Daily for Monday, Nov 20th: Why It's Time to Move on From DeVante Parker

On today's show we have a rant on why it's time to move on from Devante Parker. Why it isn't working and why he always is underperforming year after year. Plus some red flags we have seen recently and maybe we should have seen earlier. We also talk about how the hate thrown at Mike Tannenbaum is unfair and undeserved.
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  1. Should have moved on from Parker instead of Ajayi in my opinion but I agree with most of what you said. Never plays, doesn't produce, you can only live on "hype" for so long before people stop believing. I am at the breaking point like you are and it probably is time to move on and get what you can from him before he has no value what so ever.

  2. Which recvr has looked all pro with Cutler/Moore? The potential is there and if he can finally get the health in check with a steady qb (T-Hill?) and repetitions he is the least of our problems. He was blowing up camp with RT17 until he got hurt. Fins have made the continued mistake of getting rid of quality players too soon.

  3. The reason why Tannenbaum is always going to get so much 'heat' is because he IS in charge and has been since Ross changed his position from 'advisor' to VP of football. I agree that Gase's fingerprints are on the 2017 Dolphins (namely the bone-headed moves of Cutler and Thomas) but it's widely considered that Chris Grier is a puppet for Tannenbaum.

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