Confessions of a Dolphins Fan-atic

For the Love
(Confessions of a Dolphins Fan-atic)

I know this is a Dolphins blog. And thank goodness for that because I am a Dolphins fan. But if we are talking about complete disclosure here on my first blog for, I should probably disclose that I was a Canes fan first. Thus, my blogger handle: “Island Canes.” And as early as 1966 barely out of rug-rat status I discovered football on Saturday afternoons and was hooked. Cut me and I bleed Orange n Green.

But a funny thing happened that same year of 1966. I discovered my blood was actually more Orange n Blue-Green, call it Aqua n Orange if you like.  That happened when I saw Joe Auer return the Dolphins first ever kickoff 95 yards for a Touchdown in front of about 26,000 fans, or let’s call them witness.’

I went to games on and off with my Dad after that and then in 1969 my father got us some season tickets. We were proud Miami Dolphin season ticket owners until 1988.

Yes, I was there for the undefeated season, for the Harris to Nathan hook n lateral San Diego game, I was there in the Orange Bowl on the Monday night broadcast when they shot John Lennon, was there for Marino vs. The Chicago Bears 1985, yes, yes and yes.

I was also at Miami Dolphins games before going to Dolphins games was an event. I went to Dolphins games before beepers, before 8-tracks, remember those... I was at Dolphin games when the concession staff outnumbered the fans. When guys like Wahoo McDaniel’s were more famous as wrestlers than as Linebackers. I was in the stands then, for the love.

We had season tickets in the West End Zone for 19 years.  And for most of those early years I wasn’t there because the Dolphins were any good. I was there for the love, for the love of my team.  And right now in 2018...if you cut me... you’d barely get a drip of blood, certainly not Aqua n Orange. I’ve given it all to this ridiculous excuse of Dolphins upper management and owner.  Who have all but destroyed my once proud franchise. Yes Mr. Ross has spent a lot of money. Yes his heart is in the right place. Yes, he has no clue.

I have doubts about all the key players. Mike Tannenbaum, Chris Grier, and Adam Gase.  When was the last time a Dolphins rookie made a real substantial impact during his rookie season? You could argue Laremy Tunsil, who fell into the Dolphins lap purely by accident. Before that?  Maybe Ju’Wuan James in 2014, played a lot at RT as a rookie at a position of dire need. He was solid if unspectacular. Ryan Tannehill in 2012? 12 td’s and 13 Int’s? Don’t think so. He will be 30 this July and we are still waiting on his first “All-Pro” year.  That’s 48 draft picks from 2012 through 2017. How many had great rookie seasons? No, better, lets go with just  “excellent?”  The silence is deafening.

Now let’s turn the spot light on Adam Gase. His performance so far as head man can only be labeled as on the job training. His coaching tree is not all that impressive, aside from a brief stint as an offensive assistant to Mike Martz in Detroit, and I don’t know if I’d call that impressive. He came to the Dolphins with no experience as a Head coach obviously, but with a lot of buzz about his upside and potential, having helped Jay Cutler have one of his better years in Chicago. But helping Jay Cutler have a “nice” year shouldn’t really be a resume builder yeah? 

Being so young and inexperienced, Gases’ coaching relationships are limited. So, he hires a staff in 2016. He fires almost everyone in 2018. Re-hires a staff of equally unimpressive names. Because, let’s be real, what impressive assistants want to work “for” an apparently still wet behind the ears HC? How Gase handled the Jay Ajayi issue was embarrassing at best. Then you include the Chris Foerster scandal, and well... I make my point.

So Gase hires guys off of the Super Bowl champion Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears staffs for 2018.... oh, wait, no, that’s not accurate. But you get the idea through my sarcastically drenched commentary. 

Then Gase sets off in 2017 to put together the most unimpressive group of Free Agent signees ever in the history of the team. The most productive free agent the Dolphins signed was Anthony Fasano.  Let me re-type that because I myself can hardly believe it. FA after FA was a bust, or close to it. Again, showing Gase’s lack of experience as a Head Coach.

In conclusion... I’m a Dolphin fan for the love of my team. And no amount of destruction heaped upon it by the incompetents now being paid millions to ruin the Dolphins, ahh, wait, to run the Dolphins...misspellings are a bitch no, will ever keep me from cheering and supporting my team.

Full disclosure right? I’m pulling for Adam Gase. I’m hoping he succeeds here and not somewhere else after we fire him.  Like say, that guy in the hoodie in New England who wasn’t good enough in Cleveland. The football Gods wouldn’t be that cruel to Dolphins fans would they?  I don’t care...I’m in it for the love. - Island Canes-Fins


  1. You are a die-hard fan as most real dolphin fans are. It has been 17 years since the great HC- QB combination of Don Shula & Dan Marino resigned. Little did we know at that time; that those two took most of the pride and dignity of the franchise with them when they left.
    The rest of the pride, respect and dignity bled out slowly over the past 17 years. The final crushing blow came last season, when adam gase traded away our best asset on offense for a 4th round happy meal.
    Further demise of the franchise will be reached this coming season; if they do not move on from tannehill. This is the only move that will give hope to the franchise and give gase another chance to redeem himself from that FOOLISH TRADE of Jay Ajayi.
    No other move will accomplish this for adam gase. Even if they should find another good RB. And if gase comes back with tannehill as our starting QB; he will deserve all of the embarrassing shame that is about to come upon him!


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