Daily for Sat, Jan 27th: Tannehill in 2018, Senior Bowl Talk, and more Landry News

On today's show we talk about Ryan Tannehill heading into the 2018 season and how this is a Make or Break year for him. Why the fate of so many people are riding on how Ryan plays in 2018. We break it all down and tell you why there are no more excuses for Ryan in 2018. We also talk about the Senior Bowl which is taking place today. And we close out the show with the latest on Jarvis Landry and the Dolphins contract talks. Landry did various interviews with the NFL Network and ESPN in recent days and we break down what he said and is Landry just putting on a good face or has there been progress made with these contract talks? We give you the very latest.

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  1. The Dolphins have learned nothing from their own past. Daunte Culpepper had the same injury to his right knee and it affected his game to the point his former playing levels were nowhere near what the Dolphins thought and it finished Nick Saban. Adam Gase is 1-2 losing seasons away from being fired and no doubt finished as an NFL head coach. Tying his future to Tannehill, with his fragile knee and clear lack of skills will get him out of here. Really sad to see this once proud team in the hands of people who are clearly not good enough.

  2. I couldn't agree more on Tannehill. I am not one of the haters but there does come a time where you must move on and after this year is it with him. Hoping for the best with him but if he doesn't play well or is just ok as you said, its clearly time to move on. FYI I just found this podcast this week and its been a great find. I am really enjoying it. I listen to it while at the gym and have been going back listening to some older shows as well. Keep up the amazing work. Fins 4 Ever

  3. I have supported Tannehill as well but I agree, this is the year he puts up or needs to go.

  4. Great show and I agree mock drafts this time of year are stupid. Enjoyable podcast I listen every day.

  5. I have supported RT but man oh man, please draft a QB this 2018. The Fins cannot depend on RT only. Please get ready of Moore and Fales and bring other Q.B's. Enough said..


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