DT Daily for Friday, March 2nd: Latest Jarvis Landry News Coming Out of the Combine in Indy

On today's show we talk about the Dolphins showing interest in Center/Guard Travis Swanson, Suh's contract.....oh wait who are we kidding its 30 minutes of Jarvis Landry talk and the latest news coming out of the combine in Indy regarding what Miami told Landry and his agent this week. Why Landry will NOT get a long-term deal in Miami and what are Landry's options right now. The Dolphins are out of the Jarvis Landry business that much is clear. Tune in and listen for all the details. (THIS WAS RECORDED BEFORE THE ROBERT QUINN TRADE TO MIAMI)

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  1. Sounds like Landry and his agent misplayed this hand. They may be screwed

  2. Great show as always. Landry and his agent are dumb-asses

  3. SHULA1972PerfectMarch 3, 2018 at 8:57 AM

    Great Podcast and breaking down this crazy Landry situation. Love the show

  4. I'm tired of Landry and his drama. Send him away. Good show I now only listen to your Dolphins podcast as its the only one that gives me insight, intelligent conversation, and real guests.


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