Daily for Wed, Jan 24: Latest On Where Miami stands with Tannehill & Who is Out there to Replace Landry Should He Not Be Back

On today's show we talk about where the Miami Dolphins stand with Ryan Tannehill heading into 2018 and beyond. Per reports the Fins are still "All In" on Tannehill and believe he is there guy. We also talk about the report that Matt Moore is not going to be back in 2018 and what will Miami do for a #2 QB. We have senior bowl talk and start to dive into  Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield a bit. Plus we play the "WHAT IF" game with Jarvis Landry should he leave Miami and who can the Fins get to replace him.

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  1. I am not a Tannehill fan but I have given up on this debate. He is here to stay it appears and I have to live with it. Enjoy your show

  2. Love this podcast. This is where I come every day to get my Fins fix.


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