especially in the front 7. Jones is an undersized "WILL" linebacker who will need a year or two in an NFL workout program to build up his frame some but you can't mistake the kid's ability and speed.  Year one this kid is a special teams beast and a 3rd down linebacker who can cover. In year 2 and 3 you will work him into being a starter after he gets more playing time. The fact he was a 1 year wonder at LSU is a bit misleading. Yes, until his senior season he didn't play much or do anything. Why you ask, because all the guys in front of him on the depth chart at LSU were all NFL players (all still in the league) so the kid was buried on the depth chart for being behind great players. Can't knock him too much for that. But when he did start in 2015 he was an amazing linebacker for LSU. This defense needs some youth, some speed, some guys who can move and make plays in space. Jones is the perfect fit for this defense and someone who's best football is ahead of him. Yes, again, Miami much show patience as Jones in year 1 won't give this team much of an impact on defense and will be a special teams player only really.

4th Round, Pick # 107--The Miami Dolphins select Jordan Howard, RB/Indiana

I spoke about Jordan Howard over the weekend and how I think he is a perfect fit for Miami and in Rd 4 it's good value. He compares a lot to Arian Foster and has a similar running style. He also compares to Foster in that Howard has some injury history. Miami is looking at Howard to split time and not be a featured back.  But if Jay Ajai were to go down Howard could step up and carry the workload as he has that experience from his college days where he was Indiana's offense. Howard has big games vs big teams in the Big 10 and was very productive. The injury history is concerning but in Round 4 you roll the dice and it gives Miami a young back to pair with Ajai for the 2016 season.

Pick in previous Mock Draft: Charles Trapper, DE

So that's it, my 2nd and final mock draft. It should be a wild and crazy Thursday night and at this point nothing would shock me when it comes to the Fins.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Podcast would like to welcome the newest member to the team. Give a warm welcome to Randy Savage. Randy will be the host of the brand new Podcast

Randy used to work for the Miami Dolphins doing press work for the organization. Randy is currently a season ticket holder for the Dolphins and a life-long fan of the team. Be sure to follow Randy on Twitter @rjclifestyle

Check out Randy's first Podcast. CLICK HERE

Saturday Morning Pre-Draft Thoughts

We are days away from the NFL Draft and the rumor mill is in full effect. I am not going to jump into every pre-draft rumor as it would be a waste of time. Nobody knows what the Dolphins will do. But I will say this, nothing will shock me. I know I said different last week in my mock draft write up, but honestly at this point with Mike Tannenbaum nothing would shock me. Could the Fins trade future picks to move up to get Ezekiel Elliot; wouldn't shock me. Could the Fins trade down to stockpile picks; wouldn't shock me. Could the Fins just stand pat and take the best player available in each round; wouldn't shock me.

Let's get into some other news surrounding the Fins though.

DE Jason Jones close to signing with Miami--This is a move I have been banging the table on for over a month now and it looks like the Fins are close to signing Jones. The Fins may wait until after May 12th to "officially" sign him as any signing before that day counts towards the 2017 compensatory draft pick process. Here is why the Dolphins need Jason Jones and why this signing would quietly be a great addition. The Dolphins DE position right now is not a pretty picture as we head into May. Now of course the Dolphins could go draft a DE in Round 1 and change that whole thing, but let's assume they don't for a second and let's look as we stand today. You have Cam Wake now as a part-time player who will be a situational pass rusher. He is 34 and coming off a major injury in which he will lose a step speed wise. No two ways about it nobody at that age comes back the same from that injury. You have Mario Williams at 31 who is coming off a train-wreck of a season. I feel a lot of it was the scheme he was in up in Buffalo last year under Rex Ryan but we don't know for sure, maybe he is just a bad player now. Jury is still out on Mario. Andre Branch stinks folks, I said it the day we signed him he is a back-up DE who doesn't do anything great and maxes out as "just ok" across the board. He is a total back-up and not someone you can count on. Then there are a bunch of young guys like Terrence Fede and Damontre Moore who we don't know what they are.

