Dolphins Need To Find A Tight End

One of the biggest needs the Miami Dolphins have on offense is the need for finding a tight end that can create mismatch problems for a defense. This seems to be a problem area the Dolphins have had for  and they have gone down many avenues to try to fix. Think about it when was last time the Dolphins have had a consistent pass catching threat at tight end? I'd go back as far as Ferrell Edmunds and Keith Jackson.

Julius Thomas was suppose to be the answer and I was really excited about his addition this year considering the success he had with coach Adam Gase with the Denver Broncos, but it hasn't worked out. Thomas is a shell of the player he was a few years ago. He looks like a player breaking down by injuries. Before Thomas they tried Jordan Cameron, but he had chemistry issues with Ryan Tannehill and his concussion issues were a problem.

I know fans are going to say we shouldn't have let Charles Clay go as a free agent 3 years ago, but Clay was a talented player who was inconsistent. He could catch 6 passes for over 100 yards one game then disappear for 4-5 games. Plus he has a knee issue which the Buffalo Bills are finding out is a real issue. His first two season were inconsistent partly because the Dolphins didn't know where to play him because he was an h-back/TE. He would flash big plays, but then was inconsistent. It wasn't until his 3rd year when he took advantage of an opportunity when Dustin Keller, who the Dolphins signed as a free agent in 2013, tore his knee up in the preseason and Clay finally showed what he could do.

Through the years the Dolphins have gone through players like Michael Egnew, Dion Sims, Anthony Fasano, David Martin, Randy McMichael, Jed Weaver, Troy Drayton, and Eric Green. All of these player were busts, inconsistent or just simply weren't the type of player to create mismatches to opposing defenses.

The Dolphins haven't made tight end a priority in the draft either. They did draft Egnew in the 3rd round in 2012, but he wasn't an NFL tight end and did nothing. They also took Sims in the 4th round of 2013, but he was more of a blocker and an inconsistent pass catcher. In 2010, the Dolphins had a chance to draft Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, but instead took Koa Misi and John Jerry. Its important to have a tight end to stretch the seam and create mismatches like a Gronkowski and Graham so the Dolphins need to make it a priority. Look at some of the better offenses in the league like the New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, and the Kansas City Chiefs they all have a tight end that creates problems for opposing defenses.

Having a tight end to stretch the seam of the middle of the defense also opens up the offense. It creates more space for the wide receivers and can even open up running lanes for the running backs so the box isn't stacked at the line of scrimmage. It's a position the Dolphins have to make a priority this off season.


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