Bobby's Dolphins Mock Draft 2.0 (Miami trades up and lands Mayfield)

Free agency is about dried up, teams are now mainly focused on the draft and the Dolphins are a completely different team than they were before free agency started: WR Jarvis Landry, DT Ndamukong Suh, C Mike Pouncey, HB Damian Williams, FS Michael Thomas, TE Julius Thomas, and LB Lawrence Timmons are gone. Replaced by WR Danny Amendola, WR Albert Wilson, HB Frank Gore, OG Josh Sitton, C Daniel Kilgore, and QB Brock Osweiler.

If you are keeping track, Miami filled some needs but still have plenty of holes on their roster that need to be addressed and truth be told – they most likely will still have a couple of needs left after the draft as well but look for them to take care of that after June 1st when Suh’s $17 million is off the books.

Below is my second Miami Dolphins 7 round Mock Draft with a BIG round one trade up for the Dolphins and below that is my 3rd full 2018 round one Mock draft.

(Of course, as news break and trades, mock drafts like NCAA March Madness Brackets bust! So, expect an updated version before Draft Day)

My Current Mock Draft 3.0
1. Cleveland Browns – Sam Darnold |QB| Southern Cal
2. Buffalo Bills – Josh Rosen |QB| UCLA (TRADE)
3. New York Jets – Josh Allen |QB| Wyoming
4. Cleveland Browns – Bradley Chubb |DE| NC State
5. Denver Broncos – Quenton Nelson |OG| Notre Dame
6. Miami Dolphins – Baker Mayfield |QB| Oklahoma (TRADE)
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Saquan Barkley |HB| Penn State
8. Chicago Bears – Tremaine Edmunds |LB| Virginia Tech
9. San Francisco 49ers – Minkah Fitzpatrick |DB| Alabama
10. Oakland Raiders – Roquan Smith |LB| Georgia
11. Indianapolis Colts – Denzel Ward |CB| Ohio State
12. New York Giants – Marcus Davenport |DE| UTSA
13. Washington Redskins – Vita Vea |DT| Washington
14. Green Bay Packers – Derwin James |SS| Florida State
15. Arizona Cardinals – Connor Williams |OT| Texas
16. Baltimore Ravens – Calvin Ridley |WR| Alabama
17. Los Angeles Chargers – Mike McGlinchey |OT| Notre Dame
18. Atlanta Falcons – Da’Ron Payne |DT| Alabama (TRADE)
19. Dallas Cowboys – Leighton Vander Esch |LB| Boise State
20. Detroit Lions – Jaire Alexander |CB| Louisville
21. Cincinnati Bengals – Rashaan Evans |LB| Alabama
22. New York Giants – Mason Rudolph |QB| Oklahoma State
23. Los Angeles Rams – Will Hernandez |OG| UTEP
24. Carolina Panthers – Courtland Sutton |WR| Southern Methodist
25. Tennessee Titans – Harold Landry |DE| Boston College
26. Seattle Seahawks – Josh Jackson |CB| Iowa
27. New Orleans Saints – Lamar Jackson |QB| Louisville
28. Pittsburgh Steelers – Ronnie Harrison |SS| Alabama
29. Jacksonville Jaguars – D.J. Moore |WR| Maryland
30. Minnesota Vikings – Taven Bryan |DT| Florida
31. New England Patriots – Orlando Brown |OT| Oklahoma
32. Indianapolis Colts – Derrius Guice |HB| LSU (TRADE)

Trade Details
·       Giants receive: 12th, 22nd, 56th, and 65th overall selections.
Bills receive: 2nd overall selection.

·       Colts receive: 11th and the 73rd overall selections as well as Miami’s 2019 2nd round pick.
Dolphins receive: 6th overall selection.

·       Seahawks receive: 26th and 90th overall selections.
Falcons receive: 18th overall selection.

·       Eagles receive: 36th and 110th overall selections.
Colts receive: 32nd overall selection.

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  1. There's no way a trade up only costs a 3rd round pick this year and a second next year. If we got to pick 6 I still think Mayfield is gone. If he is there after pick 5 and Indy accepted this scenario it would be a no brainer but I believe that pick will cost more than what your suggesting.

