The You Can Never Have Enough ___________ Applies To Every Position

It's an expression you've heard a billion times during an NFL season and doubly as we get closer to the NFL Draft. Some analyst, some coach, some talking head spewing the same rhetoric talk you've been hearing every single year of your sport lovin life. That expression is; you can never have enough (insert position.) Doesn't matter if it's quarterback, corner backs, defensive ends, linemen, running backs pick a position except punters and kickers. But Sernaik, aren't punters and kickers positions on a football field? Yes, but this is about positions that have depth charts. So, if you want to die on that hill of a technicality go ahead and die on it.  

As the Dolphins approach the combine and the subsequent draft everyone that has a smart phone will have an opinion on who Miami should draft and that's fine. I'm all for that. What I find super annoying is the folks that will say that Miami or any team for that matter should shy away from certain positions because they have depth. Notice how I had to throw in their other teams because if you're any kind of tortured Dolphin's fan you understand that Miami has a dearth at just about every position except perhaps wide receiver. But even with wide receiver, Miami currently have a pretty well rounded receiving core albeit we don't know where Landry will be playing in 2018 but assuming that he will be there in Miami, if Miami drafted a wide receiver early I really wouldn't be that upset about it. Maybe initially I'll scream, yell and throw things be slightly annoyed but I realize that guys get hurt all the time and depth is what decides most championships. Take the current champs for instance. The super bowl MVP Nick Foles signed a 2-year $11 million contract to be Wentz's backup. Seems like a pretty smart move. Corey Clement, an undrafted RB, who at one time was the team’s 4-5 back on the depth chart had 100 yards and a TD in the super bowl. Probably a good idea to keep him around after acquiring Ajayi when it would have been easy to release him. Look at the Patriots. They get ragged on for not drafting well but they always have a ton of injuries and have tons of players that no one ever has heard of and yet they play well enough to not let the floodgates open to often. 

The point of all this is simply you can't have too many guys at any position. You never know when you're going to need an extra LB or an extra guard. Miami constantly struggles to have any kind of reliable backups seemingly all the time. It's always a guy gets hurt and we all know that the guy going in to replace him is nothing more than stop-gap player, a guy we all know can't do the job for the long haul. So, if they want to draft a bunch of linemen or DBs, go for it. The coaches will find somewhere for them to make plays if they draft right, which is of course that magic question in all of this by the way. 

I understand that this expression has a lot to do with draft position. I don't think Miami should or will draft a QB with their 1st pick. So, will I get mad if they do just that? At first, yes, I will be mad. But I also understand if they did do that they obviously feel that Tannehill is just about tapped out. Ultimately, Miami can go with any position in the draft and I think you can understand why they would have done that. That's just where Miami is. Hopefully that will change after this draft. But it's Miami, so don't hold your breath.

PS- I just realized that this whole blog was about me really disliking an expression. This is what you do when you out of nowhere have school closed to ice that apparently no weather person saw coming.