DT Daily Tues, Feb 27th: Die Hard Miami Dolphins Fan & Comedian Jim Florentine Talks Miami Dolphins Football

Comedian, Actor, Author and Die-Hard fan of the Miami Dolphins Jim Florentine joins us on the DolphinsTalk.com Podcast to talk some Dolphins football. Jim has been a fan of the team ever since he was a little kid and has some strong thoughts and opinions on the state of the current Miami Dolphins team. Hear what Jim thinks about Tannehill, Suh, Landry and more. Plus Jim tells a great story on how when he portrayed Ricky Williams on Inside the NFL on HBO many years back he was then fired over that skit.
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  1. Jim Florentine is one of my favorite comedians I love that he is a Dolphins fan I never knew. This is why your podcast rules it brings us shows like this. Please have Jim on again and yes after a game to hear his take on things!!

  2. Great show as always! I was a big fan of Crank Yankers and Jim Florentine on that show. Glad to hear he is a Dolphins fan!

  3. That Ricky Williams HBO bit was hilarious. We need Jim Florentine on the DolphinsTalk.com Podcast more often! This is by far the best Dolphins podcast on the internet. Really enjoyed listening to Jim today.

  4. Armando Salguero one day, former Fins radio voice Bill Zimpfer the next, now Jim Florentine. Who will you have on next? This podcast really does cover it all when it comes to the Miami Dolphins. So glad I found this show not that long ago. Can't wait to see what guests you have coming on the podcast soon. It's the one place these days to go to and you get to hear every reporter, player, former player, celebrity fan and more talk about the Dolphins. Keep up the amazing work

  5. HBO fired him over that skit is so stupid. That was so funny I remember that from back in the day

  6. One of the best podcasts you have done. You can tell Jim is a true fan and not a celebrity who pretends to be a fan but doesn't pay attention. Please have Jim on again that was a fun listen


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