DT Daily for Tues, March 6th: Ross Puts Foot in Mouth & Bad 48 Hours for Jarvis Landry

On today's show we talk about the two comments Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross said to the NY Daily News that has gotten him some heat in South Florida among some fans. We talk about what Ross said and why he shouldn't have said it. We also talk about why the past 48 hours haven't been good to Jarvis Landry, his agent, and the Miami Dolphins. Has his value dropped now because of what some other teams did around the league the last two days. We break it down. Plus, we get into why the Dolphins should maybe draft a QB in round 1 or 2 this year.

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  1. I agree Ross is a good owner for the most part as like you said on the show he doesn't get too involved and will spend money. But he screwed up with these comments today

  2. If Miami lets Landry walk I will be so mad.

  3. The dolphin need to stop all that BS and go ahead and sign Landry Miami sign K Still with no problem and haven't played up to the $

  4. Unless the fins can get Cleveland 1st and 4th, we give them the 11th and Landry. That is the only deal worth getting rid of Miami's best player.


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