I Wouldn't Hate It If Miami Signed Richard Sherman

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I know I know, I sound like one of those fans that wants Miami to sign every single player in the league. I can assure you this is not that. That's not my style. But, I do have certain players that I think are worth Miami taking a serious look at. Richard Sherman happens to be one of those guys. I've always liked the guy and it certainly seems like he's on the way out. Predicable I'd say. He's owed $13.2 million this year and he's also recovering from an achilles tear he suffered in week 10. But, he should be ready to go come training camp in the summer. No reason why he shouldn't. I realize that a cornerback coming off a major injury is not ideal, but he is only 29. In today's NFL, the way these guys take care of themselves, he could deliver 4-5 more quality years. Maybe not elite years that made him one of the top CBs in the game, but a leg up compared to what Miami has now. Xavien Howard emerged as a big-time player and Tony Lippett, who was hurt for the year with a torn achilles of his own, was coming nicely in 2016. Bobby MaCain is solid in the slot and rookie Cordrea Tankersly was alright. It's a decent unit but not a unit that can't use a veteran with real deal success in the league. Sherman can provide that if he bounces back from the injury I understand that's a big IF, but jeez Terrance Newman is still out there and he's like 90.

Sherman also brings an attitude that should bring legitimacy to a team that typically is short of any alphas. Yeah, I think having a couple of tough, known no-nonsense guys is a good thing. A guy that keeps other accountable. Sherman is a guy who's been around winning so you'd like to think he can teach some of the younger guys what is needed to win a consistent amount of games. It's not like he's a get in the trouble with the law guy. He's a say something mildly controversial to the media about real world problems guy. That never got in the way of Seattle winning games. So it shouldn't scare Gase and the gang, though it probably would. Money on paper seems like an issue, but if a team wants a guy, they can get a guy. Hopefully, Miami looks at Sherman as a guy who can contribute immediately. I think he can, but I must stress, I'm not a talent evaluator. Just a guy who really thinks Sherman would do well for the team.



  1. If i was him id want to get paid or go somewhere i can win again. Not sure Miami would be my first choice currently.


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