Daily for Thurs, Jan 18th: The Jarvis Landry Contract Negotiations

Today we go in depth on the Jarvis Landry contract negotiations with the Dolphins and how both sides have royally screwed this up so far. Why Landry and his agent are wrong for how they are handling this and why the Miami Dolphins front office is also screwing this up. Is one side more to blame than the other? Will the war of words stop? Is there too much bad blood at this point for each side to come to a deal? Tune in and listen and find out.

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  1. That's a passionate fan's podcast right there! This is why you guys are my go-to spot for Dolphins news these days. That podcast was right on and I loved the passion behind it. Stupid organization. Stupid player and agent.

  2. Thank you for calling everyone out on this situation. It is beyond absurd it has gotten this far and that the two sides are now fighting in the press. This show was needed to call everyone out on their BS. Excellent work.

  3. This show is priceless and why I listen to this podcast all the time. It was spot on with the points, it was passionate, and hit the nail on the head. Landry and his agent are idiots, the Dolphins are idiots as well for messing this up. Thank you for doing this show it was a venting session I think for many Dolphins who feel the same way.


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