With Jason Jones you know what you are getting, a 29 year old DE who has improved every year he has been in the NFL. He is very very good against the run and can bring pressure on the QB as well. On passing downs he can slide inside to DT which will allow you to bring Cam Wake in at DE and get your 3 best pass rushers on the field. He is the perfect replacement to Derrick Shelby because he is exactly like Derrick Shelby production wise, just slightly better overall. He is a better version of Derrick Shelby and that is exactly what the Fins need right now. Oh, and his former Defensive Line coach Jim Washburn is now the Dolphins defensive line coach so he knows exactly what Miami will be doing and there will be no adjustment for him scheme wise.

Not every free agent signing needs to be a big splash. Sometimes signing a run of the mill, solid, productive defensive end who just stays quiet, shows up, and produces on the field is what a team needs. In this case it is exactly what Miami needs.

Jordan Howard
The Running Back position--I have no idea what Miami will do in Round 1 of the draft. If Elliot falls do I expect them to draft him, yes from the many reports I see out there. Do I expect Elliott to fall; no. Will they trade up to draft Elliott; who the hell knows. Let's assume the Fins don't get Elliott....what's plan B for running back next week?

Five names stick out in this draft as back-up options. Derrick Henry, Kenneth Dixon, Devontae Booker, CJ Prosise, and Jordan Howard. Now if you watched the ESPN NFL MATCH UP pre-draft shows when they broke down tape of Derrick Henry I am thinking Henry's agent jumped off a building. They killed the poor kid. They showed his poor footwork and how that won't translate to the NFL game and how he will struggle. It soured me on him I won't lie, but out of the 5 names above the two to keep an eye on are Jordan Howard and Devontae Booker. Both I think are perfect fits for what Miami wants to do. Booker has size and speed and was productive at Utah. Howard was super productive at Indiana and could be had in the middle rounds He is a big bruising back (I know Miami really wants a speed back but this kid has "enough speed" to get by.) CJ Prossie scares me a little as he is "new" to the RB position and is a former WR. It might be a long while before he picks up blitz protections and such and gets on the field. Dixon I like as well but he isn't an every down back in the NFL and Miami is looking for a guy who might need to be a bell-cow back as Ajai has an injury history and can't seem to stay healthy. So, Booker and Howard are the names to keep an eye on heading into next weekend.

I will be doing a revision to my first MOCK DRAFT. With the news of Jason Jones likely signing with the Dolphins and with the news that one of my picks is skyrocketing up the draft board and probably won't be there in the round I predicted he would be. So I am going to tweak my Mock Draft early this upcoming week.

Monday, April 18, 2016 DRAFT DAY CONTEST


Not necessarily this hat but any hat on of your liking
Every year we like to do a little draft day contest with a prize. In the past we have done "Best Dolphins Man-Cave" or "How you became a Dolphins Fan" story contest. This year we are going old-school. Keeping it simple. 1st round Mock Draft contest.

Email to your 2016 NFL 1st round Mock Draft. The person with the most picks right will win a Miami Dolphins baseball cap. Here is what we need, Pick #, Team, and player. (Example, 1. St.Louis. Carson Wentz.) If you only get 2 of the 3 right, that counts as an incorrect entry. So, yes you must predict trades! So if on draft night the Browns trade out of the #8 pick overall and you predicted 8. Cleveland Shaq Lawson and it ends up being 8. Arizona Shaq would be wrong!! In case of a tie, the person who sent their entry in first wins. So email your entries in ASAP and put "Mock Draft Contest" in the subject line. (only one entry per email address)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Week 4 vs Cincy "COLOR RUSH" leaked

For the entire 2016 season every Thursday Night game will be what the NFL calls a "COLOR RUSH" game. Where the teams were all one color. When Miami travels to Cincinnati Week 4 they will be wearing Orange Jersey's and Pants while the Bengals will be wearing a Black/White combo where its all white with Black stripes.
UPDATE: Benjamin Allbright of CBS Sports is now reporting the leaked picture isn't real. Time will tell which is correct or not. 

DE Jason Jones visits Dolphins for Second time

When free agency started the Dolphins were in purist of Lions DE Jason Jones. At this time Jones is still un-signed and yesterday he took a 2nd trip to Miami to visit with the organization per

To me this is an easy decision for the Dolphins. Mario Williams and Cam Wake are on the downside of their careers and Wake is 34 and old. Andre Branch isn't any good so adding a DE who has improved every year like Jones has to me makes a lot of sense. He won't cost a lot of money and would probably be a starter Week 1. We will see where this goes but when a player makes 2 trips to a city to visit with a team, they usually sign there.

