VIDEO: Off-Duty Officers To Possibly Boycott Miami- NY Jets Game on Sunday

CBS4 in Miami is reporting that off-duty police officers who usually work Miami Dolphins games each Sunday could boycott this Sunday's game because of how three Miami Dolphins players (Michael Thomas, Kenny Stills, Julius Thomas) are kneeling or now staying back in the locker-room during the playing of the National Anthem.

Miami-Dade Police Union confirmed that the stadium needs 380 officers to work the event and 300 sign up to work the "Off-Duty Detail" and currently they have about 175 signed up to work the Jets game on Sunday. Miami-Dade Police did say any shortfall of officers does not mean the game will be any less safe for the fans and they stated they are working with their security partners to come up with a resolution to the situation to ensure Hard Rock Stadium is safe on Sunday.

To me I am continued to be shocked how this story is snowballing and will not go away and die. I know with certainty that the Miami Dolphins organization will do everything possible to have Hard Rock Stadium safe for every Dolphins game and they will work around this situation to ensure the safety of the fans this week when the Jets come to town. I do find it ironic though that the officers that are upset about a couple players taking a knee during the anthem and so called "bringing a political statement to the work place" are now refusing to do their work and their job based on their own political statement they are now expressing. So, it's ok for one set of Americans to take a political stance on their job and refuse to do something (the police) but it's not ok for another (NFL players taking a knee for a 2 minute song?)

UPDATE: Andy Slater of 940 WINZ in Miami is reporting that the Miami-Dade Police Department is making it mandatory for the Police Officers to work Sunday's game and they will be paid Overtime for working it. The Miami Dolphins will pick up the extra cost financially per the report.

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  1. WOW, unbelievable. There is a word here to describe the police, what is it....oh yeah hypocrites

  2. I dont appreciate your biased article.

    1. We are an opinion based website. What you view as biased I view as me voicing an opinion on a subject matter. We don't expect every one of our readers to agree with every opinion one of our writers write or present here on the site. That's the good part about AMERICA! We are all able to voice different opinions on various topics and have a civil and level headed discussion on the matter.

    2. Seems fair, so I will no longer listen to your content. I am pretty sure I wont be the only one.

    3. Fair enough. If you want to be closed minded and not listen to an opinion other than your own or a different opinion other than your own and you want to live in your bubble and be sheltered off from the rest of the free world you are entitled too; cause as I said this is America. So go back and live in your bubble and put your head in the sand and live a sheltered life free of civil debate where other opinions do exist. Oh wait you won't be reading this cause you aren't returning to this site anymore. I guess I could have just said you are a snowflake and be done with it, cause that is what you are....LOL


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