Daily for Wed, Jan 17th: Dolphins Hire 2 New Assistant Coaches & Interview w/Tony Bruno

On Today's show we talk about the Dolphins hiring a new RB and DL coach and what that means going forward. Could CJ Anderson be on his way to Miami? Also does the hiring of the new D-line coach signal that Matt Burke is staying on as the defensive coordinator as Burke and this new D-line coach were on the same staff in Detroit? We cover it all and give you the latest scoop. Also, Randy had the opportunity to speak with Philadelphia Sports Radio Legend Tony Bruno today to talk about Jay Ajayi and how he has been in Philadelphia since the trade to the Eagles. There were reports that Ajayi had issues and conflict in Miami with the coaches and we get the scoop if that has carried over to Philadelphia or has Jay been a model teammate. Listen to what Tony has to say!

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  1. Good interview with Tony Bruno!! Love how you guys get top end guests and breakdown the Fins like no other podcast. Some of the other Fin podcasts are so bad. Keep up the great work

  2. great two new coaches Gase brought in. He is cleaning house big time.

  3. Best Fins Podcast on the Internet!! Love it guys


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