Who are these Miami Dolphins?

It was not the usual NFL Sunday in the Mike Brown household. I did not have time for my usual 3 beers before kickoff, or my fried pickles before 12:30. I only had time to get up, shower, and put on my lucky Suh jersey. Turns out all the game day rituals in the world wouldn’t have meant a thing because our boys sure as hell did not show up for the game against the Saints.

The offense stunk, the defense looked decent at times, the special teams had no impact, and we were out coached thoroughly. As I watched the game, there was exactly ONE player who showed any emotion and that was Jay Ajayi. He showed frustration with what was going on, and it was refreshing to see. As a fan, I want to see someone throw a Gatorade bucket, bang the bleachers, ANYTHING IN THAT MANNER TO SHOW WHAT WE AS FANS ARE FEELING.

I was a staunch defender of bringing in Jay Cutler and I liked the idea of slinging the ball around to our WR's the whole game. However, maybe I was wrong. Everything everyone was saying about him might have been true: Gutless, heartless, only cares about himself,.. etc. Or, maybe the offensive line is below average and none of this is on Cutler.
What we need more than anything you ask? We need our swagger back. I believe it starts with Jarvis Landry as I would consider him our emotional leader. We need to get the ball in his hands by any means necessary. Also, Adam Gase has to be better in his role as head coach. For example, I loved the move of benching Maxwell for Tank but there needs to be more changes like this. If he can’t be better we may as well fold it up, and call it a season.

There are no player projections this week, or areas of emphasis, or anything like that. One simple request: SHOW UP AND PUNCH THE TITANS IN THE MOUTH. I am desperate for my team to show some heart and act like they give a flip about us as fans and themselves as a team. There is too much damn talent on this team to not compete (no number of tweets saying that we don’t have talent will change my mind.) GO FINS… NOW AND FOREVER. 


  1. This article pretty well sums it up. The Cutler haters are having a field day but how much of that blame goes to the OLine? No holes for Ajayi to run through and no time to find any secondary receivers. This team needs to go to the Wizard and get a heart cause Ajayi is the only one showing any. Our playmakers are non-existent. Timmons is back, now its time for Stephone Anthony to get in there along with Maluoga. The middle of the field is wide open. Really want Gase to step up and chew on some people to get them going. Bottom line is Fins have to stop with the Band-Aid QB's and draft one next year and turn the reigns over to them. Cutler nor Tannehill nor Moore are the answer. Don't trade for Manning or Rivers cause that just slows down the process. Love the Fins but Sunday is a must win to try and salvage any part of this season. "Fins Up"


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