I Just Had A Epiphany About The Landry Situation

Live look at me having an epiphany about the Jarvis Landry contract/franchise tag/potential trade situation.

So I woke up and was naturally thinking about Landry getting the franchise tag, which I went into the other night in a blog I wrote for Dolphinstalk.com, and how I still don't feel any better about the whole thing. In fact, I feel worse about it. My initial, horrible feeling of this looking like the Dolphins only franchised him so that they could trade him seems like where this is headed. Reports are that the Saints, Bears, Titans and Panthers are the top teams interested in Landry. However, I'm sure that any team can surprise people out of nowhere and jump up to be the front runner in this situation at any moment. Question is, what will Miami get back in return? Seems like Miami is fishing for a 1st but I'm not convinced that is what they'll get. Probably more around a 2nd is what they will get for him unless they package him and their 1st rd pick to move up in the draft to maybe Cleveland.

Where my epiphany comes in is when I thought about Landry and what he's done for this team in his first 4 years and how Miami generally, classically always have dumb situations swirling around them. I'm not going to go into and name all the past crazy situations, but I have a feeling y'all have a good idea which ones I'm talking about. I'll let you upset yourself with those thoughts. Only in Miami can they have a guy that they drafted, who's in their prime, lead the league in catches in his first 4 years and have it not be a no-brainer to sign him to a long-term deal. It's peak Miami ridiculousness. Nowhere else would something like that happen. I'm confident every other team gets a deal done here. Here's where it's also peak Miami ridiculousness; there are decent reasons not to sign him long-term. Landry is slowly becoming one of those guys who loses his mind on the field and costs the team. But the main reason is that somehow Miami figured out a way to have the guy with the most catches in the first 4 years to start a career also average about -3.6 yards per catch. That literally can only happen in Miami because why not? Such a perfect storm of ridiculousness is why this franchise has been the most vexing franchise in the last 18 years. So many stupid and completely mind-numbing situations that just make Miami fans shake their head and stare off into oblivion and wonder about how nice it must be to be a fan of a team that doesn't have the dumbest stuff consistently happen to them. No team is perfect, but nobody does ridiculousness quite like the Dolphins do it. We the tortured souls who are Dolphins fans will continue to walk with our heads held high because we can take it. Take pride in that



  1. If the front office doesn't get this offseason right, I fear that the team will take significant steps backwards.
    You have issues on the offensive line , TE and lack depth at RB.
    Why add to those issues by taking away Landry. There is no game changing WRs in free agency or available via trade.( Bryant)
    They could very well find themselves in a situation next year where devante Parker is injured. That leaves a qb with a bum knee and week o line throwing to no TE and stills and grant.
    That worries me very much!

    I haven't even talked about the defense yet.....

  2. They will screw this up...nothing will change....

  3. Go outside and get some air. None of your angsty angst is going to make any difference.
    Rest assured that a slot receiver is not a crucial piece to a championship team. If the team can squeeze a first round pick out of the Juice, great, if not a second and a player, That's more than they had invested and leaves them able to allocate that money to a true number one WR if one can be found, rather than be stuck paying a dink and dunk hothead way too much money for the value he has on the field.
    Slot receiver are not rare, we shouldn't pay one like they are.

  4. I still belive that we will see either grant or carro as our new slot. not to mention tannehill healthy . but we need a true te . to help this offense out. lets trade landry. but lets not give him away. a number 1 would be awesome. number 2 great if its this year . cards r stacked against us .but you never know. we need better players. juice did us right but our offense sucked. with him. cant suck any more without him I hope!!!! good luck which ever way we go. need more talent to challenge the pats

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  6. Soooo.... -Jarvis flippin' Landry's NOT a #1 RECIEVER!!??? In WHAT ALTERNATE UNIVERSE DO LIVE IN, where Landry's NOT A #1 RECIEVER!!??? Ohhh'... So, because he plays the majority(maybe 65% of the time) of the time in the slot??? Sorry to be to HAVE TO SAY IT!! But to ALL those NARROW MINDED, CLUELESS, PEOPLE WHO DONT RECOGNIZE Landry's value FOR WHAT IT TRULLY IS!..-BUT WEATHER HE'S IN THE SLOT, OUTSIDE, playin' WR2, running motion behind the QB, or playing behind the line(as a RB1, or RB2) YOU CANT GET AWAY WITH JUST CALLING HIM SOME/ANY OL' SLOT RECIEVER! Honestly, he's MORE VALUABLE THAN HE'S EVER BEEN GIVEN CREDIT FOR!! Honestly, I can't think of a MORE VERSITILE WR, WHO STILL PUTS UP WR1 #'s EVERY YEAR, yet people talk about him like he's JUST A "run of the mill" slot reciever, when in truth, HE'S SOOOO MUCH MORE, & IS PLAYED IN, & IS PRODUCTIVE AT SOOO MANY DIFFERENT POSITIONS ON THE FIELD! Not to mention, -He's got -THE BEST HANDS IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE!-& just How many wideouts do you see used(or capable of being used)as a RB2, behind the QB?? Or how many of the "so called WR1's" who ARE OVERVALUED(in many cases) even have the balls to consistently make, & go for(for that matter) the catch over the middle, with 2 LB'szeroed in, ready flatten him the minute the ball hits his hands, & STILL COME AWAY WITH THE CATCH, & BE WILLING TO DO THAT ALLLL DAY EVERY DAY??!! He kind of reminds me of a tougher, MORE VERSITILE, & MUCH BETTER version of what many thought C. Mcafrey(sry about the spelling there) MIGHT EVENTUALLY TURN INTO! That's IF, he was WR centric, as opposed to RB. Anyone who thinks he's LESS VALUABLE BECAUSE HE'S not a "burner, tall, outside WR", ALWAYS SEEM TO LEAVE OUT HOW VERSITILE HE TRULLY IS!!! I mean the guy CAN, & DOES, LEGITIMITELY PLAY 4, or 5 different positions, & IS A HUGE THREAT NO MATTER WHERE HE LINES UP ON THE FIELD!!! -CASE CLOSED!-

