Dolphins Have to Consider Making Some Tough Decisions Before Free Agency Begins

This is the time of year in which all teams face tough decisions to get under the salary cap or create more room to be more active when free agency begins. The Miami Dolphins are no different and they are currently 8 million under the cap as it stands today. The Dolphins are going to create another 20 million when they cut Ja’Waun James, Julius Thomas, and Lawrence Timmons barring a change of heart on their end. There are other moves the Dolphins should consider with other players who have bloated salaries.

Cameron Wake has a salary of 8 million and he is going to be 37 years old. I hate to even consider this for the Dolphins, but the fact is he is going to be 37 years old next year and even though he had another 10-sack season it was a very quiet 10 sack season. There were games when he was a non-factor. The Dolphins have a ton of needs right now and it's not a guarantee the team will make the playoffs in 2018 so maybe the Dolphins trade him to a contender that needs a pass rusher and get some value in return. The best teams like the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers always get rid of players a year early rather than a year too late. This is the route I think the Dolphins should go and  trade him to a team that is in the hunt rather than keep him around for another rebuilding year.

Mike Pouncey is another player the team should consider cutting the cord with not just because of the fact he is owned 25 million over the next 3 years, but because of his hip issue. There have been rumors he will need hip replacement surgery before the age of 40. Pouncey will be 29 next year and last season was the first time he played a full 16 game season since 2012. He still is one of our better offensive lineman, but last year he had the most holding penalties of his career 6 which is twice his previous high. It makes me wonder if his hip has affected his on the field play and the physical toll it is taking on him.  If the Dolphins don't address this now they are going to have to eventually and you must wonder how his hip affects him next year or if he ever can get back to his pro bowl form.

Ryan Tannehill's contract is getting to where the Dolphins can get out of it with little cap consequences. I don't think Miami should get rid of Tannehill, but I do think the Dolphins should look into restructuring his contract. If the Dolphins go that route they could save another 11 million. The Dolphins were looking at quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl last month and even head coach Adam Gase was their scouting and he has never gone to the Senior Bowl in his 2 season. That combined with the fact the Dolphins are going to move on from Matt Moore and they have Tannehill's knee reconstruction surgery to worry about, they are going to take a quarterback in his draft. And possibly in the 1st round if one of the top quarterback’s slide.

The name that resurfaced again last week was the Dolphins considering cutting ties with Ndamukong Suh. This one I don't see happening because he is playing at a very high level and is still one of the best at his position. Now, he did just turn 31 years old and he is playing at such as physically demanding position at some point his body is going to wear down. Suh hasn't missed a game since being with the Dolphins. If Miami released him they would have to eat 22 million in dead money on their salary cap, but if they released him with a June 1st designation they would save 17 million and spread out the cap hit the next 2 years along with saving more money the next few years. Personally, I would keep him, but if someone offered a 1st round pick for Suh I would consider it.

These are some bold moves the Dolphins should consider. Let’s face facts, the Dolphins haven't won with these players so maybe it’s time to shake things up.


  1. I don't agree with the whole assesment. Tannehill won't restricted bc he is actually fairly cheap. ( about 14th highest paid an) wake is still productive and will only garnish a 4 -5 round pick bc of his age. The more realistic approach would be to cut Hayes and let Charles Harris play more snaps and gain experience.
    I do think they either restucture or waive pouncey.
    I also think they should franchise landry then trade Parker doing the draft . his talent age and Contract situation should garner a late 3rd pick. After that then they can work on a long term deal with landry.
    Ideally I would like to see them go after Eric ebron in free agency as well as cj Anderson.
    Those moves along with possibly a 3rd for Parker and possibly an extra 6th compensatory would allow them alot of freedom in the draft and free agency.
    Damian Williams - gone ( replaced by cj anderson)
    Jauwan James - gone ( draft pick early rounds )
    Bushrod - gone ( replaced by Jesse Davis)
    Pouncey - cap causality ( 2nd tier FA and Steen)
    Julius Thomas , casino and grey gone ( replaced by ebron and Darby)
    Devante Parker - traded ( replaced by mid round pick and tier 3 free agent )
    Timmons , hull, and Hewitt - gone ( replaced by early and mid draft picks as well as second tier FA to battle with Anthony)
    William Hayes, fede, and Phillips gone- ( replace with early to mid round pick as well as late round and third tier FA)
    Alteron Varner , nate Allen and Walt aikens gone ( keep Michael Thomas and Lucas. ( late round and unsigned free agents to replace aikens and special teams play)
    Thoughts ???

    1. I would cut Cameron Wake. No need to keep Wake for another year when you have C.Harris to develop. Wake is 37 years old, his best years are behind him. Time to look elsewhere. Plus the money you gain from his contract might help a little to resign Jarvis Landry or find some depth in free agency.

    2. Agreed. It would make more sense to dump Cameron Wake, his price tag is too high. I would keep Suh for at least another year though.

      As for Pouncey, if the Dolphins medical staff have doubts regarding his hip and that it might have recurring issues going forward, I would dump him too.

      I would rather sign and keep a healthy 25 year old WR ( Jarvis Landry) on the team, than one aging defensive end ( who's on his last years) and one injury prone Center.

    3. finfan 34, no way you franchise Landry. They wont pay him 16 million for a season. He gets a contract around 12 million or you move on. Can't cut William Hayes as he is a free agent. You bring him back because he was the best run stopper we had last year. Phillips showed some game last year so you keep and continue to rotate him with Godchuax. Wake is a dolphin for life so paying 8 million for what he brings is worth it. Most likely they extend him again with a restructuring of money. Cj Anderson is a good pickup if we can get him. I would like to see us pickup Trey Burton as TE. Our line was pretty solid the last 6 weeks of the season so Jesse Davis is a starter at g or t. Larson looked good also so Jawan James and his 9 million salary would be gone. Draft bast g/t available in round 3 and sign a mid tier free agent g/t/c.. I would look at best lb available rnd player available rnd 2. I would also like a mid round qb prospect like Mason Rudolph or Luke Falk in rounds 2-4...A lot depends on what they do in free agency..

    4. The Dolphins should strictly focus on signing Jarvis Landry.


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