VIDEO: Dan Marino on The Dan Patrick Show


  1. The greatest of all time!

  2. Freaking love that guy. Great interview.

  3. This is the best Dolphins website out there. Come here for all the good video, news, and articles. And of course the podcast which is by far the best. Can't wait to see which former player you have on next. The show is second to none

  4. Dan Marino is the greatest QB EVER! Because Dan Marino rewrote the record books and Dan's records were not broken until the rules were changed in favor of the QB/WRs.
    This is the order of the 5 greatest QBs ever:

    (1) Dan Marino
    (2) Joe Montana
    (3) John Elway
    (4) Jim Kelly
    (5) Warren Moon

  5. This is why I love this friggin site. I get the best Fins Podcast, video like this, and all of my Dolphins news each day. My one and only stop as a Dolphins fan. Keep up the great work


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