Dolphins vs. Chargers… FOOTBALL IS BACK

Thank the good lord, real football is back in our lives (Miami Dolphins football that is.) This week, I look forward to previewing the game vs. the Chargers, and seeing how the match up fairs for our beloved Dolphins.

As it pertains to the offensive side of the ball, the Chargers have 3 players that scare me. Those players are: Melvin Gordon (RB), Hunter Henry (TE), and Keenan Allen (WR). Gordon has the ability to dominate any game he plays in, Allen is a match up nightmare for any corner back he sees, and Henry is deadly in the middle of the field for Rivers. The 3 offensive players for the Dolphins that I believe will give the Chargers the hardest time are: Jay Ajayi, DeVante Parker, and Jay Cutler. Ajayi is entering his 2nd year of being the featured back, and as long as the offensive line holds up, he will be even better this year than he was last year. This could be the real coming out party for Parker. We have all heard how much he has changed since last year, with his diet and his preparation, and this could be the launching point for him into true super stardom. Jay Cutler has a lot to prove, not only to this loyal fan, but to a lot of his doubters. I believe, if he can find a way to maneuver around the Chargers solid pass rush, he will be in line for 300 Yard Day and multiple touchdowns.

Defensively, for the Chargers, my two players to watch are: (CB) Casey Hayward and (DE) Joey Bosa. I know it is early in his career, but health permitting, he looks to be one of the better pass rushers for the next 10 or so years. Hayward, in the secondary, could be a real thorn in the Dolphins side. For the Dolphins, my two players to watch are: Lawrence Timmons, and Reshad Jones. His age is a factor for his performance, however, I still think he has a lot left in the tank, and playing alongside Alonso, I really like that duo. Jones, who was dearly missed in his injured absence, is HUGE for this team. His incredible range, and nastiness he brings to the field, could be a season changer for the Fins.

Prediction: Dolphins 31, Chargers 24. Our boys have a lot of questions… but I believe we have enough to get it done in Los Angeles this weekend. Timmons and Parker will be the difference, and we will start the season 1-0.


  1. As much as I know about football, I loved it. You missed your calling as a writer!


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