    1. P.S. That was in reply to DSell67, NOT anonymous btw!...

    2. Oh my, caps and everything, I'm truly intimidated by your format.
      I don't really care how many positions JL plays. He's just a football player. Hes kinda good, you're right. (See there, I agreed, you can turn your cap locks off and take your blood pressure medication now. But he's just one of 53 guys, and its far more important that all 53 be good players than to get all worked up about one of them. If Jarvis wants to be a team player and not be ridiculous with his contract demands, he'd be a welcome member of the team. But he's not like that, Jarvis is all about Jarvis and always has been. How many other players have their own clothing line separate from the NFL? He's all about himself and I don't care how good you are, I don't want people like that in the team. If we can get something for him, great, we can replace him and move on in better team shape. If not, let him walk, we will be fine without any me first players on this team.
      You saw how much we missed Ajayi right, yes that's right, not at all. That's how much you'll notice when Juice is gone.
      Now, unlock those caps go outside and smell a flower or something.

  7. Ok. I'll go no caps. & I agree, footballs a team sport, & we need the money for other places. Why is that?? Is it because he's not worth 13-14mil that he's asking for, & it's too much money for a so-called "slot-receiver"?? Please tell me who's more valuable: Wallace, Marshall, or Landry?? Now two of those, are your "so called #1 Wide outs", who are "supposedly" worth more money than some measly, slow, slot guy, right?? Sorry, that logic is soo incredibly rediculous, "short-sighted", & wrong, anyone who's watched the fins clearly know how stupid that statement trully is! Also, the notion that Landry's a "me guy", & not a team player, either just doesn't like the guy, or doesn't watch, &/or follow Landry, & the Fins. Did he sit out last year, during training camp, or preseason, because that's what a "me guy" does!-(kinda' like his old running mate in NY, who's actually the exact opposite of Landry if you pay close attention!) No... Landry does t pout about not getting the ball, or not show up due to contractual disputes, quite the opposite! When Landry gets firey on the sideline, it's because he's either trying to energize the team, or because he, or team aren't performing like he knows they can! Even Ray Charles can see the difference between when Landry goes off, as opposed to the usual whinney, pouting diva WR's! He IS the energy behind this offense, & entire team for that matter! I would like for him to be more of a leader in the locker room, but his leadership, & energy, on the field, is unquestionable! I have never seen him complain about not getting the ball, or things you would consider selfish. -(except for maybe a taunting penalty, or for celebrating in a manor the league doesn't like, but the rest of America does!) Thats actually one of the things that makes him so valuable; his firey play! & to dismiss the value of a multi-role player, is to dismiss the way the entire league is now trending! Sorry, but if you can do 3 things(or play three positions), & do it at a level where your better than the guy that only does that specific thing, or position, that adds to your value! He's not breaking records(not just team records, but LEAGUE records) because he's some run of the mil, slot reciever, "that can be found anywhere"(paraphrasing your own words btw). He's a slot reciever, with the best hands in the league, that can, & does play inside, outside, & behind the QB, that plays, & hits harder than "Jay Train" eeever did, but he's also one of the few that can go over the middle for 80% of the game, catch every ball thrown to him, & make the LB's worried about him hitting them! That's a player that's worth every penny of 13mil, that would be handed out to the "next guy up" so to say, at the WR1 position! He's only breaking records that are supposidly WR1 records, right? So, does he deserve WR1 money??-Hell yes! Because he's a WR1, & so much more! Trying to downplay utilitarian players that break records, is to stick your head in the sand to the way the NFL is now going! The more roles you can play, & play at a record breaking level, the more valuable you are!

  8. & just because your insecure about your position, doesn't make it ok to try and minimalize people, & their positions by calling them crazy, or on drugs. Honestly, it just shows your insecurity, & maturity. I know the Internet is full of people like you, but it doesn't make it right, or ok. Next time, let your debate/argument, stand on its own merits, rather than taking "cheap shots", because your stance is weak with, or without, your cheap shots!


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