Miami Needs to Extend Jarvis Landry's Contract

Miami needs to give Jarvis Landry a long-term contract plain and simple. There’s been talk amongst fans and some reporters questioning whether he deserves a long-term contract.

There’s been arguments made that you shouldn’t pay 13-14 million for a slot receiver. Landry isn’t just some “slot receiver”. Landry set the record for most receptions in a player’s first three years in the league and people try to discredit that because he doesn’t average that many yards per catch. That isn’t Landry’s fault because Miami runs an offense where it’s more dink and dunk instead of going for big play after big play.

Landry has been in the league for 4 years and has averaged at least 100 receptions and a little more than 1,000 yards a year. Sure, if you’re just looking at the stats without any context you wouldn’t normally play a player like that big-time receiver money. Those are solid receiver numbers but on the surface, they’re not near the stats of top players like Antonio Brown, Deandre Hopkins, AJ Green, or Julio Jones.And as far as those reception numbers go, Landry is on the same level as Antonio Brown. Landry and Brown are the only two players to have more than 400 receptions over the last 4 years.

What people fail to realize though is that even with those numbers Landry does a lot more. Landry is by far the most reliable receiver on the team to look for on third down. Whenever this team needed to convert on a big third down Landry has always been there to do it. You don’t need to worry about drops cause that’s rarely a problem for him.

You don’t need to ask yourself whether he’s going to be productive in a game because he always is. There’s receivers on this team like Devante Parker and Kenny Stills who don’t produce every game. Landry is always the constant out of that receiving core who shows up when it matters most.

That brings me to my next point, let’s say Miami doesn’t give Landry an extension. Is this team sure they want Devante Parker to be their number one receiver going forward? Parker can’t stay healthy and plenty of his stats come during garbage time. Stills is only as good as his quarterback is.

And for the people who say to trade Landry, how do you know that the picks Miami would receive would turn out to be better players than Landry. Landry is by far the best receiver Miami has had in years and the stats back that claim up.

Then there’s the problem of him being too much of a hot head. I’ll agree with that, sometimes Landry does let his emotions get the best of him but I’ll take a guy who gets frustrated because the team is playing below average year after year rather than the guy who’s just there to collect a paycheck.

Landry is the heart and soul of that offense and letting him go whether it be through trade or just not extending him would be just another mistake this team has made over the last decade.