    1. History suggest otherwise (Look it up) as well as the NFL Trade Value Chart, the 6th pick is not worth as much as the as 3rd pick (even though Miami only swapped their 12th pick and added their 42nd pick trading up to 3rd overall for Dion Jordan in 2013) ... the trade I presented in this mock matches the value at 6th overall. Now Indy could play hardball and Tannenbaum could get desperate and throw an extra pick but that would be overkill. Darnold, Rosen, and Allen will be gone by six but I believe Mayfield will be still be there, Denver is set with Keenum and I think have eyes for Mike White later in the draft - so will look at drafting Nelson out of Notre Dame to shore their offensive line. So Miami will need to make sure to not allow Arizona or any other team to jump ahead of them so they trade up to Indy's pick and take Mayfield.

    2. The 4 QBs may be gone by the 5th pick. The non QBs that could be available at #6 may the highest rated players in the entire draft in Barkley or Chubb. It is unlikely Indy would trade away a Franchise player for a 3rd round pick? Teams like Buffalo and Arizona (teams that do not have a QB and can only dream of having a QB like Tannehill) are unlikely to sit back and let the last QB get scooped up for a 3rd. The other picks seem to make sense from a position of need stand point, but you are using a 7th to replace Suh? Payne or Vea would be my pick if the draft plays out like this.

    3. Hi Tony, in regards to the DT PJ Hall pick in the 7th round - no one can replace Suh but Miami already has 3 talented young defensive tackles on their roster and Hall would add depth and more talent. In my last mock, Vea was my pick for the Dolphins and if they don't make the jump would still be my pick today... he's a force to be reckoned with but d'tackle is not that big of a need as much as a linebacker and tight end is for Miami despite losing Suh this offseason in my opinion because of the 3 young DT's we already have.

    4. Mayfield might be there at 6 if the Jets take Saqoun Barkley at 3.

  2. If the Dolphins are serious about Mayfield, they should stand pat and see how the first few picks go. At that point if Mayfield is still there at 5 or 6, consider trading up. And I think it will cost us our 2nd round pick. I would do it. But if Mayfield is picked in the top 5, consider trading down, but not too far. Vita Vea may be the best bet if they stay at 11 unless Mayfield slides down (highly doubt that)
    Remember when the Dolphins picked Tim Bowens in 1995. That DT changed the defense for the better that year. Maybe Vea will have the same type of impact.

    1. I agree with you, the early run on quarterbacks will push talented players down to Miami's pick at 11 and if Mayfield happens to be off the board - Miami may find itself in a trade down scenario because of a player that has fallen to them that they may not need but a team behind may want so they could trade down a few picks and gather a pick or two in the process as well.

  3. I don't see Cleveland passing on RB Saquan Barkley a 2nd time if he is there at the #4 pick. They would have sum explaining to do with in just the first 45mins or hour of the draft.

    1. I had a hard time with that pick Marian... it may change in my next mock but in the end, I went with the mindset of Cleveland teaming Bradley Chubb with Myles Garrett and looking for a running back later in the draft since this is such a deep running back class.

  4. I actually have the Dolphins trading back to 17 and getting an extra pick in the later round as well as a 2019 pick.

  5. Not bad, but here is what I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HAPPEN if there wasn't a trade up in the first round as some people suspect there might be. Now keep in mind, this is what I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HAPPEN so I have a few players slipping a little further than I really expect them to. But I have seen stranger things happen I promise you, such as in the 1983 draft when QB Dan Marino slip all the way to pick #27 of the 28 picks in the first round as well as the 2005 draft when possible #1 overall pick Aaron Rodgers fell all the way to the 24th pick of the first round. Anyway, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, hoping & praying to God that some of these players slip just a bit and make this happen. So, here it is---------->

    (1st rd, pick #11).....OLB Tremaine Edmunds-Virginia Tech Hokies
    (2nd rd, pick #42).....QB Lamar Jackson-Virginia Tech Hokies
    TRADE: Miami Dolphins now on the board at pick #47 of the 2nd round. The Arizona Cardinals call the Miami Dolphins inquiring about QB Ryan Tannehill after watching both of their targeted QBs Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph come off the board at picks #42(Miami coincidentally) and #46 of the 2nd round. Arizona sends Miami their 2018 2nd(#47) and 3rd(#77) round picks as well as a 3rd round pick in the 2020 draft in exchange for Tannehill who got a clean bill of health just three days prior to the draft for a reason just such as this if it should happen. And with that trade, Miami is now onto becoming one of the fastest offenses in the 2018 season as you'll see in some of the upcoming picks as well as veteran WR's Albert Wilson and Kenny Stills along with RB Kenyan Drake.