Mike's Mock Draft

I am not one of these guys who do Mock Drafts in January and February before Free Agency begins  and such. I like to wait till the week or two before the draft to do my first mock draft. I mean all Mock's are guessing but at least now we can narrow things down a little bit at least and do some "educated guessing." I will only do a 4 round Dolphins mock draft because guessing who will be there after round 4, I mean come on it's like predicting the winning power ball numbers.

Before we get to the picks, a few blanket statements of what I believe and some chatter I am hearing from sources around the Dolphins that will help better explain my picks/predictions in this mock draft.

1) This Dolphins team rebuild  job is a 2 year deal. This team isn't going from 6 wins to the playoffs overnight after losing all of the talent they did this offseason. 2016 will be a long season, so it's about the future and building a sustained winner long term, not a quick fix. I know in the press they have said otherwise, but that's just "coach speak" and "GM speak" and don't fall for it folks.

2) I would be stunned if not shocked if the Dolphins took a Running Back before Rd 3. And I will not have them taking one until much later in the draft because its not a "valued" position in the league anymore. Not to mention there are still guys in free agency who Miami can sign. It's a position that the Dolphins can "Kick the Can down the road" on for another year and worry about RB a year from now.

3) Vance Joseph....Vance Joseph....Vance Joseph. From chatter I am hearing Vance Joseph the Fins defensive coordinator has a lot, and I mean a lot of say in who the Dolphins like defensively. Joseph has a certain size CB he likes on his team and he has a certain speed he likes at LB. Vance Joseph has a lot of say and is almost a co-head coach on this team from things I am hearing internally from sources.

With all of that said, let's get to the MOCK!

1st Round, Pick #13--The Miami Dolphins select ELI APPLE  CB/OHIO ST
A redshirt sophomore who has all the talent in the world. Everyone talks about Jalen Ramsey and how great he is, well if Apple stayed in college for 1 more year, then a year from now he would be a Top 5 pick and being talked about as the "Jalen Ramsey of the 2017 draft." Apple has the size and speed Vance Joseph loves. He has the size and speed that you need to be an elite CB in the NFL in this era. Eli Apple has it all. The best part about Apple is that he is an ascending player and we haven't seen his best football yet. As I said above, if a team like Miami is in the mindset that this is a 2 year rebuild job (and from chatter I am hearing they understand that) then you take Apple at #13, he will take his lumps this year at times, but in a year you might have a young elite CB on your hands who is ready to dominate. Will he be a day 1 starter; yes...but he will struggle at times this year and you have to accept that and have patience. Reminds me a little of the Olivier Vernon pick in 2012. Vernon left college early and fell to Round 3. If Vernon stayed in school one more year he was a lock 1st round draft pick the next year and a top 15 pick according to many. Apple came out early and will fall to middle or late Round 1. If he stayed in school he was a Top 5 pick. Miami will think big picture here and understand the value they get with Apple even if it means he struggles in year 1 some. The kid has all of the measurables and Miami has a huge need at CB its an easy pick to make.

Other 1st round thoughts: If a team offered Miami something to move down I think they would. As much as they love Apple they could still get him later possibly. Or they will just outweigh the fact more picks means more better players and they are fine with letting Apple go and adding more better players through more picks. A trade down I see as very real. There was an "internet rumor" that the Fins might go big to trade up, I guess possibly but I don't see it and would say its a low % of happening. Ezekiel Elliott if he falls to #13, um NO. Miami will pass on him.

2nd Round, Pick #42--The Miami Dolphins select GERMAIN IFEDI  G/TEXAS A&M
A tackle who can play guard and as we know from Adam Gase's history that is what he loves. Ifedi is a monster of a man who has good feet. In the NFL he will be a right tackle or a right guard (most likely a guard.) Let's just be flat out honest, the Dolphins don't have one proven quality offensive guard on their roster. Dallas Thomas is horrible. Billy Turner is a back-up at best.  Jamil Douglas showed lack of concentration and made a million mistakes last year. The Dolphins did nothing in free agency to address this position (and don't give me Jermon Bushrod, please) to me this pick makes a ton of sense. He will be a Day 1 starter on this offensive line. He has the ability to swing over to tackle if Juwaun James ever got hurt and missed time. Ifedi is the perfect fit for what Miami wants to do on offense under Gase. Most of his flaws are easily fixable and he is a starting right guard from Day 1 of his NFL career.

