DT Daily for Wed, Feb 7th: Troy Stradford Joins the DolphinsTalk.com Podcast to Talk All Things Miami Dolphins

On today's show we are joined by former Miami Dolphins running back Troy Stradford to talk all things Miami Dolphins. Troy talks about his time in Miami and being surprised about the Dolphins drafting him back in 1987. We also talk about the current Miami Dolphins running back Kenyan Drake. As well as his thoughts on Ryan Tannehill, DeVante Parker, Jarvis Landry, Adam Gase, and the Dolphins offensive line. Troy talks about why he wouldn't take a QB in Rd 1 of the upcoming draft and he tells a story about how he blew off a Dolphins workout back in 1987 and the Fins still drafted him.

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  1. Damn you guys get all the good guests. Keep em coming I am loving this podcast

  2. That is a great story Troy told about blowing the Dolphins off at the workout before his draft. And Shula still took him, amazing. Why I enjoy your podcast so much is you get stories you don't hear anywhere else. Keep up the great work.

  3. Troy didn't have a long career but when he was on the field he came up big in a few games. Always enjoyed watching him play

  4. Troy was a great guest and I agree with a lot of what he said. Have him on again more often. I so miss The Finsiders show they used to have back in the day on the Dolphins website. With Madison and Stradford this week you guys are the next best thing by far!


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