Trying to Make Sense of This Jay Ajayi Trade

Adam Gase traded Jay Ajayi to the Philadelphia Eagles for a fourth-round pick. I know Gase isn’t the GM but there’s no doubt that he pushed for this move. It came as a huge shock I’m sure for most fans and I’m not too sure what Miami’s plan is going forward.

There’s could be a few reasons as to why Gase made this move. Fans can agree with them or they can disagree, but Ajayi was a solid running back for the most part who struggled so far this season because of a weak offensive line. This wasn’t a deal based on Ajayi’s lack of ability because we all know that he is a good running back.

This seems to be a move where Gase is showing his power as a coach. He’s stated recently that players weren’t completely committed, and some didn’t study their playbook enough. It now looks like Jay Ajayi could have been one of those players Gase was talking about. Gase has always been a no-nonsense guy from the start of his time in Miami.

We’ve seen from last year that Gase would get rid of anyone who wasn’t producing or doing their job well at all. This move comes as a shock because Ajayi was one of the better players on the offense since last year. It’s also been reported, specifically by ESPN reporter Jeff Darlington that Miami wasn’t sure how long Ajayi’s knees would last so that’s a reason why they got rid of him.

I’m not too sure how much I buy into that. I feel that this was a deal because Ajayi has gotten into heated exchanges with coaches before and like I stated earlier he might’ve been one of those players Gase was talking about when he said players weren’t putting in enough effort or time into the playbook.

Going forward it looks like Kenyan Drake and Damien Williams will split time going forward or we could possibly see Drake become the new starter and Williams will keep his same role as the third down pass catching back. Personally, I’d like to see the latter happen.

This is an odd move considering the team is 4-3 and currently fighting for a playoff spot. With all the talk about how bad the offense has been it’ll be interesting to see how this move affects it. Right now it seems that it got even worse but only time will tell. 


  1. Stupid trade by an organization that never wins

  2. Gase's message to his players: Straighten up or I'll trade you to a Super Bowl contender!! Terrible trade, period.


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