3rd Round, Pick #73--The Miami Dolphins select Deion Jones, OLB/LSU
Speed, Speed, Speed. Jones is an athletic freak who was a 1 year wonder at LSU. The Dolphins defense is old and slow. They need to add speed and get much more athletic, especially in the front 7. Jones is an undersized "WILL" linebacker who will need a year or two in an NFL workout program to build up his frame some but you can't mistake the kid's ability and speed.  Year one this kid is a special teams beast and a 3rd down linebacker who can cover. In year 2 and 3 you will work him into being a starter after he gets more playing time. The fact he was a 1 year wonder at LSU is a bit misleading. Yes, until his senior season he didn't play much or do anything. Why you ask, because all the guys in front of him on the depth chart at LSU were all NFL players (all still in the league) so the kid was buried on the depth chart for being behind great players. Can't knock him too much for that. But when he did start in 2015 he was an amazing linebacker for LSU. This defense needs some youth, some speed, some guys who can move and make plays in space. Jones is the perfect fit for this defense and someone who's best football is ahead of him. Yes, again, Miami much show patience as Jones in year 1 won't give this team much of an impact on defense and will be a special teams player only really.

4th Round, Pick # 107--The Miami Dolphins select Charles Trapper, DE/Oklahoma
After the Fins grabbed Jordan Phillips the DT from the Sooners last year in Round 2 they will go back to the Oklahoma well and take his teammate Charles Trapper. Cam Wake is 34 coming off a major injury, his best days are behind him. Mario Williams has a ton of red flags around him these days after his play last year with only 15 total tackles in 15 games. Andre Branch stinks folks, hate to break the news to ya. With the Fins losing Vernon and Shelby they need to add a young DE to the rotation who can be the future. The tape on him isn't great but he had an amazing combine and looks to be a very good run stuffing DE in a 4-3 defense who will grow as a pass rusher. In round 4 of this draft with the old DE's already on Miami's roster he is a perfect fit and someone Miami can slide into their DE rotation over time.

So that's my 4 round mock. If some big news breaks in the next 12 days before the draft I might tweak this some, but if not and things stay clam heading into April 28th this is my official 4 round Mock Draft. I know some of you are flipping out because no running back was taken, but again, it's not that big a need for this Dolphins team. This team can go out and trade a late round pick for a vet RB, or sign Foster or Hillman. Plus I think Miami will grab a running back between Rounds 5-7.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 Dolphins Schedule

Week 1 – @Seattle
Week 2 – @New England
Week 3 – Cleveland
Week 4 – @Bengals (Thursday night)
Week 5 – Titans
Week 6 – Steelers
Week 7 – Bills
Week 8 – Bye
Week 9 – Jets
Week 10 – @San Diego
Week 11 – @L.A. Rams
Week 12 – 49’ers
Week 13 – @Baltimore
Week 14 – Cardinals
Week 15 – @Jets (Saturday night)
Week 16 – @Bills (Saturday Dec. 24th)
Week 17 – Patriots

Saturday, April 9, 2016

News, Notes and Nuggets

Been a rather quiet few weeks for the Fins of late. I do want to chime in though on a few topics surrounding the Dolphins as we inch closer to the Draft at the end of the month.

-The Dolphins set up a meeting with RB Ezekiel Elliot of Ohio St. He is the guy who has Dolphins fans drooling as the NFL Draft draws near. He is probably the guy who if he is off the board by #13 or if Miami just doesn't take him will have the vast majority of Dolphins fans up in arms and with the pitchforks out in anger come April 28th. I said this on twitter the other day and come April 28th I may be 100% dead wrong but I firmly believe there is no chance in hell the Dolphins take Elliott at #13 if he is on the board. It makes zero sense. For one you have a head coach who went on the record as saying he likes a running back by committee approach and using more than one guy. Second, the Dolphins defense is a dumpster fire right now. Aside from Safety and DT the rest of the defense is very poor. Old at DE, no linebackers that are any good on the roster, and 1 CB who had mild success a few years back 2 teams ago. The Dolphins can literally throw a dart at any 1st round prospect defensive player and he will start from Day 1 and be an upgrade over any existing player currently on their roster. On top of that you have an offensive line that is always injured and not great by any means, so if the Fins went with a tackle or guard they are going to start as well and be an upgrade. Taking a running back in Rd 1 is a total luxury pick. When you have a team that isn't above .500 and flat out bad, you don't do luxury picks. Elliott is a smoke screen hopefully or if he is on the board at #13, hopefully another team offers Miami something to trade up and get him and Miami can trade down and add more picks. I would be stunned if Miami takes a RB in round 1. Just don't see it.

