DT Daily for Wed, March 7th: Suh's Business Insider Comments & Dolphins Reporter Brandon Howard on His Time at the Combine

On today's show we talk about the comments Ndamukong Suh made on Business Insider complaining about the taxes he and other athletes have to pay. Suh came off very poorly and out of touch with the every day working man. We break down his comments and what Suh said. Also on the podcast we are joined by Miami Dolphins Reporter Brandon Howard of SportsTalkFlorida.com . Brandon was in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine this past weekend and we get his thoughts on some of the players who have been linked to Miami and also talk about what he heard from Indy regarding some of the draft prospects.

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  1. Suh needs to STFU about taxes he has to pay. Guy who has made $180 million in his life upset about what he pays in taxes. Try being someone making $40,000 a year or less and what they lose on taxes. Big crybaby he is.

    1. OVERPAID Suh needs to re-structure to help the Fins rebuild or GET OUT. Enough said..


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