Adam Gase Needs to Open Up the Offense

There are many problems with this Dolphins team at the moment but one of the biggest has to do with Adam Gase. He’s made it well known that he’s simplified the offense this season and it shows. The offense is hot garbage and the only QB who can fix it is out for the year with an ACL injury.

Cutler and Moore haven’t done anyone any favors but Adam Gase’s play calling hasn’t put this team in the best position to win. These plays he’s running looks like he’s getting them from a madden playbook. How often can you run the ball down the middle and throw screen after screen until you realize that it’s not going to work.

I understand that Miami has had to change things up because Tannehill went down, and we signed Cutler out of a retirement that barely started but there’s got to be a point where you say enough is enough and have them run the actual offense instead of the garbage that they’re putting out there. After that Baltimore debacle Adam Gase told reporters that he has made the offense so simple that its easier for the defense to pick up.

If you’ve made the offense so simple that even the defense knows what you’re going to do then that’s 100% on the coach. This is not a team lacking talent; Jarvis Landry, Kenny Stills, and Jay Ajayi are all players who are capable of making big plays so run an offense that will put them in position to make those plays.

I don’t care if Jay Cutler is Adam Gase’s “guy”. If he can’t run the offense properly then don’t have him out there. Matt Moore is not a great QB by any means, but he knows the offense. These are professional football players not some college kids. This offense is has been simplified to benefit one player.

I’m not saying that this is all Cutler’s fault either. This is on Gase for bringing him in. If you knew that he wouldn’t have been able to run the offense that they ran last season, then he shouldn’t have even brought him in the first place.

Gase needs to start calling run plays that go outside the tackles, Jay Ajayi shouldn’t be handcuffed and forced to run down the middle every single time. Gase shouldn’t be calling for Landry to run a screen every first or second down and he shouldn’t be calling plays where the primary receiver is running an underneath route on a third and 10.

Miami has a few extra days till they play again since they played Thursday so Gase needs work with the team and open up the offense. If Cutler feels he can handle it then throw him out there if not then keep throwing Moore out there. I know that it feels like the sky is falling but somehow this team is 4-3 and the rest of the AFC teams that are near Miami aren’t doing so hot either.

There’s still plenty of time to keep this team over .500 and compete but it’s all up to Gase on whether he wants to or not. 


  1. I agree with this post, but in the off-season the Fins need to build the offensive and defensive lines up, especially the O-line is been patchwork for years if we cant runblock or pass portect no QB can have success.

  2. I totally agree it's on the coach.


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