Dolphins Quarterback Speculation from Tyrod to Mayfield

Let’s talk about the Dolphins quarterback situation. There was a recent report from Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald stating that the Dolphins will want to continue and stay in contact with Baker Mayfield. Also, there has been a report from PeterKing of saying that he wouldn't be surprised if Tyrod Taylor landed with the Dolphins. Let’s talk about some pros and cons with these two news stories that are out there today.

From the little time he was on the field, Baker Mayfield played a very good game at the Senior Bowl. Mayfield's mobility is a key attribute that the Dolphins need especially if we cannot fix the offensive line problems in the draft or free agency. Gase did do well with Ryan Tannehill in the one year that they've had together before the injury, but he didn't do so well with an older QB in Jay Cutler or Matt Moore. So, drafting Mayfield to have him sit behind Tannehill for a year and have Gase groom him into the quarterback he wants him to be could be a very good thing. Although, if Mayfield must play right away there is some risk there with the pick as playing a rookie quarterback quickly always has some risk.

On to the possibility of Tyrod Taylor suiting up in a Dolphins uniform, I'm going to give it to you straight and I believe the idea is outrageous. With all the teams who are desperate for a quarterback right now one would think one of those teams would make a play for Tyrod to be a starting quarterback for them. Would Tyrod turn down a potential chance to start in Arizona, Denver, or New York to hold a clipboard for Ryan Tannehill? I’m not so sure to be honest. The Dolphins do know Taylor well seeing him twice a year for a few years now and that could give them an advantage into turning him into the quarterback they want him to be, but I am skeptical of this actually happening.

I think it's in the Dolphins best interest to stay with Tannehill who they've already committed to and build around him. Starting with the offensive line by drafting guard Quenton Nelson and just give Tannehill another shot because as I said earlier Tannehill had made some strides before the injury and had some promising moments.


  1. Tannehill made strides ? You mean he was a middle of the pack unproven, 37-40 QB with back to back season ending knee injuries who has ZERO playoff wins after 6 years in the NFL. All of this is FACT not feelings, or blind faith which so many people are banking on. like Henne, Beck and now Thill.


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