He Isn't "Their Guy"

The silly season is in full swing. Every day is filled with endless twitter rumors and mock drafts are updated hourly.  "Draft Experts" assert that certain prospects are either flying up or crashing down draft boards (while neither is true).  The best part, the Fins have not been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet. Ah, the silly season.

The draft rumors started circling early on about the Fins drafting a QB. There have been plenty of stories already linking Miami to Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield.  I have also seen articles linking the Dolphins to QB's Josh Rosen and Josh Allen.  Some think all the Miami QB talk is a smokescreen - saying that Head Coach Adam Gase and the Front Office are clearly committed to QB Ryan Tannehill.  The reality is, that as of right now, nobody knows. I'm not sure that Gase, General Manager Chris Grier or VP of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum knows.  But one thing keeps sticking in my mind - Ryan Tannehill isn't "Their Guy"! Everybody wants "Their Guy".  The guy that the Head Coach and quite often the General Manager hitch their wagon onto. The guy that they stake their jobs on. Tannehill was Jeff Ireland's & Joe Philbin's guy. (And Philbin wanted to ditch his guy after the first season).  Nobody wants to be saddled with someone else's guy. Gase didn't even want to be saddled with someone else's backup, so he went out and got his own guy.  (Obviously, that did not work out well, but that is a totally different topic.) I have ZERO sources, it's just a thought that I keep coming back to. Obviously, it doesn't have to be in round one, nor does it have to be this year, but. . .  If I were Gase, I would want my own guy to mold from day one. If I were Grier, I would want to make the call. If I were Tannenbaum, I would want to get it right this time. This isn't about how good Tannehill is or could be, he isn't "Their Guy"