    (2nd rd, pick #47).....TE Mike Mike Gesicki-Penn State Nittany Lions
    (3rd rd, pick #73).....RB Kerryon Johnson-Auburn Tigers
    (3rd rd, pick #77).....Deon Cain-Clemson
    (4th rd, pick #123).....TE Hayden Hurst-South Carolina Gamecocks
    (4th rd, pick #131).....C Frank Ragnow-Arkansas Razorbacks
    (6th rd, pick #209).....OG Wyatt Teller-Virginia Tech Hokies
    (7th rd, pick #227).....DT P.J. Hall-Sam Houston State
    (7th rd, pick #229).....PK Daniel Carlson-Auburn Tigers

    With big, strong, fast and athletic TEs for Lamar Jackson to throw the ball to in the middle of the field as well as three very fast WRs(Stills, Wilson & Cain) who can get behind any defense as well as take a WR screen or a short slant completion to the house and two fast to very fast RB's with great hands such as Kenyan Drake & Kerryon Johnson catching passes out of the backfield Lamar Jacksons & Miami's Offense could be really scary. And that's not even mentioning Lamar Jacksons, Kenyan Drakes and Kerryon Johnsons abilty to take it the distance on any given run.

    1. Kerryon Johnson is my favorite RB prospect but I don't think he makes it to the 3rd round.

    2. I doubt he will either, but it would be great in that scenario.

    3. Enjoy your mock draft and the trade, however... I don't see Miami moving on from Tannehill this season. I see a Kansas City Alex Smith| Patrick Mahomes scenario playing out where the rookie sits behind Tannehill in year one and then Miami trades Tannehill for a couple of 2's next season allowing the rooking rather that be Mayfield, Rudolph, or Jackson (coming out of Louisville not Virginia Tech) to be the starter for the 2019 season.

    4. I don't expect them to trade him either & hope they don't really. And I really don't care for Lamar Jackson as real legitimate QB capable of reading a defense properly, accurate throws in tight windows, trusting what he see's & throwing the ball before the receivers have come open & many other nuances of the game which matter. But what he lacks in many, many areas he is scary player to defend just because of how athletic he is. If I was going to have him for a QB I would want on the field at most times big TE's and WR's with a large catch radius who are easy to find and can also box out defenders and a smaller faster WR who is always running a fairly deep route incase there is a broken play/defensive era and he can get them over the top. I really do believe a very good OC can surround him with WR's & TE's that suit him best with easy reads, throws and schemes and they would be as dangerous as any offense just because of their ability to score from anywhere on the field in just one or two plays.

  6. I don't think Denver at 5 passes on Mayfield, especially after Elway specifically asked for him to be at the Senior Bowl. Just my two cents worth.

    1. I hear ya but a lot has changed since the senior bowl... and Denver has expressed that they're comfortable riding with Case Keenum being their starter for the foreseeable future and taking the best player available at 6. Tony Pauline reports that Elway prefers Josh Rosen as his QB of choice but Rosen most likely wont be there so Guard Nelson most likely will be the pick and QB Mike White could be the target later on in the mid-rounds.

  7. 1. CB Denzel Ward Ohio State
    2. RB Kerryon Johnson, Auburn
    3. G Braden Smith, Auburn
    4. C Mason Cole, Michigan
    4. (Trade with Vikings for their 213 and 218 overall picks)
    6. WR Marcell Ateman, Oklahoma St.
    6. DT Poona Ford, Texas
    6. S Tray Matthews, Auburn
    7. T Jake Campos, Iowa St.
    7. QB Kyle Allen, Houston


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