Interview with Jarvis Landry

This past weekend Jarvis Landry held his Youth Pro Camp which was put on by the good people at ProCamps and Citibank and we at were also a sponsor of the event as well. It was a great two days and all the kids had a blast running drills with Jarvis.

We here at were able to pull Jarvis away for a few minutes to get an interview with him. Jarvis talks about the youth camp, practicing and working out with Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson this offseason, and he talks about his comment about Miami sweeping the Patriots this upcoming season.

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Special Thanks to Staff Members Delson Jeanvilma and Randy Savage for taking the time to cover this event.
more pictures to come in the coming days


  1. Juice is the man!! He seems super cool as a person and his thoughts on sweeping the Patriots are 100% spot on the money. Respect them but don't have to be totally PC in talking to them and the goal is to beat them and not live in fear of them.

    1. New England has not been swept by an AFC East opponent in 16 seasons, which is the longest streak since the 1970 NFL merger. The Los Angeles Rams (1970-1980) and Dallas Cowboys (1971-1981) previously held the record with 11 consecutive seasons without being swept. New England is 7-0 against divisional opponents that have a chance to sweep the season series since 2002, winning by an average of 24.1 points per game. Over that span, the Bills have had two chances for a sweep, but lost by a combined 59 points.

    2. I think the larger point is Landry & Miami can respect them but not kiss the ring and just expect to lose to them. He isn't knocking the Pats and who they are, he is giving them their props but just also saying our goal is to sweep them as he thinks the Fins are good enough to do so. Will it happen...maybe but probably not. But if he didn't have that attitude then Miami is dead before they walk out on the field for those 2 games.

  2. Pay this man! He is worth every penny. Great player who is the leader of this team


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