DT Daily for Fri, Feb 23rd: Vontae Davis Visits with Fins, Suh's Contract Issues, and Thoughts on Jonathan Martin News

Lots of news on this Friday. Vontae Davis who is on the open market visited with the Miami Dolphins today. We tell you what may be going on here with Vontae and Miami. Also, we talk about the rumblings of Ndamukong Suh and his future in Miami. Could he be cut, traded, or asked to take a pay cut? We go over every option and what it would mean to Miami's cap. We talk Landry and the latest there. Plus we dive into the details of the Jonathan Martin news that broke today and everything behind that.

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  1. awesome show. I listen all the time and you hit the nail on the head today with Suh. Something has to be done that contract is nuts

  2. I agree that something has to be done with Suh. Hate to see him go but if he does we could get 2 or 3 starters with the money it opens up and like you said then go draft a DT in Rd 1 to help replace him. Really could get 4 starters for what we are just paying him. Does make you wonder if its time to move on

  3. More Friday Shows. Add in some weekend shows! We need more DolphinsTalk.com Podcasts. This has become my favorite Podcast these days. Love it


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