DT Daily 2/13: Ronnie Brown joins the Podcast to Talk Dolphins & SEC RB's entering the NFL Draft

Former Miami Dolphins Running Back Ronnie Brown joins us on the DolphinsTalk.com Podcast to talk about the Miami Dolphins 2017 season and what he thinks the team needs to fix heading into 2018. He also talks about Zach Thomas and playing with him and how he shouldn't be overlooked for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And we also break down a lot of the SEC running backs that Ronnie has seen up close the past few years as they are about to enter the NFL draft and we get Ronnie's thoughts on them with a little NFL Draft breakdown of SEC running backs.

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  1. I loved Ronnie Brown when he was in Miami. So much fun to watch, always smiling, seems like a cool dude too every time he is on your podcast. This Dolphins podcast is so cool. I loved the Madison and Ronnie interviews. They are so relaxed and laid back in these long-form interviews you do with them. Stradford was great as well.

  2. Mr. Wildcat. Ronnie was a great player. I enjoy when you guys have him on the podcast.

  3. The Ronnie and Ricky show was so much fun to watch back in the day. Wish we had RB's like them on today's Dolphins

  4. Oh baby Ronnie Brown! I love the part of the interview where he says he likes Saban but is tired of Alabama winning. HA HA HA!! We all are Ronnie....we all are!!

  5. keep up the quality work on this podcast. it gives me my daily fix of Dolphins conversation and holds me over on when there isn't much news happening. I have been listening for a while now and I really like the podcast. just wanted to share

  6. Ronnie Brown...man I woulda loved to see him finish out that season he blew his knee, guy was leading league in total yds for rbs. Killed me as a fan to see that happen to such a class act and talent. Thanks for the memories Mr Brown. Shouldn't you be on coaching staff??


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