Why Cam Wake is One of the Best to Ever Play for the Miami Dolphins

Cam Wake is one of the best to ever put on a Miami Dolphins uniform plain and simple. There’s uncertainty as to when he hangs it up is he good enough to be a Hall of Famer? That’s a question that will be answered on a different day.

Wake came to the team the year after Miami had that unbelievable 2008 season with Chad Pennington. None of us really knew who he was or what he’d become as a football player in the NFL. In his two years in the CFL, Wake combined for 39 sacks but it’s rare when a player from the CFL comes over to the NFL and duplicates their play.

Wake came into his first season playing 14 games and only starting in one of them. He finished that year with 5.5 sacks. That seasonal performance earned him the starting job in 2010 and he took full advantage of that with 14 sacks. There was no doubt that this guy was a beast on the d-line and that he was something special. In 2011 he produced well once again and was looking for a new contract in 2012.

We all know that after that 2008 season the team went back to be the unstable Miami Dolphins. Losing season after losing season and no real sense of what direction they were going. Wake could’ve just played out his contract and went to a contender where his play would contribute to something bigger. But no, Wake wanted to stay with this dysfunctional franchise and he did signing a 4-year deal in 2012.

You know what he did after signing that contract? He finished the first year of it by having his best season up to that point totaling 15 sacks and earning himself a spot in the pro bowl and a spot on the All-Pro 1st team. He then followed up the next two years with solid seasons and was selected to the pro bowl twice more.

Then 2015 came. On a Thursday night game against the Patriots Wake blew out his Achilles. I’m sure most of us thought that was it. Wake was already up there in age and most players when they blow out their Achilles don’t come back the same. Wake didn’t care. He rehabbed his injury and came back the next season. He kept everyone quiet by playing in every game and he produced 11.5 sacks.

After that season Miami gave him a 2-year extension which we all hope ensures that he retires a Miami Dolphin and almost certainly will end up that way. Now Wake is finally playing on a good football team and the front office owes him at least that.

Cam Wake has always been that sense of stability on a team that had none before. Even with the losing seasons a few years ago Wake always gave us something to hold our head up high. The team owes it to him to make sure his last few seasons are spent winning.

He has given everything to this franchise and stuck by them even when he didn’t need to. All of this shows why he has become one of the best to ever play for this franchise.