DT Daily for Fri, March 23rd: Brock Osweiler signs & Remembering Wayne Huizenga

We talk about the Dolphins signing Brock Osweiler today and why this isn't a big move and doesn't change any of the Miami Dolphins draft plans. We also talk about a new landing spot for Ndamukong Suh and why it would haunt Miami if he signs there. Plus we talk about the passing of South Florida Sports Legend Wayne Huizenga. We remember his life and talk about the role Wayne has in Miami Dolphins history.
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  1. The best Huizenga tribute I heard today. Quality work as always on this podcast. You are my #1 for Dolphins news

  2. Your best podcast ever I think. I had a tear in my eye when you were talking about Wayne the man and what he meant to South Florida. RIP Wayne

  3. Amazing Podcast and celebration of the life of Wayne Huizenga. Great work

  4. I love your knowledge of Dolphins history and how you can give a history lesson to people like myself who don't know the behind the scenes stuff of how things went down back in the day. BEST PODCAST!

  5. great show and good retrospective on Huizenga and how he came to power for the Dolphins and some of the big moments he had in Miami. Classy was the theme of your podcast and you did him well by explaining how Mr. Huizenga was a totally classy man. RIP Wayne

  6. loved this show. great tribute to wayne


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