-I haven't gotten an update yet on the Miko Grimes story below. Last I was told she was still in talks with the Esquire Network involving being part of the Friday Night Tykes franchise.

-The "Succession Plan" of Dolphins ownership and Stephen Ross was a hot topic this week. To me, this is the beginning of the end of the Stephen Ross era as Dolphins owner. This will move sooner than many think and my prediction is Ross is out as owner within 24 months. And one thing nobody is talking about, Beal and Ross are very close. If/when Ross passes the Fins (assuming via sale and not death) on to Beal, the franchise in the eyes of many is pretty much still in the Ross family. Beal is very close with Ross, hell he works for his real estate company and runs it for him! So, it would be a case of Ross being out as owner in name only, but still being at games and being around the franchise and such. He just wouldn't have a financial stake in the franchise and not be involved with the day to day operations.

Ross in 2013 gave away $200 million to the University of Michigan. Bringing his total up to a $313 million in donations he has given to the school in his lifetime. He also has more money allocated to go to Michigan upon his death. Now we have this news about the Dolphins ownership. Ross is clearly looking to "simplify" his life these days and winding down into his later years.  There have also been stories that Ross isn't happy as an NFL owner. That in his other fields of business he has won and been super successful by outspending his competition, out working his competition, and hiring away anyone he wants from his competition. In the NFL you can't do that. There are rules, there is a salary cap, and you can't step on toes of people in the NFL as you will get black-listed (as what happened shortly after the Tony Sparano/Jim Harbaugh debacle.) Ross's family is also a group that does not want to own an NFL franchise. There in lies Bruce Beal Jr. A 40 something who has had life handed to him on a silver platter. Someone who was born on 3rd base and thinks he hit a triple. He comes from a rich real estate family and he himself has worked for Stephen Ross in NYC real estate for many years. 

Not a surprise Ross might want out from the day to day grind and media scrutiny of being an NFL owner. Ross has already left his mark on the franchise. Ross's legacy will be the stadium and the team staying in South Florida for 30 more years. The rebuild, the roof, the luxury state of art stadium that will be up by the end of the year, that's Ross's Dolphins legacy. Certainly it isn't and won't be anytime soon anything taking place on the field.  It would not shock me in the least to see Ross sell (essentially give the team away) to his buddy and co-worker Bruce Beal Jr. Letting Ross take a back-seat role and just be a glorified fan who is in the owners box at every home game with his friend Bruce. To me, this is where this is all headed and I see it happening rather quickly. 

2016 Dolphins Preseason Schedule

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 Exclusive: Esquire Network in Talks with Miko Grimes to have her Coach a Youth Football Team

I know, I know, why are we still talking about Miko Grimes as her husband is no longer a Dolphins player and she isn't associated with this franchise in any way. Well, I have a reliable source who has tipped me off to this story that will probably interest Dolphins fans and make for some "Must See TV" in the near future. So, I figured why not share the scoop I have been given.

Sources have informed me that the Esquire Network is in talks with Miko Grimes to have Miko
coach a youth football team as part of its "Friday Night Tykes" franchise. The Esquire Network has had 3 seasons of the hit show "Friday Night Tykes" and now has spun that off with "Friday Night Tykes: Steel Country" which is currently airing on their network. The Esquire network is looking to continue to expand the "Friday Night Tykes" brand in the future and is interested in bringing Miko Grimes into the fold.  Friday Night Tykes takes place in Texas and the spinoff "Steel Country" takes place in Pennsylvania. We have no details at this time if Miko would be a part of and added to one of those existing shows (doubtful if you watch them and understand the premise of the show) or be a part of a new version of the brand and another spinoff that the Esquire Network has in the works.

