Baker Mayfield to Miami Talk

There have been many rumors around saying that there is a possibility that Baker Mayfield will be available at pick #11 and then be selected by our Miami Dolphins. In all honesty I don't know how I would feel about that. This whole thing with the Cutler experiment has had me reluctant to want a new quarterback and I honestly just want Ryan Tannehill back. Adam Gase has made lots of coaching staff changes on the offensive side of the ball and the real question is now if Gase is setting up this offense for Tannehill, Mayfield, or any other quarterback.

Ryan has been our quarterback for years now and the Dolphins have stuck with him because of his potential and now he is starting to show that potential on the field and you're going to bring in another quarterback who can easily take his job? Not to mention and just sit there with the large contract Tannehill has. Ryan doesn't deserve to be a backup and neither does Mayfield and since you have so much money invested in Tannehill stick with him and pick up an offensive lineman to help protect your recently injured quarterback. If the Dolphins draft Mayfield and don't start him immediately that would hurt the career of a young quarterback with so much talent and would be a shame for the Miami Dolphins.

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  1. If you don’t mind to have a mediocre team and happy with a 8-8 season. Then Tannehill is good for you .
    Enough is enough, he is been around almost for six years. When you guys want to wake up and see he is not made to be franchise quarterback.
    He is just as good as Chad Henne was .
    We have to draft a quarterback every year till we find the right quarterback.

  2. My thoughts on Miami selecting Baker Mayfield 11th, Hell yeah. Has anyone watched Oklahoma this year, this guy is amazing. I love guys that have to earn everything they get. He has quick feet, hands , trigger, reads , accuracy, decision making. Scouts had doubts about Deshaun Watson, the intangibles cant be under valued, this guy knows his position and balls out, saw him flat only once this year, we've missed on our first rounders or played it safe, nothing to lose imo.

  3. Tannehill is a solid starting NFL QB if he can return to full health. He is not a Pro-Bowl type QB. He has a strong arm, is athletic, and has good character. He does not feel the pass rush nor maneuver in the pocket well. If the Fins feel that Mayfield has the "It" factor then take him and develop him as a backup for 1 season then decide if its time to move on from Tanny. Since Tanny is very likable it is likely this staff would instead trade down with a team like Arizona or Buffalo that is QB starved and pick up some extra picks.

  4. I think its a GOOD thing to draft a QB and have him sit and learn behind a veteran for at least a year. It didn't hurt Aaron Rogers, Jimmy Garrapolo, and others. Some QBs do come out of college NFL-ready, but not very many. Most young QBs that start directly out of college fail, some spectacularly. There are many things to learn about playing QB in the pros, not all of them on the field. QB being probably the most important position in football, I think young QBs should be every chance to succeed, and I believe this is the way to do it. It used to be the way that every QB was handled, and I think it would be a good system to return to.

  5. What help is there for the criminally insane. And when they are the braintrust of your team; what can you do?
    Like Chad Henne, Tannehill has shown his ceiling and it is not a high one.
    Well; if the braintrust is going with tannehill; we have nothing to look for in 2018 but the firing of adam gase and company.
    Yes, tannehill will claim his 7th coach this season and his name is adam-waist-our-season-gase!


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