What Dolphins Option Would You Choose?

Here are some options for the Dolphins at pick #11, on draft day. These are in no particular order or preference:

Option # 1)
Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame
Height: 6-7. Weight: 310.

Ok, so when was the last time the Dolphins had the opportunity to draft the #1 OT on the board? Wasn’t it Laremy Tunsil? And, if this is the Dolphins first pick, it allows the team to move Tunsil to LG, which is, in my humble opinion, his best position. And where he could become an all-pro performer in the league for many years to come. Or, put Tunsil at RT and save the J. James $$ that's going to kick in shortly.


Option # 2)
Trade down and receive additional picks. Here is an idea... Buffalo owns the #21 & 22 picks in the first round. Highly unlikely the Bills would trade with someone in their own division. However, it is my belief that the Bills, if presented with the perfect storm, would take a QB. If it isn’t the perfect situation they may continue the Tyrod Taylor odyssey. So here you go, if one of the top QB’s, as a Baker Mayfield for example, were to be available, in my humble opinion, they would pull the trigger. There is a chance, and I believe a good one, Mayfield falls to #11. What would Buffalo do? Mayfield would be the perfect fit for the current Bills offense already. What would you do if you were running the show in Davie? I make that trade faster than it takes Tonto to say, “Yes Kemosabe”. Then you take one of the top O-Linemen at #21, and then one of, if not the top TE, or pass rushers, or LB’s on the board at #22, whomever the Phins have rated higher. Question is, do the Dolphins have the intestinal fortitude (balls), to make this trade with an inter division team for a QB? I would bet the house against it. But let’s see what Oh Christmas tree does, stay tuned.


Option # 3)
I been preaching the need to upgrade our LB unit via the draft ever since we passed on future hall of fame LB Luke Kuechly. I shed a tear that day, but enough about me, instead we opted for Ryan “still waiting on my first pro-Bowl at age 30” Tannehill. I thought the team had taken a real step forward by taking Raekwon McMillan last year, but.... in my continued humble opinion, this is the #1 area of need for the Phins, as proven by 3 of the 4 playoff teams. VERY good defenses can get you to the dance even with an above average-good QB. And you can win the dance, with an above average-good QB, which is the definition of Ryan Tannehill found in Webster’s. So... LB’s Roquan Smith and Tremine Edmunds are the cream of the crop. Take your pick, oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree.


Option # 4)
How badly do the Dolphins want a QB? Really? Well, we’ll find out on Thursday April 26th. So let’s go through the QB options shall we:

a) Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
Height: 6-4. Weight: 210 ...perhaps the most plug n play ready QB, and probably the first one taken. Yet, IMHO, he isn’t as good as either Mitch Trubisky or Deshaun Watson were in 2017. Rosen throws a pretty pass. But he is small boned, rail thin, and I don’t believe he is 210, not for a minute. And there is something quirky about him, his personality, don’t know, just something off. Thankful he will go in the top 4, so the Phins don’t feel tempted.

b) Sam Darnold, QB, USC
Height: 6-4. Weight: 225 ... only issue with Darnold is youth. For me this kid is a diamond, an unpolished diamond...not in the rough, he is plenty complete, just needs some polishing up is all. He has a wonderful arm and delivery. If this kid falls to the Giants at # 2, it would be the perfect, perfect, perfect landing spot. Did I say perfect? He could sit a year, maybe even 2 depending on Eli’s performance. And when he is ready he will be a future all-pro guaranteed. But if Cleveland takes him, you absolutely know they will put him on the field. And I foresee another possible David Carr situation where a team’s need (Houston Texans), ruined a potentially bright future. Either way he will not be there for the Dolphins.

c) Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming
Height: 6-5. Weight: 222 ... here is another option and again another perfect scenario if the young man falls to say the Denver Broncos at #5. Actually I see Denver signing a free agent QB this offseason. Either Kirk Cousins or Case Keenum. But still taking Allen, which would be a fantastic scenario for the young man. Because when he is ready, the NFL will be really happy. Kid has a bazooka for an arm and is also a gifted athlete. Should add many a highlight to the NFL Network Red Zone. No, Phins have no shot here.

d) Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma
Height: 6-0,1/2. Weight: 214 ... OK, so you know that at #6 the Jets are poised to take yet another QB. You know the philosophy right, keep drafting one till you get it right. But do they do that here, with another rookie QB in Mayfield who will either be a super pro or a complete bust? Or do you try and sign Kirk Cousins and give Bryce Petty another year or two of grooming? I don’t think they take a chance on Mayfield personally. Ok so here we go.... Tampa doesn’t need a QB at #7, Chicago doesn’t need a QB, 49’ers nope, Oakland, highly unlikely. Welcome to the Miami Dolphins first pick in the 1st round... and with the 11th pick the Miami Dolphins select.....

Island Canes-Fins Up


  1. Draft Josh Allen at 11.

  2. I agree with Allen if available at #11. Big upside. Will not help much next year but is the smart move. He is the only QB i take in the 1st rd. After that you have to go LB or FS. I say FS because that would move McDonald of Jones closer to the line - maybe even OLB to stay. You need speed now to keep up with all the backs and TE's. Everything is either a swing pass or crossing route. Speed is the name of the next wave of defense IMO. Days of the 250 to 260lb LB's are gone. I like Smith or Edwards as mentioned. But if not there then go top FS - someone who will actually create a turnover! Lastly, please don't go OL AGAIN in the 1st rd!! 1st rd is for a Playmaker on offense or defense.

  3. I believe that the OL can be addressed, needs addressed, but could be addressed by trading down to acquire more picks. That would also give a better shot at getting others needs,also (like LB, even lower in the first round). One thing that stood out greatly to me while watching the SB, was that neither QB was under duress very much.

  4. I have no faith in this organization with the clowns like Mike T. and Grier running the show. Sorry for the negativity but I cannot trust this FO in making the ight moves. Until Ross sells this team to someone that CARES about winning.

  5. Have to go QB if one of those 4 are there. There is no position more critical to success in the modern game. And it is rare to have a QB class this strong combined with a spot high enough to get one. Tannehill's contract is up after 2020. By then we may have developed a long term franchise QB.

  6. Gase took the job here because he wanted to work w/ Tannehill and make him better. This is what he told Ross. But w/ one winning season and one losing season, along w/ some of the terrible decisions, Gase's butt is now in the hot seat. If he gives up on Tannehill by drafting a QB in the 1st round........And the Dolphins don't make the playoffs, he is gone. Or he should be gone!!!
    Gase and company simply can't afford to not improve either the OL or LB in the 1st round. And lets not forget TE either. I think they need to move up and pick up another 3rd round pick for the TE & QB. Hopefully one of the second tier QB's is there in the 3rd.
    This is just plain obvious. No other way to do it if Gase wants to be around in 19 and beyond.

  7. Josh Allen reminds me too much of tannehill. I say draft Mason Rudolph. He appears to be NFL ready now.


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