Daily for Tuesday Jan 9th: Is Matt Burke Safe in Miami as the Defensive Coordinator & Jarvis Landry Going to the Pro Bowl

On today's show we talk about whether Dolphins defensive coordinator Matt Burke is safe in his role and will Adam Gase look to replace him in the coming days/weeks. If so who is on the open market to replace him. We also talk about Jarvis Landry going to the Pro Bowl as he was asked to be a replacement. We also talk about the Dolphins "win" playoff drought, Nick Saban, Miami playing in London next year possibly and more.

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  1. No More London Games!!!

  2. Entertaining show as always. I wouldn't cry if Burke was sent packing although I do think the downfall of the defense has a lot to do with a lack of talent at linebacker and no pass rush at all

  3. I am indifferent on Burke. If he stays fine if they get someone better thats cool too. Just found this podcast and I really enjoy it compared to some of the other lackluster Fin podcasts out there. You have a new fan in me that is for sure.

  4. Burke can stay just get better players for him


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