Is Tannehill Going Down The Same Road As Alex Smith?

Earlier this week the Kansas City Chiefs basically robbed the Washington Redskins in a trade that sent Alex Smith to Washington which makes Patrick Mahomes the starter for the Chiefs. So, my question for today is with all the Mayfield talks and other QB's that might be available in the draft, is Tannehill going the same path as Alex Smith? I believe so and here's why.
I do indeed think Tannehill will eventually be leaving the Miami Dolphins and that the Fins will draft a quarterback in this year's draft. Tannehill has been inconsistent season after season going nowhere with such a talented Dolphins receiving core and I think we need a new QB for Gase to start fresh with. Also, once Tannehill was indeed having a good season he gets injured and is out for a year and a half because of re injury in training camp. It will be better if the Dolphins bring in Mayfield in my opinion, resign Jarvis Landry, and to bring in such a great QB with the receiving core that we have is phenomenal. Although there are some issues with the offensive line, Mayfield has the legs and the arm to roll out of the pocket if under pressure and make the plays that Tannehill could never make.  
If the Dolphins trade Tannehill we can always get some much-needed aspects defensively and maybe some offensive lineman in return from the trade to help, make a talented team even better. A rookie QB or even a new QB has been much needed in Miami and our latest Jay Cutler experiment didn't work out so well so it could be a huge step if the Dolphins can finally find our franchise QB this year.
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  1. Mayfield is Manziel 2.0. No Thanks

  2. The only problem is Gase is committed to Tannehill which I dont think is a bad thing. We don't need a qb first rnd.

  3. If Tannehill had a consistent coach and offensive system he would be a lot better.

  4. tannelhill is better than given credit show me any that could take the punishment that he took and still play with all his heart and accuracy also where did you come up with he cant roll out and throw ? i must have been watching a different qb then. as for bring in a different qb would set the team back even further time for adjustments and meshing all to the qb ... more of the same bs thinking that has gotten the franchise nowhere but rebuilding . time to stick with the plan build on it and see it all the way threw. as for using the cutler as a point of view, sad anyone would point that out other than a bad panic poor choice and waste of money which they new what kind of qb he was before wasting time and money on , your poor choice of sad judgement shows lack of true talent and questionable dol-phan expertise .... i for one no longer interested in ur opinions .

    1. RT has thrown 12 picks or more each season. That is not what a franchise QB does. Turnovers leads to losses everyone knows that and now he has a bum knee.

  5. Enough is enough. When are you fans going to get up from this dream that Thanehill is the frenchise quarterback?


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