For those of you that don't know what Friday Night Tykes is it is a reality TV show that follows youth football in Texas. Where the coaches (the vast majority of them) are crazy parents (and some aren't parents at all which is just creepy) who think they are Vince Lombardi coaching in Super Bowl 1 every week. Many (not all) of the coaches aren't equipped to be coaching children nor should be anywhere near kids. Coaches on the show have been suspended and some even thrown out of the league for telling kids to hurt opposing players (ie other kids under the age of 12), being verbally abusive towards kids, and getting in altercations with parents. The show in a nutshell highlights everything that is wrong with youth sports in this country. The show has taken off and been so widely popular that a spinoff version following youth football in Pennsylvania began airing a few weeks back which is very similar to the Texas version.

My sources are stating that Miko and The Esquire Network are in the preliminary stages of discussions and no offer has been made at this time by the network. I have also been told that even if Miko isn't added to the Friday Night Tykes brand that the network is interested in doing business with Miko Grimes in some way shape or form in another platform possibly.

More on this story as it develops.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Mock Draft 2.0

Here is the second mock draft.  With no major (or even minor moves), the needs have no changed, however, stock for draftee's have gone up and down with many of the pro days completed.  Without further a do, here we go:

1st Round

Vernon Hargreaves III, CB (Florida)

With the subtraction of Brent Grimes, and lack of depth at the position, the Dolphins bring in Hargreaves.  He instantly fills a void and is in my opinion, the best cover corner in this years draft.  He can play both zone and man coverage. He can gamble at times, but this is a true corner that comes around once in awhile.  Here is the chance for Tannenbaum to hit a home run at CB as he did with Revis

2nd Round

Derrick Henry, RB (Alabama)

IF Henry drops here, Miami cannot pass on him.  Henry would bring his hard work ethic and feed me more mentality to an offense that is sorely lacking.  He punishes defenders between the tackles.  Having this guy tote the rock will take TONS of pressure off Tannehill, and will help chew the clock out in the 4th if they have a lead.  He is my must draft at this spot if he is available.

3rd Round

Nick Martin, C (Notre Dame)

Mike Pouncey is the unquestioned starter at C, but having someone to back him up is ideal.  Pouncey has landed on the injured list the last few years.  Having a true center available will be huge.  Martin is a athletic center, with a ton of power.  He has some question marks as a run blocker but his attributes as a pass protector can be big.  The Dolphins need depth, Martin brings that, as well as a chance to see if he can develop into a guard in emergency purposes.

4th Round

Jaylon Smith, OLB (Notre Dame)

Smith is injured, we all know this, but in this mock, he falls to the fourth round where the Dolphins are waiting with open arms.  Smith will not play in 2016, but the wait could be worth it.  His knee concerns are huge, but if he makes a full recovery, he will be huge in 2017.  It will also be cheap, so high risk, high reward.  4th rounders typically do not do much in year one, historically.  However, Smith is a top 3 talent.

5th Round

D.J White, CB (Georgia Tech)

White is a pretty good talent coming out of the ACC.  He is average in coverage but is good in run support.  His issues in pass defense is his footwork.  He seems strong and balanced at the line but loses his man at times after the ball is snapped.  He does have good vision and can locate the ball.  He does however, bite on play action passes.  This move allows Miami to versatile in camp with their CB.

6th Round

Antonio Morrison, LB (Florida)

Morrison will come with baggage (2 arrests in college).  However, he is talented.  He sheds blockers and gets after the ball carrier.  He is not as agile as he should, based on his height (6'0) and weight (233).  He needs to be better to become an adequate player in the league, however, there is upside.  Another high risk, high reward.

7th Round- Part 1

Tyler Johnstone- OT (Oregon)

Another depth move on the line, Gase will get a line man who was apart of an extremely fast paced offense.  To say he is in shape is an understatement.  Johnstone is still fairly raw in pass and run protection, but he provides toughness and the ability to make the team.  This is a flyer but could be worth it if he puts in the work.

7th Round- Part 2

Kevin Hogan- QB (Stanford)

Hogan ran a pro style system at Stanford and has the same mental make up as Andrew Luck (no, I am not saying he is the next Luck), but he definitely needs to improve his release.  Tends to force throws and telegraphs. He is accurate and can make all the throws.  I compare him to Chad Pennington. He is a developmental guy and can push Logan Thomas


Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of the Offseason . . .. Plus A Mock

It’s difficult being a Miami Dolphins fan. I hate it when the national sports media mocks the Fins, but even as a long time fan, I must admit some moves left me scratching my head at first this offseason.  However, when you separate yourself for the sports media meme, you can see a plan starting to form.

