The Dolphins Offensive Problems Go Beyond Jay Cutler

The Dolphins’ offense so far this season has looked terrible and there’s no other way around it. Jay Cutler has taken most of the heat for the offense with fans chanting during the Titans game for Matt Moore to start and calling for Cutler to be benched on Twitter.

Fact of the matter is it’s not happening. Gase has already said there’s a “0%” chance it happens unless Cutler were to get hurt. So now that we know going forward that Cutler is going to be the starter, it’s time to look at other problems going on with the offense.

For starters while the now former offensive line coach was playing with his nose in the snow, the players on the offensive line have been getting beat off the ball consistently and that leaves Cutler who according to PFF is the 5th most pressured QB no time to even look downfield or allow receivers to get going on their routes. A lot of the time when a play is started, it already seems to end because of how bad the offensive line has been. The whole line has been under-performing, there hasn’t been a single bright spot so far.

Then there’s the problem with play calling. Last year Adam Gase looked like he was the best coach the team has had in quite some time. The offense looked good even when Matt Moore had to come in when Tannehill went down with that ACL injury. This year it looks like they’re running an offense you run in the preseason. I cannot stress how bad it’s been. It’s the same plays every drive. Run on first for no gain, then short pass on second, and then a screen on third.

Coming into the season even after Tannehill went down in training camp with that ACL injury again and Cutler came in there was some excitement because we all know Cutler has a cannon for an arm and it was looking like that would benefit Devante Parker too. That hasn’t been the case at all. Parker’s production has mostly come in garbage time and now he’s hurt with a sprained ankle. It’s just odd how the offense has been run. Jay Ajayi is one of the better running backs in the league and he’s not getting the ball enough.Yeah, the offensive line has been bad but he’s one of the best in the league at breaking tackles. Kenny Stills caught 10 touchdowns last year and other than that touchdown against the Chargers he’s been a non-factor in the offense. Then there’s Jarvis Landry who has produced some numbers but not to the level that he can get them to has looked frustrated and showed it a few times during the game against the Titans.

This isn’t a bad team by any means. The defense has been solid and the special teams has been doing their job. The problem isn’t ability. We already know what the players on offense can do because they’ve showed us before. The problem is that players on offense simply aren’t on the same page.

It’s not time yet to panic. The team is 2-2 despite the bad offense. If they can get on the same page and figure it out then this is still a season that fans can get excited about. 

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  1. This is a really good article and I agree with every word!!

  2. Good article. I agree with all of it! Cutler has stunk but there is lots of blame to go around

  3. While I would like to see Moore get a shot just to see if it changes anything I do agree the failure of the offense is a team effort and not just Cutler's fault.


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