The Good

When the trade with the Eagles was first announced, I screamed. Philadelphia, Miami & National sports media kept referring to Mike Tannebaum getting fleeced. I, like many Fins fans, was pissed. Now, that I have had some time, I look at the trade a little differently. It’s a big swing for Tannebaum (which he seems to love to take, but with big swings comes big misses.) but to move back 5 spots & get 2 defensive starters Yes, I realize, by the outdated trade chart it’s a value of a 3rd round pick – but you weren’t going to get 2 additional starters with pick #8. The plan is by moving back 5 spots you get 3 starters instead of 1. Plus this draft seems to be lacking elite talent, but has depth. A move back can hurt, but I get what the front office was thinking and could turn into a really good move.
I am ok with letting Olivier Vernon go, the Giants way overpaid for him. I felt like he disappeared too much during games, plus he got boneheaded penalties. Losing Lamar Miller stung a little bit more, but I get it. Truthfully, he disappeared several times as well last season. Many claim Miller was misused by the coaching staff, I wonder. I think he is a good back, but not a great one. I think the fans & media would be more comfortable with Lamar Miller’s exit if Jay Ajayi had been drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round, like the “experts” originally expected. Rishard Mathews would have been a luxury to keep. How can losing our free agents be good? The Dolphins brass had a price they were willing to pay and they stuck by to it. They didn’t panic and didn’t overpay.  Proud of that!

The Bad

You can point out a lot of bad things with this off season. But you know what worries me that no one is talking about? “He quit on TEAM.” I hate hearing that. Who was that said about? Both Mario Williams & Byron Maxwell were accused of quitting on their respective team’s last year. Miami has had too much disharmony in the locker room the last couple of years. Whether it was Philbin not trusting Tannehill, or Miko being Miko, or the bullying scandal, having veteran players that may have a history of quitting on their teams can cause a cancer in the locker room. Especially for a young team, with a young, first time Head Coach.  Adding players like that can turn bad quickly. I'm willing to believe that both players will bounce back when being used correctly, but it is something to keep an eye out for.

The Ugly

As a diehard fan I can justify the trade, hoping that Maxwell does better in a different defense & Alonso is hopefully healthy and plays closer to his rookie season then last season. I can even put a positive spin on letting our free agents walk.  (We’ll all look forward to the comp picks next year).  I cannot justify our guard position; it’s still downright UGLY! Jermon Bushrod is an aging, coming off injury, former offensive tackle, which has never played guard in a game. I understand Gase has faith in him, seeing him play all 5 positions in practice last season with the Bears, but again a really big swing.  Kraig Urbik might be a little more dependable.  Fins guard play was horrendous last year (last couple of seasons) if the front office does not want to get Tannehill killed, if they ever want to make a serious run at the playoffs, you need to fix the guard play and I don’t feel like they’ve done that.

When you take a step back and tune out the hype I get what the Miami Dolphins are doing and it’s not as bad as I originally thought.  They are going through a quiet rebuild. They don’t want to say it, but they are.  They have a first time Head Coach & General Manager, coming off a 6-10 season, they should be rebuilding - shouldn’t they? They filled some holes with veteran depth and team friendly contracts.  They didn’t overpay for free agents. They’ve set themselves up with possibly 3 comp draft picks for 2017 season & come next year comp picks are tradable.  As of right now that would be 10 draft picks for 2017. These are all signs of a team that realizes that they have several holes to fill, that one big off-season signing wasn’t going to change things and have a plan in place.  I am willing to go along with the plan – for now. 

Next Step The Draft. Here’s my first mock draft of the season.  Just a quick one, no predicted trades.

Mock Draft:
Round 1 – William Jackson III, CB, Houston
Round 2 - Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State
Round 3 - Joshua Garnett, G, Stanford
Round 4 - T.J. Green, FS, Clemson
Round 5 – Jonathan Williams, RB, Arkansas
Round 6 – Benquez Brown, ILB, Mississippi State
Round 7 – Keith Lumpkin, OT, Rutgers
Round 7 – Jake Rudock, QB, Michigan